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1 قَتْبٌ The feeding (O, K) a guest (O) with [the intestines called] أَقْتَاب [pl. of قِتْبٌ or of قِتْبَةٌ] roasted, or broiled: (O, K:) an inf. n. of which the verb is قَتَبَ. (TK.) 2 قُتِّبَ كَاهِلُهُ, said of a man, (assumed tropical:) He was, or became, such as is termed أَجْنَأُ. (JK. [See رَجُلٌ مُقَتَّبُ الكَاهِلِ, below.] b2: And one says, فِى كَاهِلِ الفَرَسِ تَقْتِيبٌ i. e. جَنَأٌ (tropical:) [app. meaning In the withers of the horse is a bending over the breast]. (A.) 4 أَقْتَبْتُ البَعِيرَ, (S, A,) inf. n. إِقْتَابٌ, (S, K,) I bound upon the camel the [saddle called] قَتَب. (S, A, K.) b2: Hence, (A,) اقتبهُ يَمِينًا, (T, A, O,) inf. n. as above, (K,) (tropical:) He imposed upon him a hard, or severe, oath; (T, A, O, K; *) as though he put upon him a [saddle of the kind called]

قَتَب: and in like manner, اقتبهُ فِى اليَمِينِ: (A:) and اقتب عَلَيْهِ فِى اليَمِينِ. (T, O.) And اقتبهُ الدَّيْنُ (tropical:) Debt, or the debt, pressed heavily upon him. (A.) قِتْبٌ (Ks, S, O, Msb, K) and ↓ قِتْبَةٌ (As, S, ISd, O, Msb, K) and ↓ قَتَبٌ (TA) i. q. مِعًى

[i. e An intestine of those into which the food passes from the stomach]: (S, O, Msb, K:) or (S, O, K,) as AO says of the first of these words, (S, O,) an intestine of the belly that winds round, or takes a coiled form; (S, O, K;) and such as take this form are [also] called the حَوَايَا; but the أَمْعَآء are the أَقْصَاب: (S, O:) قِتْبٌ is of the fem. gender: (Ks, S, O:) and its pl. is أَقْتَابٌ: (Ks, S, O, Msb:) or the sing. of this pl. is ↓ قِتْبَةٌ: and the dim. is ↓ قُتَيْبَةٌ. (As, S, O, Msb, K.) A2: And قِتْبٌ signifies also All the apparatus, or furniture, of the سَانِيَة [i. e. camel, or she-camel, upon which water is drawn] (S, ISd, O, K;) consisting of the أَعْلَاق [pl. of عَلَقٌ q. v.] of the سانية, and the ropes thereof. (S, ISd, O.) b2: See also the next paragraph, in two places.

قَتَبٌ A small رَحْل [or camel's saddle], (S, O,) or a small [camel's saddle such as is called إِكَاف, (ISd, K,) of a size corresponding to the hump: (S, ISd, O, K:) or [a sort of pack-saddle for a camel; i. e.] the إِكَاف that is put upon such beasts [or camels] as transport burdens: (A:) or [simply] i. q. إِكَافٌ; as also ↓ قِتْبٌ; but the former is the more common: (K:) or the ↓ قِتْب is only what belongs to the سَانِيَة [meaning as expl. in the next preceding paragraph], (As, TA,) or to the camel that draws water (لِلْبَعِيرِ السَّانِى); (JK;) and the إِكَاف belongs to the ass, or is common to the ass and the mule and the camel: (TA:) the قَنَب belongs to the camel: (Msb:) the word thus applied is sometimes fem., though more commonly masc.: and its dim. is ↓ قُتَيْبَةٌ: (TA:) the pl. is أَقْتَابٌ, (Sb, A, Msb, K, TA,) only, (Sb, TA.) It is said in a trad. that the woman on the occasion of her bringing forth used to be seated upon a قَتَب, in order that her parturition might be more easy. (O.) b2: هُوَ قَنَبٌ يَعَضُّ بِالغَارِبِ (tropical:) [lit. He is a saddle that pinches the fore part of the hump] and قَتَبٌ مِلْحَاحٌ (tropical:) [a pinching, galling, saddle] are said of an importunate person. (A.) A2: See also قِتْبٌ.

قَتِبٌ [in the O without any vowel-sign] Narrow, or contracted, (O, K, TA,) in disposition, (TA,) quickly excited to anger. (O, K, TA.) قِتْبَةٌ: see قِتْبٌ, in two places.

قَتُوبٌ: see the paragraph here following.

قَتُوبَةٌ Camels upon which the [kind of saddle called] قَتَب is bound: (S, A, O, K, TA:) or a camel upon which the قَتَب may be put: (Lh, TA:) the ة is affixed because the word is similar to حَلُوبَةٌ and رَكُوبَةٌ, (S, O, TA,) having the signification of a pass. part. n.; but one may elide the ة, saying ↓ قَتُوبٌ. (TA.) It is said in a trad., لَا صَدَقَةَ فِى الإِبِلِ القَتُوبَةِ, meaning There is no poor rate in the case of the working camels, (O, TA,) but only in the case of the pasturing. (O.) And you say, كَأَنِّى لَهُمْ قَتُوبَةٌ وَكَأَنَّ مَؤُونَتَهُمْ عَلَىَّ مَكْتُوبَةٌ (tropical:) [I am as though I were to them a working camel, and as though their food were prescribed as incumbent on me]. (A.) قُتَيْبَةٌ a dim. n.: see قِتْبٌ: A2: and قَتَبٌ.

مُقْتَبٌ عَلَيْهِ (tropical:) One upon whom is imposed a hard, or severe, oath. (T, O, TA.) رَجُلٌ مُقَتَّبُ الكَاهِلِ (tropical:) i. q. أَجْنَأُ [app. meaning A man having a bending of the upper part of the back over the breast]. (JK, A. *)
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