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1 فَصَدَ, (S, O, K,) aor فَصِدَ, (K,) inf. n. فَصْدٌ (S, O, K) and فِصَادٌ, (O, K,) [or the latter is a simple subst.,] He cut, (S, O,) or slit, (K,) [or opened,] a vein; (S, O, K,) as also ↓ افتصد. (S, * K.) b2: And فَصَدَهُ, aor. فَصِدَ, inf. n. فَصْدٌ (M, L, Msb) and فِصَادٌ, (M, L,) or the latter is a simple subst., (Msb,) He cut, or slit, [or opened,] it, namely, a vein, (M, L.) [And app., accord. to the Msb, He bled him by opening a vein; agreeably with what here follows.] And one says also, فَصَدَ النَّاقَةَ He slit [or opened] a vein of the she-camel to draw forth the blood therefrom and to drink it [or to put it in a gut and broil it: see فَصِيدٌ]. (M L.) b3: لَمْ يُحْرَمْ مَنْ فُصْدَ لَهُ He has not been denied the entertainment of a guest for whom a camel has been bled by the slitting [or opening] of a vein and who has had the blood so obtained, (M, A, * K,) is a prov.; (S, M, A, O;) فُصْدَ being for فُصِدَ, (S, M, O, K,) like ضُرْبَ for ضُرِبَ, and قُتْلَ for قُتِلَ; (M;) and some, also, say فُزْدَ; (S, M, O, K;) for every quiescent ص before د may be changed into ز; and every movent ص before د may have somewhat of the sound of ز given to it, (S, M, O,) but may not in this case be altogether changed into ز; so that for صَدَرَ and صَدَفَ you may not say زَدَرَ and زَدَفَ: (M:) some, also, say مَنْ قُصِدَ لَهُ, with ق, meaning مَنْ أُعْطِىَ قَصْدًا i. e. [who has been given] a little: (S, O, K:) the origin of the saying was this: two men passed the night at the abode of an Arab of the desert, and, meeting in the morning, one of them asked his companion respecting the entertainment given by the host, and the latter answered, “I was not entertained as a guest, but only a vein [of a camel] was slit [or opened] to draw blood for me; ” whereupon the other replied in the words above: (O, K:) or a man used to entertain another as his guest in a time of scarcity, and, having no food to offer him, and being unwilling to slaughter his camel, bled it by slitting [or opening] a vein, and heated the blood that came forth, for his guest, until it became thick, and gave it to him to eat; and hence this prov.: (M, L:) it is applied to him who has obtained a part of that which he wanted. (Yaakoob, M, O, L, K.) [See فَصِيدٌ.] b4: One says also, فَصَدَ لَهُ عَطَآءً, (O, L, K,) aor. فَصِدَ, inf. n. فَصْدٌ, (L,) meaning He apportioned to him a gift, or stipend, and caused it to be transmitted to him. (O, L, K.) 2 رَأَيْتُ فِى الأَرْضِ تَفْصِيدًا مِنَ السَّيْلِ means I saw, in the ground, a cleft, or furrowed, state, resulting from the torrent. (ISh, O, L, K. * [Here تَفْصِيدًا is a pass. inf. n., used as a subst.]) b2: and تَفْصِيدٌ, also, signifies The macerating [a thing] with a little water. (ADk, O, K.) 4 افصد الشَّجَرُ, and ↓ انفصد, The trees opened their gems, (M, K,) and disclosed the extremities of their leaves. (M.) 5 تَفَصَّدَ see 7. [Hence,] تفصّد جَبِينُهُ عَرَقًا His جبين [i. e. forehead, or side of the forehead,] flowed with sweat: (M, O:) the last word is here put in the accus. case as a specificative; and has the force of an agent; the meaning being, the sweat of his جبين flowed. (M.) 7 إِنْفَصَدَ see 4. b2: Also, and ↓ تفصّد, It flowed: (S, O:) or both signify it flowed in small quantity; said of blood. (A.) b3: See also what next follows.8 إِفْتَصَدَ He (a man) had his vein cut [or opened; i. e. he had blood taken from him by the opening of a vein; and so ↓ انفصد as used in the present day]. (Lth, L, Msb. *) b2: See also 1, first sentence.

فُصْدَةٌ: see فَصِيدَةٌ.

فِصَادٌ an inf. n. of 1 [q. v.]: (M, O, L, K:) or a simple subst. [signifying The act of bleeding by opening a vein]. (Msb.) فَصِيدٌ and ↓ مَفْصُودٌ A vein slit [or opened]. (M, K.) b2: And both signify also A man bled by the opening of a vein. (TK.) b3: Also, the former, Blood (S, M, O, L, K) obtained by the cutting [or opening] of a vein (S, O, L) of a camel, (L,) and put into a gut, (S, M, O, K,) in the Time of Ignorance, (M,) and broiled: (S, M, K:) the Arabs in the Time of Ignorance used to eat it, (M, A, * L,) and to give it to the guest to eat, in a season of dearth. (S, O, * L.) فَصِيدَةٌ Dates kneaded and mixed with blood; (Ibn-Kuthweh, O, L, K;) as also ↓ فُصْدَةٌ; (O, K;) thus termed by Ibn-'Abbád: (O:) a medicine given to children. (Ibn-Kuthweh, O, L.) فَصَّادٌ A phlebotomist, or bleeder. (MA. [See also what next follows.]) فَاصِدٌ [Bleeding, or (like فَصَّادٌ) one who bleeds, by opening a vein]. (Msb.) b2: And الفَاصِدَانِ signifies The place [or the two places] of the running of the tears upon the cheek. (O.) اِعْصِبْ مَفْصِدَهُ [Bind thou his place of bloodletting]. (A.) مِفْصَدٌ [A lancet;] the instrument with which a vein is slit [or opened]. (O, Msb, K.) مَفْصُودٌ: see فَصِيدٌ.

مُتَفَصِّدٌ: see what follows.

مُنْفَصِدٌ and ↓ مُتَفَصِّدٌ Flowing; (M, K;) running: (K:) [or flowing in small quantity: see 7.]
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