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1 فَقَصَ, aor. فَقِصَ, (Lth, Lh, M, O, K,) inf. n. فَقْصٌ; (Lth, Lh, IDrd, M, O;) He broke; (Lth, Lh, M, O, K;) or crushed; (Lh, O, K;) an egg, (Lh, IDrd, M, O, K,) and the like thereof, (IDrd, O,) and any hollow thing; (Lth, M, O;) as also ↓ فقّص, inf. n. تَفْقِيصٌ: (M, TA:) and he (a bird) broke asunder an egg from over the young bird: (A and TA in explanation of the former verb:) and فَقَسَ, aor. فَقِصَ, inf. n. فَقْسٌ, signifies the same as فَقَصَ. (Lh, O.) b2: فَقَصَ فُلَانٌ بَيْضَ الفِتْنَةِ [lit. Such a one broke asunder the eggs of sedition, or the like,] is a tropical phrase [meaning (tropical:) such a one originated sedition, &c.]. (A, TA.) b3: [Golius has assigned to فَقَصَ, constr. with an accus., another signification (“ assecutus fuit rem ”), as on the authority of the K; app. from a mistranscription in the explanation of المِفْقَاص, in a copy of that lexicon.]2 فَقَّصَ see the preceding paragraph.5 تَفَقَّصَ see what next follows.7 انفقصت البَيْضَةُ and ↓ تفقّصت The egg broke [or broke asunder] عَنِ الفَرْخِ [from over the young bird].

بَيْضَةٌ فَقْصَةٌ: see مَفْقُوصَةٌ.

فَقِيصٌ as an epithet: see its fem. voce مَفْقُوصَةٌ.

A2: Also An iron thing like a ring, among the apparatus of the tiller of land, (Lth, O, K,) which clasps together [app. at the upper parts, so as to form a support like a trevet, for his provisions &c.,] several separate sticks, or pieces of wood, set over against one another. (Lth, O.) فَقُّوصٌ, (Lth, O, K,) or فَقُّوصَةٌ, (M,) [the former a coll. gen. n., and the latter its n. un.,] A melon (بِطِيخةٌ) before it has become ripe: (Lth, M, O, K:) a word of the dial. of Egypt: (Lth, O, K:) [but now applied in Egypt to the cucumis sativus (or common cucumber); (Forskål's Flora Aegypt. Arab., pp. lxxvi., 169;) or, particularly, cucumis sativus fructu albo: (Delile's Floræ

Aegypt. Illustr., no. 929:)] also mentioned as with س for the last letter. (TA.) مِفْقَاصٌ [A kind of mace;] a thing like a pomegranate, at the end of an iron rod, that breaks, or crushes, everything that it reaches. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) بَيْضَةٌ مَفْقُوصَةٌ and ↓ فَقِيصَهٌ (IDrd, O, K) and ↓ فَقْصَةٌ (CK [but not found by me elsewhere]) An egg broken, or crushed. (IDrd, O, K.)
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