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1 فَغَرَ, (S, Mgh, Msb, K,) aor. فَغَرَ (Msb, K) and فَغُرَ, (AZ, K,) inf. n. فَغْرٌ (Msb, TA) and فُغُورٌ, (TA,) He opened his mouth; (S, Mgh, Msb, K;) as also ↓ افغر. (Zj, Sgh, K.) b2: [Also, both verbs, فَغَرَ and ↓ افغر, He, or it, made, or caused, to open the mouth. And hence,] فَغَرَ النَّجْمُ, (T, TA,) or النَّجْمُ ↓ أَفْغَرَ, (S, O,) i. e., الُّرَيَّا, (T, S, O,) The asterism, meaning the Pleiades, became overhead: [lit., made one to open his mouth:] (T:) this is in the winter: (S, O:) for when the Pleiades are in the midst of the sky, he who looks at them opens his mouth: (T, S, O:) or the Pleiades began to rise [after sunset, so as to be overhead in the middle of the night], in the winter. (TA.) A2: فَغَرَ also signifies It (the mouth) opened; (S, Mgh, Msb, K;) as also ↓ انفغر: (K:) and the latter is said of a blossom, or flower, in the same sense. (S, Msb, TA.) b2: And فَغَرَتِ السِّنُّ (assumed tropical:) The tooth showed its point; as though it broke forth to grow: but some say that its ف is substituted for ث, and Az inclines to think so [though ثَغَرَ differs much in meaning from فَغَرَ]. (TA.) 4 أَفْغَرَ and 7: see 1; the former in three places.

هُوَ وَاسِعُ فَغْرِ الفَمِ He is wide in the opening of the mouth. (Lth, O, K.) b2: And accord. to Lth, (O,) فَغَرٌ signifies also A rose when it opens: (O, K:) but it is thought by Az to be, in this sense, a mistake for فَغْوٌ, with و. (O.) وُلِدَ بِالْفَغْرَةِ He was born at the commencement of the rising of the Pleiades [after sunset]; (O, K;) which is in the winter. (TA.) See 1.

فُغْرَةٌ The mouth of a valley: pl. فُغَرٌ. (O, K.) طَعْنَةٌ فَغَارِ, the latter word like قَطَامِ, [A spearwound, or the like,] that passes through. (O, K.) فَاغِرٌ, an epithet in which the quality of a subst. is predominant, (TA,) A [certain] دُوَيْبَّة [i. e. small animal, or small creeping thing, or insect], (O, K, TA,) always opening its mouth: (O, TA:) and another, black and white in the أَنْف [or snout], that stings men. (TA.) فَاغِرَةٌ A sort of perfume: (S, K, TA:) or (K, TA) the roots of the [lotus called] نَيْلُوفَر [q. v.] (S, K, TA) of India: (S, TA:) or the كَبَابَة [or cubeb] (K, TA) of China; because, when a man eats it, he opens his mouth. (TA.) مَفْغَرَةٌ A wide tract of land. (S, K.) b2: and An opening, or a hollow, in a mountain, smaller than a كَهْف. (K.)
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