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1 قَحَدَ, aor. قَحَدَ, (K,) inf. n. قَحْدٌ; (K, * TK;) and ↓ اقحد; (TA;) He (a camel) became in the state of having a قَحَدَة [q. v.], (K, TA,) meaning, a hump like a cupola; so accord. to ISd: (TA:) or became large in the قحدة, (K, TA,) after smallness [thereof]: (TA:) and قَحَدَتْ, inf. n. قُحُودٌ; and قَحِدَتْ; (IKtt, L;) and ↓ اقحدت; (S, IKtt, L;) she (a camel) became in the state of having a قَحَدَة: (ISd, L:) or became large in her hump; (S, IKtt;) [i. e.] became such as is termed مِقْحَاد; (L;) [and] so ↓ استحقدت: (A, TA: *) or ↓ اقحدت signifies she continued always to have a قحدة, even when she had become lean. (L.) 4 أَقْحَدَ see above, in three places.10 إِسْتَقْحَدَ see the first paragraph.

قَحَدٌ: see قَحَدَةٌ.

قَحْدَةٌ, (S, O, K,) originally قَحِدَةٌ, like as one says عَشْرَةٌ and عَشِرَةٌ, (S, O, TA,) and فَخْذٌ and فَخِذٌ, (TA,) the medial radical being made quiescent for the purpose of alleviating the utterance, (S, O, TA,) applied to a she-camel, (K,) or to a بَكْرَة [or youthful she-camel, (S, O,) Large in the hump: (S, * O:) or large in the قَحَدَة [q. v.]: (K:) and ↓ مقْحَادٌ is applied to a she-camel (S, O, K) in the former sense, (S, O, *) or in the latter sense; (A, * K;) and its pl. is مَقَاحِيدُ. (A, O, K.) قَحَدَةٌ The base of the hump of a camel; (S, A, O, L, K;) [as also ↓ قَحَدٌ, mentioned by Freytag as occurring in the Deewán of the Hudhalees, and I find قحد (thus without any syll. sign) expl. as having this meaning (as well as قحدة) in a copy of the A;] and so ↓ مَقْحَدَةٌ: (O, K:) [respecting which last, SM, having overlooked it in the O, observes, in the TA, “so in all the copies ” (meaning of the K) “ in our hands; but I have not found it in the books of strange words, nor in the L; and it appears to be مَحْقِد; for it is said in the L that IAar mentions مَحْفِد [with ف] as having this meaning, that the like of this is mentioned on the authority of Aboo-Nasr, and that IAar says that مَحْتِد and مَحْفِد and مَحْقِد and مَحْكِد are all syn. with أَصْلٌ; but Az says that محقد is not mentioned with محتد in the book of Aboo-Turáb: ”] or the portion of the hump, (K, TA,) i. e. (TA) the portion of the fat of the hump, (Lth, O, L, TA,) that is between the مَأْنَتَانِ [app. here meaning the two anterior upper portions of the lumbar region, next the back-bone]: (Lth, O, L, K, TA:) or the hump (A 'Obeyd, O, L, K, TA) itself: (TA:) or a hump like a cupola: (ISd, TA:) or the قُبَّة [or round, protuberant, upper portion] of the hump: (A:) pl. [of mult.] قِحَادٌ (S, O, K) and [of pauc.] أَقْحُدٌ. (K.) قَحَّادٌ A solitary man, who has neither brother nor offspring: (IAar, Sh, O, K, TA:) and وَاحِدٌ

↓ قَاحِدٌ signifies [the same, or the like; i. q.]

صُنْبُورٌ: (IAar, Sh, T, O:) [see also صَاخِدٌ:] accord. to the K, ↓ قَاحِدٌ in this case is an imitative sequent to وَاحِدٌ, and so accord. to the M: and it is said in the T that AA mentions this phrase, as on the authority of Abu-l-'Abbás, with ف, saying وَاحِدٌ فَاحِدٌ; but that it is correctly as mentioned [and expl.] by Sh, on the authority of IAar; i. e. that one says ↓ وَاحِدٌ قَاحِدٌ, and صَاخِدٌ. (TA.) قَاحِدٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in three places.

القِمَحْدَةُ: see what next follows.

القَمَحْدُوَةُ, (S, O,) and ↓ القِمَحْدَةُ, the latter like عِرَضْنَة [in form], and mentioned by Ibn-'Abbád, (O,) [words] in which the م is argumentative, (S, O,) [or, accord. to the K, it is radical,] What is behind the head; (S, O;) said by AZ to be the part of the bone of the head that protuberates over the back of the neck; the هَامَة [or crown] being above it, and the قَذَال, which is next to the مَقَدّ [or مَقَذّ, i. e. the part between the two ears, behind], being beneath it: (O:) pl. [of both] قَمَاحِدُ (S, O) and [of the former] قَمَحْدُوَاتٌ [also]. (O.) See also art. قمحد.

مَقْحَدَةٌ: see قَحَدَةٌ.

مِقْحَادٌ: see قَحْدَةٌ.
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