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1 فَاجَ, [aor. يَفُوجُ,] said of musk, i. q. فَاحَ [i. e. It diffused, or exhaled, its odour]. (O, K.) b2: And, said of the day, (tropical:) It became cool. (O, K, TA.) And one says, فَاجَتِ الشَّمْسُ عِنْدَ بَرْدِ النَّهَارِ (assumed tropical:) [The sun became moderated at the cool time of the day]. (O.) 2 لَسْتُ بِرَائِحٍ حَتَّى أُفَوِّجَ means [I am not going in the evening] until I refresh myself by the coolness of the air. (K: there expl. by the words أَىْ

أُبَرِّدَ عَنْ نَفْسِى [in which, for أُبَرِّدَ, I read أُبْرِدَ]: in some copies [erroneously] عَلَى نفسى.) 4 افاج, (K,) inf. n. إِفَاجَةٌ, (S,) He hastened, or went quickly; (S, K, and O and Msb in art. فيج:) and he ran. (S, K.) b2: And افاج القَوْمُ فِى الأَرْضِ The people, or party, went away, and spread, or dispersed themselves, in the land. (L in art. فيج.) b3: And افاج فِى عَدْوِهِ He was slow in his running. (L in art. فيج.) [Thus افاج has two contr. significations.]

A2: Also He sent the camels to the watering-trough, or tank, drove by drove. (O, * K.) 10 اُسْتُفِيجَ فُلَانٌ Such a one was desired, or incited, to be [quick, or] brisk, or prompt; syn. اُسْتُخِفَّ. (K, and O in art. فيج.) فَوْجٌ A company, congregated body, party, or group, of men; (S, A, O, L, Msb, K; *) as also ↓ فَائِجٌ, (L,) and ↓ فَائِجَةٌ, (K,) and ↓ فَيْجٌ, (O, K, and Msb in art. فيج, q. v.,) which last is said by Az to be originally فَيِّجٌ, from فَاجَ, aor. يَفُوجُ, like هَيِّنٌ from هَانَ, aor. يَهُونُ, for which they say also هَيْنْ: (O, and Msb * in art. فيج:) or a crowd, or dense company &c.: (so accord. to an explanation of the first of the following pls. by Z in the Ksh and by Bd, both in Kur cx. 2:) or a company, &c., of the followers, or dependants, of chiefs: or a great crowd of men: (L:) [and app. (assumed tropical:) a multitude of things: (see an ex. voce

أَفْكَلُ, in art. فكل:)] pl. [of pauc.] أَفْوَاجٌ [also used as a pl. of mult.] (S, O, Msb, K) and [of mult.] فُؤُوجٌ and pl. pl. أَفَاوِيجُ (S, O, Msb, K) and أَفَاوِجُ (S, O, K) and أَفَائِجُ, as though pl. of أَفِيجَةٌ. (O.) فَيْجٌ: see the next preceding paragraph: A2: and see also art. فيج.

فَائِجٌ: see فَوْجٌ. One says, مَرَّ بِنَا فَائِجُ وَلِيمَةِ فُلَانٍ, meaning The company (فَوْج) of those that were at the repast of such a one [passed by us]. (TA.) A2: It is said that فَائِجٌ, applied to a she-camel, signifies Fat: or such as is termed حَائِل, and fat: but the word commonly known [thus used] is فَائِجٌ [q. v.]. (TA.) فَائِجَةٌ: see فَوْجٌ: A2: and see also art. فيج.
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