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1 فَقَحَ: see 2. b2: Said of a plant, It became tall, or full-grown, and blossomed. (K.) A2: فَقَحَ فُلَانًا He, or it, hit, or struck, such a one in his فَقْحَة [q. v.]. (K.) A3: And فَقَحَ الشَّىْءَ, (K,) aor. فَقَحَ, inf. n. فَقْحٌ, (TA,) i. q. سَفَّهُ [i. e. He took the thing into his mouth, not moistened,] like as one does medicine: (K, TA:) of the dial. of ElYemen. (TA.) 2 فقّح, (S, K,) inf. n. تَفْقِيحٌ, (S,) He (a whelp) opened his eyes for the first time; (S, K;) as also ↓ فَقَحَ, aor. فَقَحَ, (K,) inf. n. فَقْحٌ. (TA.) It is said in a trad., فَقَّحْنَا وَصَأْصَأْتُمْ (S, TA) (tropical:) We have opened our eyes for the first time, and ye have kept your eyes closed; (TA;) meaning the truth has become manifest to us, and ye have been blind to it; (AO, A, * TA;) or we have seen our right course, and ye have not seen [yours]. (IB, TA.) And فقّح الشَّجَرُ The trees burst their buds, and made the extremities of their leaves to appear. (L.) 5 تفقّح It opened; syn. تَفَتَّحَ: (K:) it is said in this sense of a rose, (S, A, TA,) and of any flower, or blossom: (TA:) some say that it signifies تفتّح absolutely: others, peculiarly فى الكلام. (Az, as quoted in the L. [See تَفَتَّحَ فِى الكَلَامِ (a well-known phrase) in art. فتح: but فى كلام in the present case appears, from what precedes, to be evidently a mistranscription for فِى الكِمَامِ, i. e., in relation to calyxes.]) 6 تفاقحوا They put [or turned] their backs one towards another; (S, K;) [from فَقْحَةٌ, q. v.;] like as you say تَظَاهَرُوا [and تَدَابَرُوا] and [in the contr. sense] تَقَابَلُوا. (S, TA.) فَقْحَةٌ: see فُقَّاحٌ. b2: Also The anus: (S, K:) because it opens in the case of need: (Ham p.

677:) or a wide, or an ample, anus: (K, MF:) or a wide دُبُر: or a دُبُر with what it comprises: and afterwards, by reason of frequency of usage, applied to signify any دُبُر: (L:) pl. فِقَاحٌ. (S, K.) b3: And The palm of the hand; as also ↓ فَقَاحَةٌ: (K:) of the dial. of El-Yemen: so called because of its width. (TA.) b4: And The napkin (مِنْدِيل) of الإِحْرَام [i. e., which is used by one performing the rites of the حَجّ or of the عُمْرَة]: (K:) of the dial. of El-Yemen. (TA.) فَقَاحَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

فُقَّاحٌ A certain herb, (K, TA,) resembling the أُقْحُوَان [or chamomile] in its growth and its place of growth; n. un. with ة: it is one of the plants growing in the sands; and it is said that its flower is more contracted than that of the chamomile, and that the dust, or earth, sticks to it as it does to the [herb called] حَمَصِيص: (TA:) or the flower of the إِذْخِر [or juncus odoratus]; (S, K, TA;) said by Az to be a sort of perfume, sometimes put into medicine, called فُقَّاحُ الإِذْخِرِ; and it is the flower of the إِذْخِر when its calyx opens: (TA:) or the flower, or blossom, of any plant, (K, TA,) when it opens, whatever be its لَوْن [i. e. colour, or kind]; (TA;) as also ↓ فَقْحَةٌ, (K, TA,) thus with fet-h and sukoon. (TA. [Written by Golius فُقْحَةٌ.]) b2: Also (tropical:) A woman of goodly, or beautiful, make, or form. (Kr, K, TA.) عَلَى فُلَانٍ حُلَّةٌ فُقَّاحِيَّةٌ Upon such a one is a حُلَّةٌ [q. v.] of the colour of the rose when it is about to open. (S.) هُوَ مُتَفَقِّحٌ لِلشَّرِّ (assumed tropical:) He is in a state of preparation for evil, or mischief.
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