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قُرْصٌ A round convex ornament worn on the crown of the tarboosh. (See Modern Egypt. Appendix A.)


1 قَرَصَهُ, (S, M, A, Msb,) aor. قَرُصَ, (S, M, Msb,) inf. n. قَرْصٌ, (S, M, Msb, Mgh, K,) [He pinched him, or it,] with the two fingers: (S:) or it (a person's skin) with his fingers, so as to pain him: (A:) or he took, or took hold of, it (a man's flesh) with his two fingers, so as to pain him: (K:) or he twisted round two fingers upon it, namely, a thing; or the extremities of the fingers, only: (Msb:) or he scratched him, or it, with his nails: and he pressed, or squeezed, or pinched, him, or it, with the fingers, so as to pain: (M:) or he took it with the ends of his fingers: (Mgh, CK: [one of the explanations of القَرْصُ in the latter being القَبْصُ:]) or he seized it (so accord. to a MS. copy of the K, [the inf. n. being there rendered by القَبْضُ; in the place of which I find in the TA, القرض; but this I think a mistranscription;]) with the two fingers, (so in some copies of the K, and in the TA,) so as to pain. (TA.) You say also, قَرَصَهُ بِظُفْرَيْهِ He took [or pinched] his skin with his two nails. (Z, Msb.) b2: [Hence,] (tropical:) It (a flea) bit him: (S, K:) also said of a gnat; (A, TA;) and of a serpent. (TA.) b3: Also, (tropical:) [as meaning It pinched him, or pained him,] said of the cold. (A, TA.) b4: And قَرَصَ, aor. and inf. n. as above, [and قُرُوصَةٌ seems to be another inf. n. of the same,] (tropical:) It (beverage) bit the tongue. (M.) You say also of [the beverage called]

نَبِيذ, فِيهِ قُرُوصَةٌ (tropical:) In it is a biting quality, affecting the tongue. (A, TA.) b5: Also, قَرَصَهُ بِلِسَانِهِ, (M, Msb,) inf n. قَرْصٌ, (Msb,) (tropical:) He hurt him with his tongue, by saying something which gave pain. (M, * Msb.) And لَا تَزَالُ تَقْرُصُنِى مِنْكَ قَارِصَةٌ (tropical:) [A hurtful saying proceeding from thee does not cease to hurt me]. (A.) b6: قَرَصَهُ also signifies He took it, (M, TA,) or cut it in pieces, namely, anything, (TA,) between two things; (M, TA;) as also ↓ قرّصهُ: (Msb:) or the former signifies [simply] he cut it: (K:) and the latter, he cut it in pieces. (A.) Hence, (TA,) أُقْرُصِيهِ بِالمَاءِ, (S, Mgh, * Msb, * TA,) or بالماء ↓ قَرِّصِيهِ, (S, M, TA,) said in a trad., (S, M, Msb,) respecting the menstrual blood, (S, M,) accord. to different relations: (S, TA:) the latter means, Separate thou its particles [so I here render قَطِّعِيهِ] with water; (A'Obeyd, S, TA;) and the former has a similar [but less intensive] meaning: (TA:) or the former means, wash it with the ends of thy fingers; (S, Msb;) and remove it with the nail or the like: (Msb:) or take it [off] with the ends of the fingers: (Mgh:) or rub it hard with the ends of the fingers and the nails, and pour upon it water, so as to remove it and the mark of it. (Az, in Msb, art. حت; and IAth, * in TA, in the present art.) b7: You say also, قَرَصَ العَجِينَ, (A,) inf. n. قَرْصٌ; (K;) or ↓ قرّصهُ; (M;) He cut the dough to spread it out: (M, A:) or the former, [simply,] he spread out the dough: (K:) or قَرَصَتِ العَجِينَ, aor. قَرُصَ, inf. n. as above, (S, TA,) she cut the dough, (S,) or spread it out and cut it, (TA,) into pieces, each such as is termed قُرْصَة: (S, TA:) and ↓ قُرّصتهُ, (S, Msb,) inf. n. تَقْرِيصٌ, (S, K,) she cut it into many pieces, (S, Msb, K,) each such as is termed قُرْصَة, (S,) or قُرْص. (Msb.) A2: قَرِصَ, aor. قَرَصَ, (K,) inf. n. قَرَصٌ, (TK,) signifies دَامَ عَلَى المُنَافَرَةِ وَالغِيبَةِ (tropical:) [He continued in a course of mutual aversion and defamation]. (K, TA.) 2 قَرَّصَ see 1, latter half, in four places. b2: قرّص المَآءَ (tropical:) He cooled the water; or made it cold; as also with س: (TA:) or he made the water cold so that its coldness pinched, or pained. (A.) b3: قرّص اللَّبَنَ (tropical:) He rendered the milk biting to the tongue; or acid.] (TA.) See قَارِصٌ.3 قَاْرَصَ [قارصهُ, inf. n. مُقَارَصَةٌ, originally, He pinched him, being pinched by him. b2: and hence, (tropical:) He regarded him with mutual aversion, and mutually defamed him; or exchanged bad words with him; for] المُقَارَصَةُ signifies المُنَافَرَةُ وَالغِيبَةُ: (TA:) or the speaking bad words, one to another. (KL.) You say, بَيْنَهُمَا مُقَارَصَاتٌ (tropical:) [Between them two are mutual aversions and defamations]. (A, TA.) See also 6.6 رَأَيْتُهُمَا يَتَقَارَظَانِ ثُمَّ رَأَيْتُهُمَا يَتَقَارَصَانِ (tropical:) [I saw them two eulogizing each other: then I saw them two regarding each other with aversion, and defaming each other, or speaking bad words, each to the other]. (A, TA.) See 3.

