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1 فَدَمْتُ عَلَى فِيِه بِالغِدَامِ, [aor. فَدِمَ,] inf. n. فَدْمٌ, I covered his, or its, mouth with the فِدَام [q. v.]: (S:) or فَدَمَ فَاهُ, and عَلَى فِيهِ, aor. فَدِمَ, and ↓ فدّم, (M, K, TA,) inf. n. تَفْدِيمٌ; (TA;) he put the فِدَام upon his, or its, mouth: (M, K:) [app. used in relation to a man and also to an إِبْرِيق or other vessel: but the latter verb, and as trans. without a particle, seems to be more commonly used in relation to both:] one says of Persians or other foreigners, and of Magians, on the occasion of their giving to drink, أَفْوَاهَهُمْ ↓ فَدَّمُوا They bound the فَدَّام upon their mouths: (T:) and ↓ فدّم الإِبْرِيقَ, (M, K,) inf. n. تَفْدِيمٌ, (K,) He put the فِدَام upon the mouth of the ابريق. (M, K. *) A2: فَدُمَ, (T, M, K,) inf. n. فَدَامَةٌ (T, S, M, Msb, K) and فُدُومَةٌ, (S, M, Msb, K,) He was or became, such as is termed فَدْم [q. v.]; or he was or became, heavy, sluggish, or dull; and confounded, or perplexed, and unable to see his right course. (TA.) 2 فَدَّمَ see the preceding paragraph, in three places. One says also, فدّم البَعِيرَ, meaning He bound upon the camel's mouth the فِدَامَة, (M,) which means the غِمَامَة [q. v.]. (TA.) فَدْمٌ Impotent (T, S, M, K) in speech, (T, M, K,) and in adducing an argument; (T, M;) [as though his mouth were covered with a فِدَام, for it is said in the S to be from فَدَمْتُ عَلَى فِيهِ بِالفِدَامِ;] heavy, sluggish, or dull; (S;) or with heaviness, sluggishness, or dulness, and softness, and paucity of understanding: (M, K:) or unintelligent: (Msb:) and thick; (M, K;) fat; (M;) foolish, or stupid; rough, rude, or uncivil: (M, K:) accord. to IAar, the heavy, sluggish, or dull; as being likened to blood, which is thus called: (T:) and ثَدْمٌ is a dial. var. thereof, or, accord. to Yaakoob, the ث is a substitute for the ف: (M:) the fem. is with ة: (M, Msb, K:) and the pl. is فِدَامٌ [agreeably with analogy]. (M, K: in a copy of the T فُدُم [which I think a mistranscription].) b2: Also Heavy [and app. thick] blood: and, accord. to IAar, blood [itself]. (T.) b3: and A garment, or piece of cloth, (T, TA,) saturated with dye, (T,) or saturated with red dye by its being put again into the safflower time after time. (TA.) And Red that is saturated (M, K) with redness: (K:) or of which the redness is not intense. (Thus also in some copies of the K.) [See also مُفْدَمٌ.]

فَدَامٌ: see the next paragraph, in two places.

فِدَامٌ and ↓ فَدَامٌ and ↓ فَدَّامُ and ↓ فَدُّومٌ, (K,) or ↓ فَدَّامٌ [only], (S, T, M,) A thing which the Persians or other foreigners, (T, K,) and the Magians, (K,) bind upon their mouths on the occasion of their giving to drink; (T, K;) or a piece of cloth with which the Magian binds his mouth; (S;) or a sort of thing with which the Persians or other foreigners wipe [app. the mouth] when they give to drink; one of which is termed ↓ فَدَّامَةٌ. (M. [In the S it seems to be implied that this last word is syn. with فَدَّامٌ as expl. above.]) b2: Also, (K,) or the first, (T, S, M,) and also ↓ فَدَّامٌ, (S,) or and also ↓ فَدَامٌ, (M,) A strainer, or clarifier, (T, S, M, K,) for a mug and an إِبْرِيق and the like; (T;) a thing that is put in, or upon, the mouth of the ابريق, for the straining, or clarifying, of what is in it: (S, M: *) also called ثِدَامٌ. (M.) b3: And فِدَامٌ signifies also the same as عِمَامَةٌ: thus in copies of the K [and in a copy of the M]: but the former word is correctly ↓ فِدَامَةٌ [as is implied in one place in the M]; and the word by which it is explained is correctly غِمَامَهٌ, [as in some copies of the K,] meaning A thing that is put upon the mouth of the camel. (TA. [See 2: and see also the first paragraph of art. غم.]) فِدَامَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

فَدَّامٌ: see فِدَامٌ, in three places.

فَدُّومٌ: see فِدَامٌ.

مُفْدَمٌ: n. un. of فَدَّامٌ: see فِدَامٌ, former half.

مُفْدَمُ: see مُفَدَّمُ. b2: Also A garment, or piece of cloth, saturated with red dye: (Sh, T, S, M, and some copies of the K:) or of which the redness is not intense. (M, and some copies of the K.) It is said in a trad. that he [the Prophet] disliked the مُفْدَمْ for the مُحْرَم, but saw no harm in the مُضَرَّج [q. v.]. (TA.) b3: Also Dye thick and saturated. (S.) b4: And ذُلُّ مُفْدُومٌ (tropical:) Deeplystained, intense, vileness or ignominy. (TA.) مُفَدَّمٌ (T, M, K) and ↓ مَفْدُومٌ (T) and ↓ مُفْدَمٌ (M, K) An إِبْرِيق [a vessel for wine] having a strainer, called فِدَام, (T, M, K,) in, or upon, its mouth: (M, K: *) and so مُثَدَّمٌ. (M.) It is said in a trad., إِنَّكُمْ مَدْعُوُّونَ يَوْمَ القِيَامَةِ مُفَدَّمَةً أَفْوَاهُكُمْ بِالفِدَامِ [Verily ye will be summoned on the day of resurrection having your mouths closed with the فدام]; meaning, ye will be withheld from speaking with your mouths, so that your skins will speak. (M.) مُفَدَّمَاتٌ [Vessels of the kinds called] أَبَارِيق and دِنَان [pls. of إِبْرِيقٌ and دَنُّ]. (S.) مَفْدُومٌ: see مُفَدَّم.
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