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1 قَعَثْتُ لَهُ قَعْثَةً, (S, O, K, * TA, *) [accord. to which last, ↓ قَعْثَةٌ is an inf. n., as also قَعْثٌ, but, if an inf. n., it is app. an inf. n. un.,] aor. قَعُثَ, (accord. to the TK, [but I think it is more probably قَعَثَ, agreeably with a general rule, like the aor. of the same verb in the next sentence,]) means حَفَنْتُ لَهُ حَفُنَةٌ, (S, O,) i. e. I gave to him a small quantity, (S, O, K, *) مِنَ الشَّىْءِ [of the thing]. (TA.) A2: قَعَثَ الشَّىْءَ, aor. قَعَثَ, inf. n. قَعْثٌ, He (a man) eradicated, or uprooted, the thing; (IDrd, O, L;) and (O) so ↓ قعّثهُ, inf. n. تَقْعِيثٌ. (O, K.) 2 قَعَّثَ see what immediately precedes.4 اقعث فِى مَالِهِ He acted extravagantly in respect of his property. (ISk, S, O, K. *) b2: And اقعث لَهُ العَطِيَّةَ He made the gift to him large; (S, O, K, TA;) and so ↓ اِقْتَعَثَهَا, and اقعثهُ [i. e. اقعثهُ العَطِيَّةَ]. (TA. See the verse cited voce مُقْعَثٌ; and the remark of As respecting it.) 7 انقعث It was, or became, pulled out, or up, (As, S, O, TA,) from the foundation, or utterly; (As, S, TA;) it was, or became, eradicated, or uprooted. (K.) One says, ضَرَبَهُ فَانْقَعَثَ He struck it, and it became pulled out, or up, (As, S, O, TA,) from the foundation, or utterly. (As, S, TA.) b2: And It (a wall) fell down from its foundation: like انقعف. (As, S, O.) 8 اقتعث He (a digger) took forth much earth from a well. (O, K.) b2: See also 4.

قَعَثٌ Muchness, or abundance. (TA. [See قَعِيثٌ.]) قَعْثَةٌ: see the first sentence of this art. قُعَاثٌ A certain disorder in the noses of sheep, or goats: (O, K:) thus expl. by Aboo-Turáb. (O.) قَعِيثٌ, (O, K,) as expl. by As, (O,) Paltry, or little in quantity; syn. هَيِّنٌ and يَسِيرٌ. (O, K. [See also مُقْعَثٌ.]) b2: And Abundant, or copious; applied to rain: (S, O, K:) and to a benefit, or benefaction, &c.: (TA:) and to a gift (سَيْب): (O, TA:) and, (S, K, TA,) or as some say, (O,) to a torrent (سَيْل), (S, O, K,) as meaning thus, (S, O,) or as meaning great: (K:) whence, in a verse of Ru-beh, ↓ مَا شَآءَ مِنْ أَبْوَابِ كَسْبٍ مِقْعَثِ [What he will of the means of the attainment of abundant gain]; مِقْعَثٌ being of the measure مِفْعَلٌ from قَعِيثٌ as applied to rain &c. (O. [The word كسب, of which the right reading is certainly as above, is there imperfectly written, more like كُسْب than كَسْب.]) مُقْعَثٌ [pass. part. n. of 4]. Ru-beh says, أَقْعَثَنِى مِنْهُ بِسَيْبٍ مُقْعَثِ لَيْسَ بِمَنْزُورٍ وَلَا بِرَيِّثِ [He gave me liberally thereof, or from him, a large gift, (lit., accord. to the explanation of the verb, a gift made large,) not such as was small, or not such as was obtained by importunity, nor such as was slow in coming]: (S, * TA:) but As says that Ru-beh has done ill in using the phrase بسيب مقعث; for مُقْعَث, he says, means paltry, or little in quantity; syn. هَيِّنٌ and يَسِيرٌ [like قَعِيثٌ, which is said to have this meaning and also the contr. thereof]. (TA. [Perhaps the right reading in the verse cited above is ↓ مِقْعَث.]

مِقْعَثٌ: see قَعِيثٌ. [See also what here immediately precedes.]
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