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1 قَرِثَ, aor. قَرَثَ, (O, K,) inf. n. قَرَثٌ, (TA,) He toiled; and gained or earned, or sought gain or sustenance. (O, K.) A2: قَرَثَهُ الأَمْرُ i. q. كَرَثَهُ. (K.) You say, قَرَثَنِى الأَمْرُ and كَرَثَنِى, meaning The affair, or event, grieved me; and burdened me heavily, or overburdened me. (As, O.) 8 اِقْتَرَثَتِ البُسْرَتَانِ, and الثَّلَاثُ, The two unripe dates, and the three, grew together, intermingling. ('Eesà Ibn-'Omar, O and TA in art. سخل.) قَرْثٌ A small [leathern vessel for water, of the kind called] رَكْوَة: (O, K:) mentioned by Th, on the authority of IAar: (O:) فَرْثٌ is a dial. var. thereof; (TA;) [or] this latter, mentioned by Az, in art. فرث, is a mistranscription. (O.) قَرِيثَى: see قَرِيثَآءُ.

قَرَاثَآءُ: see what next follows, in four places.

بُسْرٌ قَرِيثَآءُ, (Ks, S, O, K,) with the lengthened alif and without tenween, (Ks, S, O,) and ↓ قَرَاثَآءُ; (O, K;) and تَمْرٌ قَرِيثَآءُ and ↓ قَرَاثَآءُ: (Lh, K:) and نَخْلٌ قَرِيثَآءُ (Ks, S, O, K) and ↓ قَرَاثَآءُ: (K:) قَرِيثَآء is [thus] used as an epithet, and it is also used as the complement of a prefixed noun; [so that one says also بُسْرُ قَرِيثَآءَ, and app. ↓ قَرَاثَآءَ likewise, and each in like manner with تَمْرُ and with نَخْلُ prefixed;] and it is dualized and is pluralized; and there is no word like it in form, except كَرِيثَآء, in which the ك is app. a substitute [for ق]; (ISd, L;) and which is said by AZ to be syn. with قَرِيثَآء as applied to بُسْر: (L:) [but كَثِيرَآءُ should be added as a word of the same form; and perhaps there are other instances:] and accord. to Abu-l-Jarráh, one says ↓ تَمْرٌ قَرِيثَى, (S, O,) not with the lengthened alif, (S,) i. e. with the shortened alif: (O:) the meaning is, A species of dates, (S, K,) of (K) the sweetest, or best, thereof, in the state in which they are termed بُسْر; (S, O, * K;) a species of dates, which are black, and of which the skin quickly falls off from the لِحَآء [or flesh] thereof when they become ripe; as AHn says, they are the best of dates in the state in which they are termed بُسْر; and he adds, the dried thereof are black: (L, TA:) [and palm trees that produce such dates:] some say that the word [قريثآء] is أَعْجَمِىّ [i. e. foreign or Pers.]. (TA.) قِرِّيثٌ A certain species of fish; (S;) a dial. var. of جِرِّيثٌ [q. v.]. (S, K. *)
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