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1 فَضَخَ, aor. فَضَخَ, (Msb, K,) inf. n. فَضْخٌ, (Mgh, Msb,) He broke a hollow thing [or the like], (Mgh, Msb, K, TA,) such as a head, and a melon; (A, TA,) syn. كَسَرَ: (Msb. K, TA;) as also ↓ افتضخ: (K, TA:) he broke, or crushed, syn. شَدَخَ, (S, K, TA,) a person's head, (S, TA,) and a fresh ripe date, and the like; (TA,) as also ↓ افتضخ: (K, TA:) or he struck a person's head [and wounded it] so that the brains came forth: (Msb:) and [particularly] he crushed (شَدَخَ) fullgrown unripe dates [to make the beverage called فَضِيخ]; and so ↓ افتضخ: (S:) or البُسْرَ ↓ افتضخ he made, or made for himself, the beverage called نَبِيذ [or فَضِيخ] of the full-grown unripe dates. (A.) b2: And He ruptured, or broke, or rent open, an eye, (AZ, K, TA,) and a belly, and any receptacle containing oil or beverage. (AZ, TA.) b3: And فَضْخُ المَآءِ signifies The pouring forth of water, (K, TA,) and of the seminal fluid; occurring in the latter sense in a trad. (TA.) b4: and يَفْضَخُ شَارِبَهُ, said of a beverage, (K, TA,) such as is termed فَضِيح, (TA,) means (assumed tropical:) It subdues (يَكْسِرُ) and intoxicates its drinker. (K, TA.) 4 افضخ, said of a raceme, or bunch, (عُنْقُود,) [of dates or the like,] It attained to the time, (L, K,) and became in a fit state, for the crushing of the fruit and (L) for the expressing of the juice. (L, K.) 7 انفضخ [It (a hollow thing or the like, such as a head, and a melon,) became broken, or crushed: (see 1:) or] it (a person's head) was struck [and wounded] so that the brains came forth: (Msb:) and it (a camel's hump) became broken, or crushed. (S, K.) b2: انفضخت It (an eye) became ruptured, broken, or rent open. (L.) And انفضخ It (a full skin) slit, or burst, and let flow its contents. (L.) And the former, It (a قَارُورَة [i. e. flask, or bottle,]) broke, and became empty. (L.) And It (a دَلْو [or leathern bucket]) poured forth the water that was in it: (L, K:) and so انفضجت. (L.) And It (a قَرْحَة [i. e. purulent pustule, or the like,]) opened, (A, L, K,) and discharged its fluid, (L,) or and became wide. (K.) b3: And انفضخ said of a man, He wept much, (K, TA,) and shed copious tears. (TA.) b4: And It (anything) became wide. (L.) 8 إِفْتَضَخَ see 1, in four places.

فَضُوخٌ Beverage that subdues (يَكْسِرُ) and intoxicates its drinker. (L, K.) See the next paragraph.

فَضِيحٌ A beverage (S, A, Mgh, K) of the kind called نَبِيذ (A) prepared from full-grown unripe dates, (S, A, Mgh, K,) crushed, (K,) without its being touched [i. e. boiled or heated in any degree] by fire: (S:) or prepared by putting dried dates into a vessel, and then pouring upon them hot water, which extracts their sweetness, after which the preparation is boiled, and becomes strong: it is like بَاذَق in respect of the legal predicament to which it belongs: but if cooked in the least degree, it is like مُثَلَّث. (KT.) A rájiz says, بَالَ سُهَيْلٌ فِى الفَضِيخِ فَفَسَدْ expl. in art. بول. (L.) Ibn-'Omar, being asked respecting فَضِيخ, said, “It is not فَضِيخ, but ↓ فَضُوخ; ” meaning that it subdues and intoxicates its drinker. (Mgh, * L.) b2: Also Expressed juice of grapes. (L, K.) b3: And Milk mixed with a greater quantity of water, (K, TA,) so that it has become thin, and is white, like ضَيْحٌ and خَضَارٌ &c. (TA.) مِفْضَخَةٌ A stone with which full-grown unripe dates are crushed. (K.) b2: And مَفَاضِخُ [of which it is app. the sing.] signifies Vessels for the beverage called فَضِيخُ, (L, K,) in which it is left to become [fermented and] strong. (L.) b3: and the former signifies also A wide دَلْو [or leathern bucket]. (K.)
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