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1 فَسُحَ, (MA, Msb, K, [in the CK فَسَحَ, a misprint,]) with damm, (Msb,) like كَرُمَ, (K,) [aor. فَسُحَ,] inf. n. فُسَاحَةٌ, (L,) or فَسَاحَةٌ [for which the former is app. a mistranscription] and فُسْحَةٌ, (MA,) It (a place) was, or became, spacious, roomy, wide, or ample; (MA, Msb, K;) as also ↓ افسح, (Msb, K,) and ↓ تفسّح, and ↓ انفسح. (K.) A2: فَسَحَ لَهُ, (S, MA, Msb, K,) aor. فَسَحَ, (Msb, K,) inf. n. فَسْحٌ (MA, Msb, TA) and فُسُوحٌ; (TA;) as also ↓ تفسّح, (A, K,) and ↓ افسح; (A;) He made room, or ample room, for him, (S, MA, Msb, K,) فِى المَجْلِسِ (S, MA, Msb) in the sitting-place, or in the assembly. (MA.) Yousay, فِى المَجْلِسِ ↓ تَفَسَّحُوا, (S, Msb, *) and ↓ تَفَا سَحُوا, (S, K,) Make ye room, or ample space, [in the sitting-place, or in the assembly,] syn. تَوَسَّعُوا: (S, K:) both of these verbs have nearly the same signification: [each may be rendered, but the latter more properly, make ye room, or ample space, one for another:] the latter occurs, accord. to the reading of El-Hasan, and the former accord. to that of others, in the Kur lviii. 12. (Fr, TA.) b2: And اِفْسَحْ عَنِّى Remove thou, withdraw, or retire to a distance, from me. (Ksh and Bd in lviii. 12.) b3: فَسْحٌ [as inf. n. of فَسَحَ] also signifies The making wide steps; and so فَيْسَحَى. (K.) [Hence,] اِفْسَحِ الخُطَى, said by an Arab of the Desert, of the Benoo-'Okeyl, to one who was sewing for him a water-skin, and mentioned in the T, as heard by its author, meaning (assumed tropical:) Make wide the spaces between each two punctures of the needle, lest the punctures should rend. (L.) b4: And فَسَحَ لَهُ الأَمِيرُ فِى السَّفَرِ means The commander, or governor, wrote for him a فَسْح [q. v.]. (K.) 2 فسّح He made a place spacious, roomy, wide, or ample. (Msb.) 4 أَفْسَحَ see 1, first and second sentences.5 تَفَسَّحَ see 1, in three places. b2: [تفسّح also signifies He expatiated, or ranged at large: and he had ample room or scope: see مُتَفَسَّحٌ.]6 تَفَاْسَحَ see 1, third sentence.7 إِنْفَسَحَ see 1, first sentence. b2: [Hence,] انفسح مُرَاحُهُمْ [lit. The nightly resting-place of their camels was, or became, spacious,] means (assumed tropical:) their camels became numerous. (TA.) b3: And انفسح صَدْرُهُ (assumed tropical:) His bosom became dilated [with joy]. (S, A.) b4: And انفسح طَرْفُهُ (assumed tropical:) His eye had an unobstructed view, nothing hindering its seeing far. (L.) Q. Q. 2 تَفَيْسَحَ: see تَفَيْحَسَ, in art. فحس.

فَسْحٌ A writing like a جَوَاز [or traveller's pass]. (K.) [See 1, last sentence.]

فُسُحٌ: see فَسِيحٌ, in three places.

فُسْحَةٌ Spaciousness, roominess, width, or ampleness; (S, A, L, K;) [particularly, or generally,] with respect to the ground. (L.) [In the MA it is mentioned as an inf. n. of فَسُحَ.] b2: and [Ample scope for action &c.] in an affair. (Msb in art. رخو.) [And A state in which is ample scope for acting &c.: see نَفَسٌ.] b3: الفُسْحَتَانِ signifies The two spaces without hair on the two sides of the hair that grows immediately beneath the middle of the lower lip. (L.) فُسْحُمٌ: see فَسِيحٌ, in two places. b2: فُلَانٌ ابْنُ فُسْحُمٍ is a phrase mentioned by Lh, thought by him to be from الفُسْحَةُ and الاِنْفِسَاحُ, but the meaning is unknown. (L.) A2: Also The glans of the penis. (K in art. فسحم; where the word is mentioned again in the S likewise.) فُسَاحٌ: see the paragraph here following.

فَسِيحٌ (S, A, Msb, K) and ↓ فُسَاحٌ, (K,) like طَوِيلٌ and طُوَالٌ, (TA,) Spacious, roomy, wide, or ample; applied to a place; (S, A, Msb, K;) as also ↓ فُسُحٌ and ↓ فُسْحُمٌ: (K:) or ↓ فُسُحٌ signifies thus applied to a sitting-place: (S:) and ↓ فُسْحُمٌ, (S, K,) in which the م is augmentative, (S,) signifies (S, K) also (K) وَاسِعُ الصَّدْرِ [meaning free from distress of mind or from narrowness of mind], (S, K,) as does also ↓ فُسُحٌ [in the CK in this sense written فُسْحٌ]; both being applied in this sense to a man. (K.) b2: سَيْرٌ فَسِيحٌ [means A pace in which the steps are wide: see 1, latter half].

جَمَلٌ مَفْسُوحُ الضُّلُوعِ i. q. مَسْفُوح [i. e. A camel wide in the ribs]. (TA.) مَا لَكَ فِى هٰذَا مُتَفَسَّحٌ [There is not for thee ample scope (lit. a place in which one has ample scope) in this]. (A.) مُنْفَسَحٌ وَادٍ [The place of expanding of a valley]. (JK and K in art. خرق, &c.) مُرَاحٌ مُنْفَسِحٌ (assumed tropical:) A nightly resting-place of camels, or of camels and other cattle, in which they are numerous. (As, K.)
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