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2 فلّسهُ, (S, A, O, Msb, K,) inf. n. تَفْلِيسٌ, (S, O, Msb, K,) He (a judge) proclaimed him. (S, A, O, Msb,) or pronounced him, (O, K,) to be, or to have become, in a state of إِفْلَاس [meaning bankruptcy, or insolvency], (S, A, O, K,) or to have become مُفْلِس [meaning bankrupt, or insolvent], and paraded him among the people as such. (Msb.) b2: And [hence] one says, فُلِّسَ مِنْ كُلِّ خَيْرٍ [app. meaning He was pronounced destitute of all good, or of all property]. (TA.) A2: [فُلِّسَ It was marked with spots differing in colour from the rest, resembling فُلُوس, or small copper coins. (See مُفَلَّسٌ.)] تَفْلِيسُ اللَّوْنِ [used as a subst. properly so termed] signifies Spots in a colour, differing therefrom in colour, resembling فُلُوس. (M.) 4 افلس, [inf. n. إِفْلَاسٌ,] He became مُفْلِس [which in the common legal acceptation means bankrupt, or insolvent]: (S:) or he had no property remaining: (O, K:) as though his دَرَاهِم [or pieces of silver] had become فُلُوس [or small copper coins], (S, O, K,) and base money: like as أَخْبَثَ signifies “ his companions, or friends, became bad, wicked, or deceitful: ” (S, O:) or he became in such a state that it was said he had not a فَلْس [or small copper coin]; (S, O, K;) like as أَقْهَرَ signifies “ he became in a state in which to be overcome, or subdued: ” (S, O:) or as though he became in a state in which to be overcome, or subdued: (Msb:) or he became a possessor of فُلُوس after he had been a possessor of دَرَاهِم: (M, Msb:) but properly, [so in the Msb, but I would rather say secondarily, or tropically,] he became reduced from a state of ease, or competence, or richness, to a state of difficulty, or poverty. (Msb.) A2: افلس الرَّجُلَ He sought the man and missed his place. (AA, O.) فَلْسٌ [A small copper coin;] a thing well known, (M, A, K,) used in buying and selling; (Msb;) the forty-eighth part of a dirhem: [i. e., about half a farthing of our money:] so in Egypt: (Ibn-Fadl-Allah, cited by Es-Suyootee in his Husn el-Mohádarah:) pl. (of pauc., S, O) أَفْلُسٌ, and (of mult., S, O) فُلُوسٌ. (S, M, O, Msb, K.) [The dim. of the former of these pls. is ↓ أُفَيْلِسٌ: see an ex. below, voce مُفْلِسٌ. The pl. فُلُوس is the common term for Money in Egypt and some other parts in the present day.] b2: [Hence, Anything resembling a small coin: as b3: A counter of metal: b4: and A scale of a fish: as Sgh says,] فُلُوسُ السَّمَكِ signifies what are on the back of the fish, resembling the [coins called] فُلُوس. (O.) b5: And The seal of the جِزْيَة [or tax paid by the free non-muslim subject of a Muslim government], (T, S, K,) which was hung upon the neck, (T, S, TA,) or upon the throat. (O, K.) الفِلْسُ A certain idol which belonged to the tribe of Teiyi, (IDrd, M, O, K,) in the Time of Ignorance; which 'Alee, being sent by Mohammad, destroyed, taking away the two swords, مِخْذَمٌ and رَسُوبٌ, that El-Hárith Ibn-Abee-Shemir had given to it. (O, TA.) فَلَسٌ, from أَفْلَسَ, [app. signifying Bankruptcy or insolvency: or a state of indigence or destitution: and] lack of obtainment: (K, TA:) and failure of finding him whom [or that which] one seeks. (TA.) You say, وَقَعَ فِى فَلَسٍ شَدِيدٍ [He fell into a severe state of indigence or destitution]. (TA.) And one says, فِى حُبِّهَا فَلَسٌ, meaning With her love, or the love of her, is no obtainment: and the phrase حُبُّهَا فَلَسٌ, occurring in a verse of El-Mo'attal El-Hudhalee, or of Aboo-Kilábeh, [in which the love thus described is afterwards termed ↓ حُبُّ مُفْلِسٌ, so that فَلَسٌ is here used for مُفْلِسٌ, or the phrase is elliptical,] Her love, or the love of her, is such that nothing is obtained from it. (O.) فَلَّاسٌ A seller of فُلُوس, pl. of فَلْسٌ. (M, O, K.) أُفَيْلِسٌ: see فَلْسٌ and مُفْلِسٌ.

مُفْلِسٌ act. part. n. of 4 [q. v.]: pl., (Msb,) or quasi-pl. n., (A,) ↓ مَفَالِيسُ; (A, Msb;) like as مفَاطِيرُ is of مُفْطِرٌ, [and مَيَاسِيرُ of مُوسِرٌ;] or pl. of ↓ مِفْلَاسٌ [which signifies the same as مَفْلِسٌ but in an intensive degree]. (A, TA.) [The dim. is ↓ مُفَيْلِسٌ.] You say, فُلَانٌ مُفَيْلِسٌ مَا نَهُ إِلَّا

أُفَيْلِسٌ [Such a one is nearly a bankrupt, or nearly destitute; he has nothing but a few small copper coins]. (A, TA.) b2: See also فَلَسٌ.

مُفَلَّسٌ Proclaimed [or pronounced] by the judge to be in a state of إِفْلَاس. (A.) [See 2.]

A2: Also, (Mgh,) or مُفَلَّسُ اللَّوْنِ, (O, K,) A horse, (Mgh,) or other thing, (O, K,) having upon his skin spots differing in colour from the rest, resembling فُلُوس [or small copper coins]. (Mgh, O, K.) مِفْلَاسٌ: see مُفْلِسٌ.

مَفَالِيسُ, a pl. or quasi-pl. n.: see مُفْلِسٌ.

مُفَيْلِسٌ dim. of مُفْلِسٌ, q. v.
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