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1 فَسَا, (aor. يَفْسُو, Msb,) inf. n. فَسْوٌ (S, M, Msb, K) and فُسَآءٌ, (M, K,) or this latter is a simple subst., (S, Msb,) He emitted a noiseless wind [or a puff of wind] (Msb, K, TA) from his anus. (K, * TA.) [Hence the saying, فَسَابَيْنَنَا الظَّرِبَانُ, or بَيْنَهُم, expl. in art. ظرب.]6 تفاسى, said of a man, He protruded his posteriors: (M, TA:) and تَفَاسَتْ, said of the [beetle called] خُنْفَسَآء, It protruded its podex for the purpose of emitting a noiseless wind: (S, TA:) but As says that it is with hemz. (TA. See 6 in art. فسأ.) الفَسَا is a dial. var. of الفَسَأُ [i. e. فَسًا is a dial. var. of فَسَأٌ, expl. in art. فسأ]. (K.) الفُسَاةُ: see the paragraph here following.

فَسْوَةٌ [is the inf. n. of unity of فَسَا, as such signifying A single noiseless emission of wind from the anus: and] has for its pl. [فَسَوَاتٌ, agreeably with rule, and also] فُسًى, which is [anomalous,] like شُهًى pl. of شَهْوَةٌ, which see. (TA.) b2: لَيْسَ لَهُ إِلَّا فَسْوَةُ الضَّبُعِ [the lit. signification of which is sufficiently plain] occurs in a trad. as meaning (assumed tropical:) There is not any benefit, or profit, or utility, attributable to it; [or rather, it is worse than useless;] the ضبع [or hyena] being particularized because of its stupidity and its evil nature: or, some say, it [i. e.

فسوة الضبع, and app. ↓ الفُسَاةُ also (mentioned among the addenda to this art. in the TA),] is a plant (شَجَرَةٌ) like the خَشخَاش [or poppy], from the fruit of which no great utility is derived: so says IAth. (TA.) [See also خَمْطٌ, in two places.]

b3: فَسَوَاتُ الضِّبَاعِ is an appellation of Certain truffles (كَمْأَةٌ); (K;) a species of كَمْأَة; (M;) said by AHn to be the species thereof called القَعْبَلُ; (M, TA;) and the like is said in the Minháj; and further, that it is a plant of disagreeable odour, having a head which is cooked, and eaten with milk; and when it dries, there comes forth from it what resembles وَرْس [q. v.]. (TA.) فَسَآءٌ an inf. n. of 1; (M, K;) or a subst. therefrom [signifying A noiseless wind from the anus]. (S, Msb.) فَسُوٌّ A man who often emits a noiseless wind from the anus; (S, M, K;) as also ↓ فَسَّآءٌ. (M, K.) فُسَيَّةٌ [originally فُسَيْوَةٌ] dim. of فَسْوَةٌ. (TA.) فَسَّآءٌ: see فَسُوٌّ. b2: And الفَسَّآءَةُ: see what here follows.

الفَاسِيَةُ (S, M, K) and ↓ الفَاسِيَآءُ (M, K) and ↓ الفَسَّآءَةُ (TA) The [beetle called] خُنْفَسَآء; (S, M, K;) which emits a noiseless wind, and makes the party to stink by its foul odour: (M:) the pl. of the first is الفَوَاسِى. (TA.) Hence the prov., أَفْحَشُ مِنْ فَاسِيَةٍ i. e. [More foul than] a خنفساء. (S, M.) الفَاسِيَآءُ: see the next preceding paragraph. b2: [اِبْنُ الفَاسِيَآءِ is an appellation of The insect called قَرَنْبَى, resembling the beetle called خُنْفَسَآء, or somewhat larger than the latter, with long hind legs, and with a speckled back: for القَرَنْبَى, as the explanation of ا, the TA, in art. بنى, has القرينى; and the TT, in that art., as from the T,.

الفُرَنَى: what I have here substituted for these is evidently, in my opinion, right.]

أَفْسَى مِنَ الظَّرِبَانِ [More wont to emit noiseless wind from the anus than the ظربان, a small stinking beast, described in art. ظرب,] is a saying of the Arabs. (TA.) المَفْسَى The anus [as being the place of emission of the فُسَآء]. (TA.) مَا أَقْرَبَ مَحْسَاهُ مِنْ مَفْسَاهُ [How near is his mouth to his anus!] is a prov. [expressive of wonder at a man's shortness: see مَحْسًى, in art. حسو]. (S.)
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