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2 تَفْرِيمٌ [as an inf. n. of which the verb is فَرَّمَت] signifies A woman's contracting her فَلْهَم (or قُبُل, TA) [i. e. vulva or vagina] with the stones of raisins [which were supposed to have an astringent property, or with some other medicament: see فَرْمٌ: and see also 10]: and so تَفْرِيبٌ. (IAar, T.) 3 فِرَامٌ [app. as an inf. n. of which the verb is فَارَمَت] signifies A woman's menstruating, and stuffing her vulva with a piece of rag: and one says of her who has done this, ↓ اِفْتَرَمَت [and app. also فَاَرَمَت]. (T, K.) [See also فِرَامَةٌ.] b2: It occurs in a trad. [as an inf. n.] used in the sense of مُجَامَعَة [meaning (tropical:) The act of compressing]. (IAth, TA.) 4 افرم He filled (T, S, K) a watering-trough (T, K) or a vessel: (S:) of the dial. of Hudheyl. (T, S.) 8 اِفْتَرَمَت, said of a woman: see 3.10 اِسْتَفْرَمَت She (a woman) applied a medicament to her vulva, or vagina, to contract it: (S, K: *) or she stuffed her vulva, or vagina, (T, TA,) with the stones of raisins, and the like: (TA:) the women of [the tribe of] Thakeef, having a wideness in that part, made this use of the stones of raisins, desiring thereby to contract it: (M, TA: *) [see also 2: and see فَرْمٌ:] the epithet ↓ فَرْمَآءُ is applied to her who does thus; as also ↓ مُسْتَفْرِمَةٌ. (M, K.) b2: And [hence] one says of a mare, اِسْتَفْرَمَتْ بِالحَصَى, meaning (assumed tropical:) She caused the pebbles to enter her vulva by her vehement running. (TA. [And the same is implied in the S by an ex. and explanation of the part. n.]) فَرْمٌ, (T, S, M, K,) and ↓ فَرْمَةٌ, (S, K,) and ↓ فِرَامٌ, (M, K,) A medicament, or remedial application, (T, S, M, K,) such as the stones of raisins, (T, M,) used by a woman for the purpose of contracting her vulva, or vagina. (T, S, M, K.) فَرَمٌ The rag that is used on the occasion of menstruation: (IAth, TA:) and ↓ مَفَارِمُ signifies the rags used on the occasion thereof; and [may be an irreg. pl. of فَرَمٌ, like as مَشَابِهُ is held to be of شَبَهٌ, but it is said that it] is a pl. having no sing.: (M, TA:) [in the K, in art. حشو, the ↓ مَفَارِمُ (there in the CK erroneously written مَقَارِم) are said to be used by the مُسْتَحَاضَة: see 8 in that art.]

فَرْمَةٌ: see فَرْمٌ.

فَرْمَآءُ: see 10.

فِرَامٌ: see فَرْمٌ: A2: and see also the next following paragraph.

فِرَامَةٌ The piece of rag which a woman bears [stuffed] in her vulva, or vagina: (AZ, T, K:) or her menstruating, and stuffing her vulva with a piece of rag; like ↓ فِرَامٌ [as expl. above: see 3]. (K.) أَفْرَمُ A man (TA) whose teeth become much broken. (K, TA.) مُفْرَمٌ Filled with water (T, M) &c.: (M:) mentioned by A'Obeyd, as applied to a wateringtrough: (T:) and applied also to a شِعْب [or road in a mountain, &c.,] as meaning filled with men, or people: (M:) of the dial. of Hudheyl. (T, M.) مَفَارِمُ: see فَرَمٌ, in two places.

مُسْتَفْرِمَةٌ: see 10.
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