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1 قَرَسَ, aor. قَرِسَ, (S, A, K,) inf, n. قَرْسٌ, (S,) It (cold) was, or became, intense, or vehement; (S, A, K;) as also قَرِسَ, aor. قَرَسَ, (S, K,) inf. n. قَرَسٌ. (S.) b2: It (water) became congealed, or frozen. (S, K.) b3: قرس, inf. n. قرس, [so in the TA, without any syll. signs,] He (a man) was, or became, cold. (TA.) [The verb and its inf. n. in this sense are probably the same as in the sense here next following.] b4: قُرِسَ, inf. n. قَرْسٌ; (TA;) or قَرِسَ, [inf. n. قَرَسٌ;] (JK;) He (a man smitten by cold) became unable to work (JK, TA) with his hands, (JK,) or with his hand, by reason of the intenseness of the cold, or, as in the L, by reason of cold in his extremities. (TA.) A2: قَرَسَ المَآءَ: see 4.

A3: قَرَسَ قَرِيسًا, (TA,) or ↓ قرّسهُ, (accord. to a copy of the A,) He made, or prepared, what is termed قريس, (A, * TA,) i. e., broth with flesh-meat. (A.) 2 قَرَّسَ see 4, in two places: A2: and see 1, last signification.4 اقرس العُوُد The branch, or twig, had its sap congealed in it. In the M, instead of جَمَسَ مَاؤُهُ فِيهِ, we find حَبَسَ فِيهِ مَاؤُهُ [which is probably a mistake of a copyist]. (TA.) A2: اقرسهُ البَرْدُ [The cold] made him cold; as also ↓ قرّسهُ, inf. n. تَقْرِيسٌ: (S, K:) [or,] accord. to some, by البرد is here meant sleep: (TA:) or the cold made him unable to work with his hand: (JK:) and اقرس البَرْدُ

أَصَابِعَهُ the cold made his fingers rigid, by chilness of the extremities, so that he was unable to work. (A, L.) b2: اقرس المَآءَ فِى الشَّنِّ He cooled the water in the old worn-out skin; (A'Obeyd, TA.) as also قيه ↓ قرّسهُ; (A'Obeyd, S, A;) and ↓ قَرَسَهُ فبه, inf. n. قَرْسٌ. (A'Obeyd, TA.) قَرْسٌ Intense, or vehement, cold; (S, A, K;) as also ↓ قَارِسٌ and ↓ قَرِيسٌ. (K.) You say, لَيْلَةٌ ذَاتُ فَرْسٍ A night of [intense] cold. (S.) b2: The densest and coldest hoar-frost or rime: (Lth, JK, K:) or the coldest and most copious hoarfrost or rime; as also ↓ قَرَسٌ. (M, TA.) b3: See also قَارِسٌ.

قَرَسٌ: see قَرْسٌ: b2: and قَارِسٌ.

قَرِيسٌ: see قَارِسٌ, in three places: b2: and قَرْسٌ.

A2: Broth with flesh-meat. (A.) A3: سَمَكٌ قَرِيسٌ Fish that is cooked, and for which a sauce (صِبَاغ) is then made, in which it is left until it becomes concreted: (S:) or cooked fish in which a sauce is made, wherein it is left until it becomes concreted, (K, * TA,) but neither congealed nor fluid; [being converted into a gelatinous substance;] as also قَرِيصٌ: the former is of the dial. of Keys. (TA.) قَارِسٌ Intense, or vehement, cold; as also ↓ قَرِيسٌ: you should not say قَارِصٌ. (S.) b2: See also قَرْسٌ. b3: In a state of congelation, or freezing; as also ↓ قَرِيسٌ; (S;) and ↓ قَرَسٌ: (IAar, ISk, S, K:) the first and second applied to water: (S:) the last, to anything; (IAar;) but this last was unknown to Abu-l-Gheyth. (S.) b4: Cold; chill; as also ↓ قَرِيسٌ, (TA,) and ↓ قَرْسٌ. (K.) You say يَوْمٌ قَارِسٌ [A cold day]. (A, TA.) And لَيْلَةٌ قَارِسَةٌ [A cold night]. (TA.)
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