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1 قَبَرَ, aor. قَبُرَ and قَبِرَ, inf. n. قَبْرٌ (S, Msb, K) and مَقْبَرٌ, (K,) He buried a corpse; (S, Msb, K:) concealed it in the earth. (TA.) 4 اقبرهُ He made him to be buried: so in the Kur, lxxx. 21: (Fr, S:) where it is meant that man is not made by God to be thrown, when dead, to the dogs, (S,) or to the birds and wild beasts. (Fr.) b2: He ordered that he should be buried. (S, Mgh, Msb.) b3: [He permitted that he should be buried.] The tribe of Temeem said to El-Hejjáj, who had slain Sálih the son of 'Abder-Rahmán, أَقْبِرْنَا صَالِحًا, meaning, Permit us to bury Sálih. (S, * TA.) You say also اقبر القَوْمَ, meaning, He gave them their slain that they might burg him. (K.) b4: He assigned to him, or made for him, a grave (ISk, S, Msb, K) to be buried in it: (S:) he made him to have a grave. (Mgh.) b5: Accord. to some, He ordered him to dig a grave. (TA.) قَبْرٌ A grave, tomb, sepulchre, or place of burial, of a human being: (K:) pl. قُبُور. (S, Msb, K.) قُبَرٌ: see قَبَّرٌ.

قُبَّرٌ (S, Msb, K) and ↓ قُبَرٌ (K) and ↓ قُنْبُرَآءُ (S, K) and ↓ فُنْبُرٌ, this last occurring in a Rejez, to be cited below, (S,) The [lark;] a kind of bird, (S, K,) resembling the حُمَّرَة; (TA;) a kind of small bird; (Msb:) n. un. قُبَّرَةٌ (S, Msb, K) and قُبَرَةٌ (K) and قُنْبُرَةٌ, (S, Msb,) which last is the form used by the vulgar, (S,) or it is not allowable, or it is a form of weak authority, (K,) and is also pronounced قُنْبَرَةٌ: (Msb:) pl. of قنبراء, (S, K,) and of قنبرة, (Msb,) قَنَابِرُ. (S, Msb, K.) AO cites, from a Rejez of Jendel Ibn-El-Muthennà Et-Tahawee, جَآءَ الشِّتَآءُ وَاجْثَأَلَّ القُنْبُرُ [The winter came, and the lark plumed himself]. (S.) قُنْبُرٌ: see قُبَّرٌ.

قُنْبُرَآءُ: see قُبَّرٌ.

مَقْبَرٌ and مَقْبُرٌ: see مَقْبُرَةٌ.

مَقْبُرَةٌ and مَقْبَرَةٌ (S, Mgh, Msb, K) and مَقْبِرَةٌ and مِقْبَرَةٌ (K) and ↓ مَقْبَرٌ, (Lth, S, Mgh,) with fet-h only, (Mgh,) this last occurring in poetry, (S,) but agreeable with analogy, (IB,) and ↓ مَقْبُرٌ. (MF, and TA voce أَلُوكٌ, [under which see some remarks on words of this form in the present work,]) A cemetery, burial-place, or place of graves: (Msb, K:) or the place of a grave: (Mgh:) or the last of the above words has this latter signification: (Lth:) pl. (of مقبرة and مقبر, Mgh) مَقَابِرُ. (S, Mgh, Msb.) مَقْبَرِىٌّ and مَقْبُرِىٌّ applied to a man [A keeper of a cemetery: or of a grave or tomb: or a gravedigger]. (S.)
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