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فَرَأْ (T, S, M, O, K) and ↓ فَرَآءٌ, (K,) both of these forms authorized by the Koofees, (TA,) A wild ass: (ISk, T, S, M, O, K:) or a youthful wild ass: (M, K:) but the absolute [i. e. the former] meaning is that which is commonly known: (TA:) pl. (of mult., TA) فِرَآءٌ (T, S, M, O, K) and (of pauc., TA) أَفْرَآءٌ. (M, K.) Hence the saying, كُلُّ الصَّيدِ فِى جَوْفِ الفَرَا [Every kind of game is in the belly (or might enter into the belly) of the wild ass]; (T, S, M, O, K;) meaning that every kind of game is inferior to the wild ass: (T, O, K:) a prov., (T, S, M, K,) and therefore [the last word is] without hemz, on account of the final pause; (K;) but some write it with hemz: (TA:) it is said to have originated from the fact that three men went forth to hunt; and one caught a hare; and another, a gazelle; and the third, a wild ass; and the first and second boasted against the third, who thereupon said as above: it is applied to him who excels his fellows: (Meyd:) or to a man who is, with respect to other men, as the wild ass with respect to other kinds of game: or to the case of a man who, having several wants, one of which is a great one, accomplishes that great want, and cares not for the others' being unaccomplished. (T, TA. [See also Har pp. 468-9.]) And أَنْكَحْنَا الفَرَا فَسَنَرَى [We have married our daughter to the wild ass, and we shall see,] (T, S, M, O) is another prov.; (T, Meyd;) in which alif is substituted for the hemzeh, (S, M, * O,) for the purpose of the agreement [of الفَرَا in rhyme] with سَنَرَى: (M:) said by a man to his wife when a man demanded in marriage his daughter and he refused, but his wife consented, and overcame the father so that he gave her in marriage to him against his wish; then the husband made the intercourse [with her] to be evil, and divorced her: it is applied in cautioning against an evil consequence: (Meyd:) or it is applied to a man when his affair has been endangered and he has seen what he does not like; and it means we have wasted our precaution, and the affair has brought us to an evil result; (As, T;) or we have considered the affair, and we shall see what it will disclose; (T;) or we have sought after high things, and we shall see what our case will be afterwards. (Th, M.) فَرَآءٌ: see above, first sentence.

شَىْءٌ فَرِىْءٌ i. q. فَرِىٌّ [q. v.] (O, K. * See art. فرى.)
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