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Q. 1 قَرْمَدَ He plastered a pool, (S, L,) or a tank, or cistern, (L,) with the burnt stones called قَرْمَدٌ: (S, L:) or he plastered thickly. (TA, art. كلس.) b2: He constructed a building with such stones. (L.) b3: [He smeared a garment with saffron, or perfume. See مُقَرْمَدٌ.]

قَرْمَدٌ A kind of stones, (S, L, K,) which have holes, (L, K,) and upon which a fire is lighted and kept up until they are thoroughly burnt, (S, L, K, *) when they are used for plastering pools, (S, L,) and tanks, or cisterns, (L,) and for building; (L, K;) as also ↓ قِرْمِيدٌ: (L:) or a thing [or substance] like gypsum, with which one plasters: (TA:) and قَرْمَدٌ (L, K) or ↓ قِرْمِيدٌ (Msb) signifies anything (L) with which one plasters, or smears, (L, Msb, K,) for the purpose of ornament, (Az, L, Msb,) as gypsum, and saffron, (L, Msb, K,) and perfume, &c. (Msb.) b2: Rocks, or masses of stone. (L.) b3: Baked pottery. (L, K.) b4: Also قَرْمَدٌ (L, K) and ↓ قِرْمِيدٌ (IAar, As, S, L, Msb, K) [coll. gen. ns.: the n. un. of the latter, قِرْمِيدَةٌ, occurs in the M and TA, voce إِرْدَبَّةٌ:] Baked bricks: (S, L, Msb, K:) or the baked bricks of baths; in the dial. of Syria: (As, L:) or large baked bricks: (S, voce إِرْدَبَّةٌ:) or the large baked bricks of houses: (IAar, L:) or a thing resembling baked brick: (TA:) originally Greek, [kerami/s,] (L, Msb,) used by the Arabs in ancient times: (L:) pl. of the latter, قِرامِيدُ: (IAar, As, S, L:) which is the word in common use. (TA.) b5: Also ↓ قِرْمِيدٌ i. q. إِرْدَبَّةٌ, (K,) i. e., A [cover for a] wide sink-hole (بَالُوعَة) made of baked clay: (TA:) [but see إِرْدَبَّةٌ].

قُرْمُودٌ The male mountain-goat: (L, K:) or a mountain-kid: pl. قَرَامِيدُ, (AO, Az, S, L,) with which قَرَاهِيدُ is syn. (Az, L) b2: The fruit of the غَضَاة: (L, K:) or a species thereof; as also قُرْمُوطٌ. (T, L.) قِرْمِيدٌ: see قِرْمَدٌ, in four places.

A2: The female mountain-goat, أُرْوِيَّةٌ: or this word is corruptly written [for إِرْدَبَّةٌ]. (K.) مُقَرْمَدٌ: see the verb, of which it is the pass. part. n. b2: A building constructed with baked bricks (آجُرّ [or قِرْمِيد]) or (in the K, and) with stones: (S, L, Msb, K:) or lofty, or high. (K.) b3: A building thickly plastered. (TA, art. كلس.) b4: Narrow: (TA:) or made narrow. (L.) b5: A garment smeared with saffron and perfume: (L, Msb:) or smeared with the like of saffron. (K. [in the CK, for بِشِبْهِ الزعفرانِ is put يُشْبِهُ الزعفرانَ.])
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