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1 قَحَّ, (L, K, TA,) [sec. pers., app., قَحُحْتَ,] aor. يَقُحُّ, (L,) inf. n. قَحَاحَةٌ and قُحُوحَةٌ, He, or it, was, or became, such as is termed قُحّ [i. e. pure, sheer, mere, unmixed, unmingled, unadulterated, or genuine; said of, or in relation to, meanness, sordidness, or ignobleness, and generosity, liberality, or nobleness, and anything]. (S, L, K.) R. Q. 1 قَحْقَحَةٌ [an inf. n. of which the verb is قَحْقَحَ] signifies The laughing of the ape or monkey. (L, K.) [Compare with this قَهْقَهَةٌ.]

b2: And The voice's being, or becoming, reiterated in the throat, or fauces. (L, K.) And it is similar to بُحَّةٌ [which means A hoarseness, roughness, harshness, or gruffness, of the voice]. (L.) [But both of these significations are also assigned in the L to فَحْفَحَةٌ, with ف; to which alone, of these two words, they may perhaps belong.]

قُحٌّ Pure, sheer, mere, unmixed, unmingled, unadulterated, or genuine; (As, S, A, K;) in, or in respect of, (As, S, A,) or applied to, (K,) meanness, sordidness, or ignobleness, and generosity, liberality, or nobleness, (As, S, A, K,) and anything: (K:) fem. قُحَّةٌ: and pl. أَقْحَاحٌ. (S, A.) One says لَئِيمٌ قُحٌّ [One that is mean, sordid, or ignoble,] in whom is nought of generosity, liberality, or nobleness. (A.) And عَبْدٌ قُحٌّ A pure, or mere, slave; one that is of purely servile condition; (S;) or such as is termed قِنٌّ [which means the same; or one born of slave-parents; &c.]. (A.) And عَرَبِىٌّ قُحٌّ A pure, or genuine, Arabian; one of pure Arabian race; fem. عَرَبِيَّةٌ قُحَّةٌ: (S, A, TA:) as also كُحٌّ and كُحَّةٌ; in which the ك is a substitute for the ق; for they said أَقْحَاحٌ, but not أَكْحَاحٌ: [i. e. كُحُّ is not a dial. var. of قُحٌّ, because the former has no pl.:] or أَكْحَاحٌ is used as a pl. of كُحٌّ. (L in art. كح.) and أَعْرَابِىٌّ قُحٌّ and ↓ قُحَاحٌ (K, TA) A pure, or genuine, Arab of the desert: or one who has not entered the towns, nor mixed with their inhabitants: (TA:) pl. أَعْرَابٌ أَفْحَاحٌ. (S, TA.) And فُلَانٌ مِنْ قُحِّ العَرَبِ (ISk, A, * TA) and كُحِّهِمْ, (ISk, TA) Such a one is of the pure, or genuine, of the Arabs. (ISk, A, * TA.) b2: Also Coarse, rough, or rude, in make, or in nature or disposition; applied to a man; (Lth, S, K;) as though he were purely so; (S;) and to other than man. (Lth, K.) b3: And (hence, TA) Unripe, applied in this sense to a melon, or water-melon, (Lth, A, K, TA,) because of its dryness: (A:) or one in its last state: but Az says that Lth has erred in explaining the word in the former of these senses, and that the correct word is فِجٌّ. (TA.) قُحَاحُ أَمْرٍ The root, foundation, origin, or source, of a thing or an affair; its essence, or very essence; or what is, or constitutes, its most essential, or elementary, part; the ultimate element to which it can be reduced or resolved; its utmost point or particular; or its principal, or best, part; syn. أَصْلُهُ (Kr, L, K, TA) and فَصُّهُ (K, TA) and خَالِصُهُ. (L, K, TA.) One says, صَارَ إِلَى قُحَاحِ الأَمْرِ He reached, or arrived at, the root, &c., of the affair. (L.) And لَقَد وَقَعْتُ بِقُحَاحِ قُرِّكَ, as also وَقَعْتُ بِقُرِّكَ, I have become acquainted with (عَلِمْتُ) all that thou knowest, nothing thereof being hidden from me. (Ibn-Buzurj, TA.) and لَأَضْطَرَّنَّكَ إِلى قُحَاحِكَ I will assuredly make thee to have recourse to thine utmost effort, or endeavour, i. e. إِلَى جَهْدِكَ: or, as IAar says, لا ضطرّنّك الى

تُرِّكَ وَقُحَاحِكَ, i. e. إِلَى أَصْلِكَ. (L. [See أَصْلٌ.]) b2: See also قُحٌّ, latter half.

قَحِيحٌ. [It is said in the K, القَحِيحُ فَوْقَ العَبِّ وَالجَرْعِ: but it appears from a statement in the TK that these words are a mistake copied from the Moheet of Ibn-'Abbad, founded upon a mistranscription of القُحْقُحُ فَوْقَ القِبِّ. See what next follows.]

قُحْقُحٌ [The ischium; i. e.] the bone that surrounds the posterior pudendum, (S, K,) somewhat above the قِبّ [or end of the rump-bone]: (S:) or the part where the two hip-bones meet, internally: or [rather] what intervenes between the two hipbones, and surrounds the خَوْرَان [or anus, or part in which is the anus]; the خوران being between the قُحْقُح and the عُصْعُص: or the lower part of the عَجْب [or rump-bone, or root of the tail], in the integuments (طِبَاق) of the two hip-bones; somewhat above the قِبّ: or the bone upon which is the place wherein the penis is inserted, next, or near, to the lower part of the رَكَب [or pubes]: it is said in the T that it is no part of the extremity of the backbone, and that its place of junction, or meeting, is outside the عُصْعُص: also, that the upper part of the عُصْعُص is the عَجْب, and its lower part is the ذَنَب: or the عصعص is the internal extremity of the backbone, and the عجب is its external extremity, and the خَوْرَان is the دُبُر: (L, TA:) or, accord. to IAar, i. q. عُصْعُصٌ. (O voce عُكْدَةٌ.) قَرَبٌ قَحْقَاحٌ and ↓ مُقَحْقِحٌ [A night's journey to water] that is hard, or difficult. (K.) مُقَحْقِحٌ: see what next precedes.
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