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1 فَصَعَ, aor. فَصَعَ, (Lth, O, K,) inf. n. فَصْعٌ, (Lth, S, O,) He squeezed, or pressed, a fresh ripe date, (Lth, S, O, K,) with his two fingers [or his thumb and a finger], (Lth, O,) so that it should become divested of its skin; (Lth, S, O;) and in like manner, a fig: (Lth, O:) or he made it (i. e. a fresh ripe date) to come forth from its skin, (A'Obeyd, O,) [to which SM adds, as from A' Obeyd,] in order that it might ripen quickly. (TA.) The act thus explained is forbidden in a trad.; [but I have not found for what reason.] (S, O.) b2: And He rubbed a thing with his two fingers, (in the K, erroneously, with his finger, TA,) in order that it might become soft, and open so as to disclose what was in it. (IDrd, O, K, TA.) b3: And He pulled or stripped, or put off, [a garment or the like]. (O, TA.) You say, فَصَعَ عِمَامَتَهُ (O, K,) عَنْ رَأْسِهِ (K) He removed, or took off, his turban from his head. (O, K.) b4: Said of a boy [not yet circumcised], He withdrew his prepuce from his glans; and so ↓ افتصع. (S, O, K.) b5: فَصَعَتْ said of a mare; She disclosed and concealed alternately her vulva on the occasion of staling. (Ibn-' Abbád, O, K.) b6: فَصَعَ لِى بِكَذَا, (K,) inf. n. فَصْعٌ, (TA,) He gave to me such a thing: (K:) [or] لِى بِحَقِّى ↓ فصّع, inf. n. تَفْصِيعٌ, he gave to me my right, or due: (Ibn-' Abbád, O:) and فَصَعَ لَهُ بِالْمَالِ he gave to him the property; as also ↓ فصّع. (K.) 2 فَصَّعْتُهُ مِنْ كَذَا, inf. n. تَفْصِيعٌ, I made it to go, or come, forth from such a thing. (IAar, S, L, TA.) b2: See also 1, last sentence, in two places. b3: Accord. to Lth, فصّع, inf. n. as above, is also used in relation to a stink, and the ordure of a child, and a noiseless emission of wind from the anus: (O:) [or] it means He emitted wind from the anus with a sound: or without a sound. (K.) 7 انفصع It went, or came, forth from a thing; or was made to do so; quasi-pass. of فَصَّعْتُهُ مِنْ كَذَا (S.) 8 اِفْتَصَعْتُ مِنْهُ حَقِّى I took from him my right, or due, (O, K, *) all of it, (K,) by force, (O, K,) not leaving of it anything: (O:) or I took from him my right, or due, all of it, on the spot. (S, O.) b2: See also 1, latter half.

فُصْعَةٌ The prepuce of a boy, (IDrd, T, O, K, TA,) when it is wide, so that the glans protrudes from it, (IDrd, O, K, TA,) or when he withdraws it from over the glans, before he is circumcised. (T, TA.) فَصْعَانُ Having the head always uncovered, by reason of heat and inflammation. (IAar, O, K.) أَفْصَعُ A boy having the prepuce appearing (S, O, K) withdrawn from the glans. (S, O.) A2: and الفَصْعَآءُ [fem. of الأَفْصَعُ] signifies الفَأْرَةُ [app. as n. un., or fem., of الفَأْرُ q. v.; but it may here have some other of the meanings expl. in art. فأر]. (IAar, K.)
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