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2 تَقْعِيبٌ [as inf. n. of the pass. v. قُعِّبَ], used in relation to a solid hoof, means (tropical:) The being مُقَبَّب [i. e. round, or hemispherical,] like the [drinking-cup, or bowl, called] قَعْب. (K, TA. [See also مُقَعَّبٌ.]) b2: And التَّقْعِيبُ signifies تَقْعِيرُ الكَلَامِ; (K;) or تَقْعِيبُ الكَلَامِ signifies تَقْعِيرُهُ; (S, O;) [or التَّقْعِيبُ فِى الكَلَامِ signifies التَّقْعِيرُ فِيهِ, i. e. (tropical:) The speaking with a guttural voice, or from the furthest part of the fauces; or the doing thus, with a twisting of the sides of the mouth; and opening the mouth so that it becomes as though it were a cup such as is called قَعْب: (see مُقَعِّبٌ:)] you say, قَعَّبَ فِى كَلَامِهِ and قَعَّرَ; both meaning the same. (L, TA.) Q. Q. 3 اِقْعَنْبَى He put his hands upon the ground, and sat in such a posture as to be ready to rise. (TA in art. قعنب, from a trad.) قَعْبٌ A deep wooden drinking-cup or bowl: (S, O:) or a large vessel like the [bowl called] قَصْعَة: (Msb:) or a large, rude, drinking-cup or bowl: (A, K:) or one inclining more nearly to be small: (A, K: *) to which a solid hoof is likened: (TA:) or such as satisfies the thirst of a man: (A, K:) accord. to IAar, the first [or smallest] of drinkingcups or bowls is that called the غُمَر, which does not hold enough to satisfy [a man's] thirst: next is the قَعْب, which is [a cup] large enough to satisfy the thirst of a man; and sometimes it satisfies the thirst of two men, and three: and then, the عُسّ: (TA:) the pl. is قِعَبَةٌ (S, O, K) and (K) قِعَابٌ and أَقْعُبٌ, (Msb, K,) the last a pl. of paucity. (TA.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) Depth of speech, or language. (O, K, TA.) One says, هٰذَا كَلَامٌ لَهُ قَعْبٌ (assumed tropical:) This is speech, or language, having depth. (TA.) b3: And in the T, in art. قنع, the phrase قِعَابُ الأَوْرَاقِ is expl. as meaning أَقْتَآءٌ بِيضُ الأَسْنَانِ [app. for البِيضُ الأَسْنَانِ مِنَ الأَفْتَآءِ i. e. The white in respect of the teeth, of the young; for الاوراق seems to be here used in a sense assigned to its sing., الوَرَقُ, namely, الأَحْدَاثُ, pl. of الحَدَثُ, which is syn. with الفَتِىُّ, of which الأَفْتَآءُ is pl.: but for this usage of قِعَاب I am unable to account: I incline to think it a mistranscription, though I do not know any word resembling it for which it may have been substituted]. (TA.) قَعْبَةٌ (assumed tropical:) A thing resembling [the kind of receptacle called] a حُقَّة, pertaining to a woman: or a covered حُقَّة for سَوِيق [i. e. meal of parched barley or the like]: (K:) or a thing resembling a covered حُقَّة in which is a woman's سويق. (O.) قُعْبَةٌ (assumed tropical:) A [hollow, or cavity, such as is termed]

نُقْرَة, in a mountain. (O, K.) قَعِيبٌ A large number: (K:) or a number: and a large number or quantity. (O.) قَاعِبٌ A wolf that howls much. (O, K.) عُقَابٌ قَعْنَبَاةٌ i. q. عقاب عَقَنْبَاةٌ, (O, K,) formed by transposition, meaning [An eagle] having sharp talons. (O. [See more in art. عقب.]) حَافِرٌ مُقَعَّبٌ (tropical:) A solid hoof likened to a قَعْب; (S, O;) round like the قَعْب. (A.) b2: And سُرَّةٌ مُقَعَّبَةٌ (tropical:) A navel resembling a قَعْب, (A, O, K,) sunk in the belly, and elevated in the part around it. (O.) b3: And حَجَرٌ مُقَعَّبٌ (tropical:) A stone in which is a hollow, or cavity, resembling the قَعْب. (A.) فُلَانٌ مُقَعِّبْ مُقَعِّرٌ (tropical:) Such a one is a person who twists the sides of his mouth, and who speaks [with a guttural voice, or] with [or from] the furthest part of his fauces, and opens his mouth [making it to be] as though it were a [cup such as is called]

قَعْب. (A, TA.)
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