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1 قَرَعَ in the sense of ضَرَبَ has مَقْرَعٌ for an inf. n. (Mgh, art. غمز.) b2: قَرَعَ فِى مِقْرَعِهِ i. q.

ضَرَبَ فِى مِضْربِهِ. (TA in art. ضرب.) b3: قَرَعَ صَفَاتَهُ (tropical:) He impugned his character; blamed or censured him; spoke against him (Mgh, art. غمز.) See مَغْمَزٌ. b4: قَرَعَ بَيْنَ ظُفْرِ

إِبْهَامِهِ وَظُفْرِ سَبَّابَتِهِ He fillipped with the nail of his thumb and that of his forefinger. (Lth, K, * TA, art. زنجر.) b5: هُوَ الفَحْلُ لَا يُقْرَعُ أَنْفُهُ: see أَنْفٌ and قدع. b6: قَرَعَ أَنْفَهُ, inf. n. قَرْعٌ, (assumed tropical:) He rejected him, repelled him, or turned him back; namely a suitor in a case of marriage. (TA, in art. بضع.) See بُضْعٌ. b7: إِنَّ العَصَا قُرِعَتْ لِذِى الحِلْمِ: see Freytag's Arab. Prov. i. 55; and Har, 656. b8: لَا يُقْرَعُ لَهُ العَصَا: see Freytag's Arab. Prov. ii. 543, and Har, 655, in two places. b9: قَرَعَهُ بِعَصَا المَلَامَةِ: see عَصًا. b10: قَرَعْتُ رَأْسَهُ بِالعَصَا and بِالسَّيْفِ: see فَرَعْتُ. b11: قَرَعَ ظُنْبُوبَ بَعِيرِهِ: and قَرَعَ لِأَمْرِهِ ظُنْبُوبَهُ: &c.: see art. ظنب: and قَرَعَ لِلْأَمْرِ سَاقَهُ: see سَاقٌ.2 قَرَّعَهُ He reproached him for his crime or the like, saying to him, Thou didst so and so. (TA, voce مُثَرِّبٌ.) b2: قَرَّعَ He took, got, or won, a bet, wager, or stake. (L, in TA, voce نَدَبٌ.) 3 قَارَعَهُ

: see its syn. سَاهَمَهُ.4 أَقْرَعَ بَيْنَهُمْ He ordered, or commanded, them to cast, or draw, lots, or to practise sortilege, [among themselves,] for the thing (عَلَى الشَّىْءِ): (JM:) [see an ex. in the Mgh, in this art.:] or he prepared, or disposed, them, for doing so, for the thing (على الشىء): (Msb:) or he cast, or drew, lots, or practised sortilege, among them. (K.) The first explanation is generally preferable. See أَسْهَمَ بَيْنَهُمْ.6 هُمَا يَتَقاَرَظَانِ الخَيْرَ وَالشَّرَّ

: see تَقَارَضَا.

حُبُّ القَرْعِ Worms in the belly. (TA, voce شهدانج.) But see دُودُ القَرْحِ. القَرْع is not a mistake for القَرْح: حَبُّ القَرْحِ is a corruption, found in medical books: حب القرع is a name of the tape-worm, because each joint of it resembles a grain, or seed, of the gourd. (IbrD.) قَرَعٌ Bare pieces of ground amid herbage. (TA in art. خفى, from a trad.) قُوْعَةٌ [A lot used in sortilege: lots collectively: sortilege itself. Used in all these senses in the present day, and app. in the classical times.]

ضَرَبَ القُرْعَةَ He shuffled, or cast, or drew, lots; performed a sortilege.


; pl. قَرْعَى: see an ex. of the pl. in a prov. cited voce اِسْتَنَّ. b2: هُوَ قَرِيعُ وَحْدِهِ: see وحد.

قَارِعَةُ الطَّرِيقِ The higher, or highest, part of the road; the part that is trodden by the passengers; [the beaten way]. (Msb.) In law books expl. as meaning أَطْرَافُ الطَّرِيقِ; opposed to its جَادَّة.

قَارِعَةٌ A sudden calamity. (K.) See also Bd, and Jel, in xiii. 31, and an ex. voce اِنْفَرَجَ.


: see مَغْمَزٌ.


: see مَضْرَبٌ.

مِقْرَعَةٌ A whip: or anything with which one beats: (K:) or a thing with which a beast is beaten: (Az, TA:) or a piece of wood with which mules and asses are beaten: (TA:) [a cudgel: often applied in the present day to a cudgel made of the thick part of a palm-stick; and this, when used in sport, has several splits made in the thicker end, to cause the blows to produce a loud sound:] pl. مَقَارِعُ. (TA.)
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