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Q. 1 قَرْضَبَهُ He cut it; (S, K;) and so قَرْصَبَهُ; (K in art. قرصب;) but the former is the more approved: (TA in that art.:) and [the inf. n.]

قَرْضَبَةٌ signifies the cutting vehemently. (TA in the present art.) [See also قِرْضَابٌ, below; first sentence.] b2: And He separated it; or separated it into several, or many parts; or dispersed it; i. e., a thing. (K.) b3: And He collected it together; namely, flesh-meat in a cooking-pot: thus it has two contr. significations. (K.) b4: And He ate it entirely; namely, flesh-meat: (K:) and in like manner, قَرْضَبَ الشَّاةَ, said of the wolf, he ate entirely the sheep, or goat. (TA.) And [the inf. n.] قَرْضَبَةٌ is said to signify The [eating indiscriminately,] not clearing, or freeing, the moist, or tender, from the dry, or tough, by reason of vehement voracity. (TA.) b5: and قرضب said of a man, He ate a dry, or tough, thing. (S, O, K.) b6: And He (a man) ran in the manner termed عَدْوٌ: (K:) or قَرْضَبَةٌ signifies [a running] such as falls short of what is termed عَدْوٌ. (O.) قِرْضِبٌ The refuse remaining in the sieve, that is thrown away. (O, K, TA.) قِرْضَابٌ A sharp sword; as also ↓ قُرْضُوبٌ: (O:) or both signify a very sharp sword; (K;) as also ↓ قُرَاضِبٌ: (TA in art. قرطب:) or the first signifies, (S,) or signifies also, (O,) a sharp sword, that cuts bones. (S, O.) Both the first and second of these words are compounded from قَرَضَ and قَضَبَ, which signify “ he cut. ” (O.) b2: And One who eats much: (TA:) or, as also ↓ قُرْضُوبٌ and ↓ قِرْضَابَةٌ and ↓ قُرَاضِبٌ and ↓ مُقَرْضِبٌ, one who leaves nothing uneaten by him. (K, TA.) b3: And A man who eats what is dry, or tough. (Th, S, O, K.) b4: And القِرْضَابُ signifies The lion. (O, K.) b5: And قِرْضَابٌ and ↓ قُرْضُوبٌ signify A thief, or robber: pl. قَرَاضِبَةٌ. (S, O, K.) and both words, (the latter, S, O, K, and the former also, K, TA,) sometimes, (S,) A poor man; (S, O, K, TA;) a pauper: (TA:) pl. as above. (K, TA.) b6: مَا رَزَأْتُهُ قِرْضَابًا means I did not get, or obtain, or take, from him, or it, anything. (O, K.) قُرْضُوبٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in three places.

قِرْضَابَةٌ: see قِرْضَابٌ; the second in two places.

قُرَاضِبٌ: see قِرْضَابٌ; the second in two places.

مُقَرْضِبٌ: see قِرْضَابٌ; the second in two places.
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