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1 فَهِدَ, (S, A, O, L, K,) aor. فَهَدَ, (A, K,) inf. n. فَهَدٌ, (L.) He (a man. S, A, O) resembled the فَهْد [or lynx] (S, A, O, L, K) in his stretching himself and his sleeping. (L, K,) or in his much sleeping, and stretching himself. (S, A, O.) And He slept, and was, or feigned himself, heedless of what was requisite, or necessary to be done. (L, K.) Hence the saying, (S, L,) of a woman describing her husband, as related in the story of Umm-Zara, (L,) إِنْ دَخَلَ فَهِدَ وَإِنْ خَرَجَ أَسِدَ وَلَا يَسْأَلُ عَمَّا عَهِدَ, (S, * L,) i. e. If he come in and be with me in the tent, or house, he is gentle and quiet like the فَهْد, which is described as sleeping much; and is, or feigns himself, heedless of the things that are amiss therein, and that I ought to put into a right, or proper, state; such is his generosity, and goodness of disposition; and if he go out, and see his enemy, he is like the lion [in boldness; and he will not ask respecting what he has ordered]. (L.) And one says, فَهِدْتَ عَنِّى, inf. n. فَهَدٌ, Thou wast, or hast been, heedless, or negligent, of me. (A.) A2: فَهَدَ لَهُ, (O, L, K,) aor. فَهَدَ, (K,) He did well, or kindly, in his affair in his absence; (O, L, K:) like فَأَدَ, and مَهَدَ. (O, L.) فَهْدٌ [The lynx; lupus cervarius;] a well-known beast of prey; (L, Msb, K;) with which one hunts; and which sleeps much; (L;) called in Pers. يُوزْ: (Mgh:) fem. فَهْدَةٌ: (L. Msb:) pl. of the masc. فُهُودٌ (S, Mgh, O, L, Msb, K) and أَفْهُدٌ (O, L, K) which is a pl. of pauc.; (O:) and the pl. of the fem., accord. to analogy, is فَهَدَاتٌ (Msb.) أَنْوَمُ مِنَ الفَهْدِ [More sleepful than the lynx] is a proverb. (A.) b2: And A nail in the واسِط [or fore part] of the [camel's saddle called]

رَحْل; (O, L, K;) also termed كَلْبٌ [q. v.]. (L.) To the creaking sound of this nail the similar sound of a stallion-camel's tushes is likened.

فَهِدٌ and فِهِدْ [A man] resembling the فَهْد [or lynx] in his stretching himself and has sleeping [or in his doing thus much, or often]: and [a man] being. or feigning himself, heedless of what is requisite, or necessary to be done. (K.) فَهْدَةٌ fem. of فَهْدٌ [q. v.] (Msb.) A2: The اِسْت [i. e. podex, or anus]. (L, K.) A3: A small piece of butter. (L in art. نهد.) A4: الفَهْدَتَانِ, (S, A, O.) or فَهْدَتَا الفَرَسِ, (L, K,) or فَهْدَتَا صَدْرِ الفَرَسِ, (AO, TA,) Two prominent portions of flesh in the [part of the breast called] زَوْر [q. v.] of the horse, [S, A, O, K,) like two stones of the kind termed فِهْر: (S, O:) or the prominent flesh in the breast of the horse, on its right and left (L:) or two positions of flesh on the right and left of the breast of the horse. (AO, TA.) b2: And فَهْدَتَا البَعِيرِ Two protuberant bones behind the ears of the camel; (O, L, K;) the same that are termed الخُشَشَاوَانِ. (O, L.) فَهَّادٌ The owner, or master, of a فَهْد [or lynx]: (L:) or one who trains the فَهْد for hunting. (T, O, L, K.) فَوْهَدٌ A fat boy or youth, (AA, S, O, L,) that has nearly attained to puberty; (AA, S, L;) i. q. ثَوْهَدٌ; (O, K;) [and فَرْهَدٌ and فُرْهُدٌ:] and فَلْهَدٌ; (AA, L;) as also ↓ أُفْهُودٌ: (O, K:) Yaakoob asserts that the ف in فوهد is a substitute for the ث in ثوهد, or that the converse is the case; and both signify a boy perfect in make; or, accord. to AA, soft and plump: or both signify perfect, and soft, thin-skinned, and plump: (L:) fem. فَوْهَدَةٌ. (S, O, L, K).

أُفْهُودٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.
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