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1 فَادَ, aor. يَفُودُ, (S, Mgh, O, K, and T in art. فيد,) inf. n. فَوْدٌ; (AA, K, and T in art. فيد;) as also فَادَ, aor. يَفِيدُ, (S, O, K, and T &c. in art. فيد,) inf. n. فَيْدٌ; (IAar, K, and T in art. فيد;) He died. (T, S, Mgh, O, K.) A2: And فاد, aor. يَفُودُ, (M,) inf. n. فَوْدٌ, (K,) It (property) continued, or belonged, or appertained, syn. ثَبَتَ, (M, K,) لِصَاحِبِهِ to its owner; (M;) as also فاد, aor. يَفِيدُ, (S, L, K, in art. فيد,) inf. n. فَيْدٌ: (K:) or (so in the K) it went away, passed away, or departed; (K;) as also فاد, aor. يَفِيدُ, (K in art. فيد,) inf. n. فَيْدٌ. (K. [See also art. فيد.]) A3: فادهُ, (As, Yaakoob, T, M, L,) aor. يَفُودُهُ, (Yaa-koob, M, * L,) inf. n. فَوْدٌ, (K,) He mixed it, (M, L, K,) namely, saffron [&c.], (M, L,) or perfume &c., (As, T,) or moistened it with water &c.; (L;) syn. دَافَهُ; (As, Yaakoob, T, M, L;) from which it is formed by transposition [accord. to the lexicologists; but not accord. to the grammarians, because it has an inf. n.]: (M, L:) and so فادهُ, aor. يَفِيدُهُ, (S, L, K, in art. فيد,) inf. n. فَيْدٌ. (L. [See also art. فيد.]) 4 أَفَدْتُهُ I killed him; destroyed him. (O, K. [See also art. فيد.]) A2: And I gave him property. (M, L, K.) It belongs to this art. and to art. فيد [q. v.]. (L.) b2: See also 10.5 تفوّد فَوْقَ الجَبَلَ He (a mountain-goat) ascended (أَشْرَفَ) upon the mountain. (O, * L, K.) 6 هُمَا يَتَفَاوَدَانِ العِلْمَ (ISh, K) is a phrase used by the vulgar, (ISh,) but the correct expression is يَتَفَايَدَانِ, meaning They two impart knowledge, each to the other: (K:) or يتفايدان بَالْمَالِ بَيْنَهُمَا They two give, of the property, each to the other; or profit, or benefit, each other therewith: (ISh:) or, in the opinion of MF, each is allowable. (TA. [See also art. فيد.]) 10 استفادهُ, (M, L, K,) and ↓ افادهُ, (M, K,) [respecting which latter see 10 in art. فيد,] as also تقيّد, (K, [but this belongs to art. فيد only,]) He gained it, acquired it, or got it, for himself, namely, property [&c.]. (M, L, K.) [See more in art. فيد.]

فَوْدٌ Each of the two sides of the head: (As, S, M, A, O, L, Msb, K:) pl. أَفْوَادٌ: (M, L, Msb:) one says, بَدَا الشَّيْبُ بِفَوْدَيْهِ [Hoariness appeared in the two sides of his head]. (S, O, L.) And The main, or chief, portion of the hair of the head, next the ear; (M, L, K;) or of the hair that descends below the lobe of the ear, next the ear: (IF, L, Msb:) or فَوْدَانِ signifies [two locks, or plaited locks, of hair, such as are termed]

ضَفِيرَتَانِ (ISk, S, O, L, Msb) of a man (ISk, S, O, L) and of a woman. (O.) b2: (assumed tropical:) The side (K, TA) of anything; (TA;) each of the two sides (M, L) of a thing. (L.) You say, اِرْفَعْ فَوْدَ الخِبَآءِ (tropical:) Raise thou the side of the tent. (A.) and نَزَلُوا بَيْنَ فَوْدَىِ الوَادِى (tropical:) [They alighted, or abode, between the two sides of the valley]. (A.) b3: (tropical:) Each of the two equiponderant halves of the load of a beast: (S, M, O, L, K, TA:) one says, قَعَدَ بَيْنَ الفَوْدَيْنِ (tropical:) [He sat between the two equiponderant halves of the load of the beast]. (S, O, L, TA.) And [hence, app.,] (assumed tropical:) A [sack such as is termed] جُوَالِق. (K.) b4: (assumed tropical:) The part that is abundant in plumage of each of the wings of the eagle: (M:) [or each of the wings; for] one says, أَلْقَتِ العُقَابُ فَوْدَيْهَا عَلَى الهَيْثَمِ (tropical:) [The eagle cast] its wings [upon, or over, the eaglet]. (A.) b5: One says also, جَعَلْتُ الكِتَابَ فَوْدَينِ, meaning (tropical:) I doubled the upper part of the letter, or writing, over the lower part, so that it became two halves. (A, O.) b6: And اِسْتَلَمْتُ فَوْدَ البَيْتِ (tropical:) [I touched, by kissing, or with the hand,] the corner of the House [of God; i. e., of the Kaabeh]. (A.) A2: Also A company, congregated body, party, or group, of men; or a crowd, or dense company &c.; or a great crowd of men; syn. فَوْج: (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K:) pl. أَفْوَادٌ. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) فَوَادٌ, (O, K,) with fet-h to the ف, (O,) like سَحَاب [in form], (K,) i. q. فُؤَادٌ [generally meaning The heart (see other explanations in art. فأد)]; (O, K;) a dial. var. of the latter word. (O.) فَائِدَةٌ a subst. from فَادَ المَالُ, (M, K, and L in art. فيد,) in the sense of ثَبَتَ: (M, and L in art. فيد:) it belongs to this art. and to art. فيد. (TA. [See the latter art.]) مَفُودٌ, applied to perfume &c., i. q. مَدُوفٌ [Mixed, or moistened with water &c.]; (As, T;) as also مُفِيدٌ. (S and O and L in art. فيد.) رَجُلٌ مِتْلَافٌ مِفْوَادٌ A destructive man; as also مِفْيَادٌ. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.)
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