قُرْصٌ and ↓ قُرْصَةٌ A round cake (K, * TA,) of bread; (S, K, TA;) syn. خُبْزَةٌ (K, TA) and رَغِيفٌ: (TA:) or such as is very small: (TA:) [or, accord. to present usage, small, but thick:] the former word is the more common: (TA:) or a [round] piece of dough: (M, A: *) [and any similar thing, small, and of a round, flattened form:] pl., (of the former, S, Msb,) أَقْرَاصٌ [a pl. of pauc.] and قِرَصَةٌ (S, M, Msb, K) and قِرَاصٌ, (M, TA,) [both pls. of mult.;] and (of قُرْصَةٌ, S, TA,) قُرَصٌ; (S, K;) and أَقْرِصَةٌ [is a pl. of pauc. of either]. (K, art. بت.) b2: Hence, as being likened to the thing above mentioned, (M,) القُرْصُ, (M, TA,) or قُرْصُ الشَّمْسِ, (S, A, TA,) or ↓ القُرْصَةُ, (K,) The disk (عَيْن) of the sun: (S, M, K, TA:) and sometimes the sun, as a common, or general, term: (M:) or the disk (عين) of the sun when it is setting: (TA:) you say, غَابَ قُرْصُ الشَّمْسِ [the disk of the sun set, or disappeared]: (A, TA:) or the عين of the sun is called ↓ قُرْصَة, with ة, at the setting. (Lth, TA.) b3: See also مُقَرَّصٌ. b4: [قُرْصُ شَهْدٍ or عَسَلٍ A honey-comb: or the same, and شَهْدٍ ↓ قُرْصَةُ or عَسَلٍ, a portion of a honey-comb: pl. قِرَصَة.]

قَرْصَةٌ inf. n. of un. of قَرَصَهُ; A pinch, or a pinching: &c.: pl. قَرَصَاتٌ.] You say, قَرَصَهُمُ البَعُوضُ قَرَصَاتٍ رَقَصُوا مِنْهَا رَقَصَاتٍ (tropical:) [The gnats bit them with several bitings, in consequence of which they danced with several dancings.] (A, TA.) قُرْصَةٌ: see قُرْصٌ, in four places.

قَرُوصٌ: see قَرَّاصٌ, in two places.

قَرِيصٌ A kind of condiment, or seasoning; (Lth, M, K;) called in the dial. of Keys قَرِيسٌ, q. v. (TA.) قَرَّاصٌ [an intensive epithet from قَرَصَهُ; That pinches much: &c.: as also ↓ قَرُوصٌ. b2: And hence,] لِجَامٌ قَرَّاصٌ and ↓ قَرُوصٌ (tropical:) A bit that hurts the beast of carriage. (A, TA.) قَارِصٌ [act. part. n. of قَرَصَهُ; Pinching: &c. (See an ex. voce مَوْقُوصٌ.) b2: (tropical:) Biting; applied to a flea, &c. b3: And hence,] (tropical:) A certain insect, like the بَقّ [q. v.,] (K,) that bites. (TA.) b4: [Hence also, (tropical:) Pinching, or paining;] applied to cold. (A, TA.) b5: And, applied to milk, (As, S, A, K,) and beverage, (M,) or such as is termed نَبِيذ, (A, TA,) (tropical:) That bites the tongue: (As, S, M, A, K:) or, when applied to milk, it is to camels' milk in particular, and signifies sour: (M, TA:) in the K is added, or sour milk upon which much fresh is milked so that the acidity goes away: but this is a mistake; for it is an explanation, given by Sgh, of the epithet مُمَحَّلٌ, occurring in a verse of Abu-n-Nejm, where it is coupled with قَارِصٌ. (TA.) It is said in a proverb, عَدَا القَارِصُ فَحَزَرَ (tropical:) What was biting to the tongue attained to an excessive degree, so that it became acid: meaning, the affair, or case, became distressing. (S.) b6: [Hence also,] قَارِصَةٌ [for كَلِمَةٌ قَارِصَةٌ] (tropical:) A saying that hurts; (S, M, A;) or that pains; (Msb;) or that troubles and pains one (K, * TA) like the pinching of the body: (TA:) pl. قَوَارِصُ. (S, A, K.) مِقْرَصَةٌ A receptacle for milk, in which it is rendered biting to the tongue, or acid: (يُقَرَّصُ فِيهِ:) pl. مَقَارِصُ. (TA.) مُقَرَّصٌ Cut in pieces, [by being] taken between two things. (M, TA.) b2: A woman's ornament round like a قُرْص: (IF, K:) or set, or adorned, with jewels: (IDrd, M:) such is also called ↓ قُرْص. (TA.) [This latter name is now applied to A round convex ornament, generally composed of diamonds set in gold; but sometimes of thin embossed gold, usually with a false emerald set in the centre; worn upon the crown of the headdress by women. For further descriptions, and a figured specimen of each kind, see my work on the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, Appendix A.]
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