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1 قَرَنَ شَيْئًا بِشَىْءٍ He connected, coupled, or conjoined, a thing with a thing. (S.) 3 قَارَنَهُ

, (S,) inf. n. قِرَانٌ, (S, K,) and مُقَارَنَةٌ, (K,) He associated with him; became his companion. (S, K.) 4 أَقْرَنَ He gave of a thing two by two. (A 'Obeyd in T, in art. بد, voce أَبَدَّ.) See أَبَدَّ. b2: أَقْرَنَ الشَّىْءَ, (Msb,) or لِلشَّىْءِ, (K,) [the latter more probably right,] He was able and strong to do, or effect, &c., the thing; (Msb, K;) He had the requisite ability and strength for it.

قِرْنٌ One who opposes, or contends with, another, in science, or in fight, &c.; (Msb;) an opponent; a competitor; an adversary; an antagonist: or one's equal, or match, in courage, (S, K,) or generally, one's equal, match, or fellow. (K.) قَرْنٌ One's equal in age; syn. لِدَةٌ, (K,) or تِرْبٌ: with fet-h when relating to age, and with kesr when relating to fighting and the like. (Har, pp. 572,64.) b2: قَرْنٌ, (JK, Msb,) or قَرْنٌ مِنَ النَّاسِ, (S,) [A generation of men;] people of one time (JK, * S, Ez-Zejjájee, Msb,) succeeding another قَرْن, (JK,) among whom is a prophet, or class of learned men, whether its years be many or few. (Ez-Zejjájee, Msb.) b3: قَرْنٌ The part of the head of a human being which in an animal is the place whence the horn grows: (K:) or the side, (S,) or upper side, (K,) of the head: (S, K:) or [more exactly the temporal ridge (see صُدْغٌ) i. e.] the edge of the هَامَة (which is the middle and main part of the head [i. e. of the cranium]), on the right and on the left. (Zj, in his “ Khalk el-Insán. ”) b4: قُرُونٌ of the head: see a verse cited voce خَيَّطَ. قُرُونٌ of horses: see أَجَمُّ. b5: قَرْنٌ of a solid hoof: see جُبَّةٌ. b6: قَرْنٌ of a desert, the most elevated part. (TA in art. جحف.) b7: قَرْنُ أَعْفَرَ, as meaning A spear-head, see أَعْفَرُ. b8: قَرْنٌ A pod, like that of the locust tree: pl. قُرُونٌ.

Occurring often in the work of AHn on plants, and in the TA, &c. See غَافٌ. b9: قَرْنٌ [A thing] in a she-camel, which is like the عَفَل in a woman; and which is cauterized with heated stones. (AA, TA, in art. عفل.) b10: قَرْنٌ An issue of sweat: pl. قُرُونٌ: see two ex. voce سَنَّ.

قَرَنٌ and ↓ قِرَانٌ A cord of twisted bark which is bound upon the neck of each of the ploughing bulls (K, * TA) and to the middle of which is then bound the لُؤمَة [or whole apparatus of the plough]. (TA.) See فَدَّانٌ. b2: [The pl.]

أَقْرَانٌ Sons of one mother from different men. (TA, voce عَيْنٌ.) b3: قَرَنٌ: see جَعْبَةٌ.

قُرْنَةٌ The “ horn ” of the uterus.

قِرَانٌ : see قَرَنٌ.

أَبَرَمًا قَرُونًا : see بَرَمٌ.

قَرِينٌ An associate; a comrade; a companion. (S, K.) قَرِينَةٌ A connexion; relation. b2: قَرِينَةٌ [A clause of rhyming prose, considered as connected with the similar clause preceding or following; the two together being termed قرينتان]. (Har, pp. 9, 23.) b3: Also, A context, in an absolute sense. b4: ↓ أَسْمَحَتْ قَرُونَتُهُ and قَرِينَتُهُ: see 1 in art. سمح.

قَرُونَةٌ : see قرِينٌ.

أَقْرَنُ [Horned; having horns]. (S, voce كَرَّازٌ [which see]). See an ex. of the fem. قَرْنَآءُ, voce دَانَ in art. دين.

مِقْرَنٌ : see مِخْذَفٌ.

مُقَرَّنٌ : see خَشْخَاشٌ.
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