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1 قَسَبَ, aor. قَسِبَ, It (water) ran, or flowed: (S, O, K:) or it ran, or flowed, with a sound, beneath trees or leaves. (So accord. to different copies of the A.) b2: And قَسَبَتِ الشَّمْسُ The sun began to set. (K.) A2: قَسُبٌ, aor. قَسُبَ, inf. n. قُسُوبَةٌ (A, O, K) and قُسُوبٌ, (K,) It was, or became, hard: (O, K:) or hard, and dry, or tough: you say, قَسُبَ التَّمْرُ The dates were, or became, hard, and dry, or tough. (A, TA.) قَسْبٌ Hard. (S, O, K.) You say, إِنَّهُ لَقَسْبُ العِلْبَآءِ [Verily he is hard in respect of the tendon, or sinew, of the neck.] (TA.) b2: And Hard, and dry, or tough; (TA;) and so ↓ قَسِيبٌ. (A, TA.) تَمْرٌ قَسْبٌ signifies Hard, and dry, or tough, dates, (S, Mgh, * O, K,) that crumble in the mouth and have hard stones: (S, Mgh, O:) [see an ex. in a verse cited in art. رمى, conj. 4:] or [simply] dry, or tough, dates: n. un. with ة: (Msb:) or bad dates, (A,) or so ↓ قُسَابَةٌ. (K.) b3: See also قِسْيَبٌّ.

قَسُوبٌ A خُفّ [or boot]; (IAar, O, K;) accord. to IAar, i. q. قَفْشٌ [expl. by him as meaning a short boot] and نِخَافٌ [expl. by him as syn. with خُفٌّ]. (TA.) [See also قَسُّوبٌ.]

قَسِيبٌ A current, or flow, of water: (ISk, S, O:) or its current, or flow, with a sound: (K:) or its current, or flow, beneath trees: (A, TA:) or its sound beneath leaves (T, A) or rubbish. (T, TA.) A2: See also قَسْبٌ.

قُسَابَةٌ: see قَسْبٌ.

قِسْيَبٌّ Long, and hard, or strong; (S, O, K, TA;) as applied to anything; and so ↓ قَسْبٌ. (TA.) b2: And A tall man. (TA.) قَسُّوبٌ Boots: a word having no [proper] singular. (ISd, K.) [The word used in the sing. sense is قَسُوبٌ, without teshdeed.]

قَاسِبٌ [or ذَكَرٌ قَاسِبٌ?] i. q. غُرْمُولٌ مُتْمَهِلٌّ, (O, K, [المُتَمَهِّلُ in the CK is a mistake for المُتْمَهِلّ,] i. e. ذَكَرٌ صُلْبٌ [Penis durus]. (TA.) قَيْسَبٌ A species of شَجَر [meaning plants]; (IDrd, O, K; *) of the [kind termed] حَمْض; (K;) said by AHn to be the اصل [app. أَصْل, and, if not a mistranscription, meaning best sort,] of the حَمْض; (TA;) or, as he says, (O, TA,) in one place, (TA,) on the authority of certain of the Arabs of the desert, of 'Omán, (O,) the قَيْسَبَة is a plant (شُجَيْرَة, O, or شَجَرَة, TA) which grows in the manner of slender stalks, from one root or stem, and rises to the measure of a cubit, (O, TA,) having a leaf intensely green, round, and somewhat long, (O,) the flower of which is like that of the violet, (O, TA,) exactly; (O;) and it serves as fuel in its fresh, or moist, state, like as does the dry. (TA.) ذَكَرٌ قَيْسَبَانٌ [in the CK قَيْسَبَانُ] Penis durus et crassus. (K.) مُقَسَّبٌ said by Freytag to occur in the Deewán of Jereer as an epithet applied to poison, signifying Having things whereby its potency is augmented mixed with it, is evidently a mistranscription for مُقَشَّبٌ.]
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