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1 قَلِحَتْ أَسْنَانُهُ, (A, Msb, K, *) aor. قَلَحَ, (Msb, K,) inf. n. قَلَحٌ, (A, * Msb, K, *) His (a man's, or- other creature's, TA) teeth became yellow: (A, K:) or became altered by yellowness or خُضْرَة [here meaning a dark, or an ashy, dustcolour; and in like manner are to be rendered similar words (primarily denoting “ greenness ”) in this art.]: (Msb:) or became discoloured by much yellowness, which thickened, and then became black, or of a dark, or an ashy, dust-colour: (L:) حِبْرٌ signifies yellowness in the teeth; and when this become much in quantity, and thick, and black, and of a dark, or an ashy, dustcolour, it is termed قَلَحٌ: (Sh:) or his teeth became yellow, and incrusted with dirt, from long disuse of the tooth-stick which is employed for cleaning them: (A'Obeyd:) or, as some say, his (a man's) teeth became yellow; and his (a camel's) teeth became of a dark, or an ashy, dust-colour. (MF. [But this is said in the TA to be strange.]) b2: And قَلِحَ الرَّجُلُ The man had yellowness [&c.] in his teeth. (S.) 2 قَلَّحْتُ أَسْنَانَهُ I removed the قَلَح, i. e. yellowness [&c.] of his teeth. (A.) b2: And قلّحهُ He [cleansed and] cured of their قَلَح [or yellowness &c.] his (a man's, and a camel's,) teeth: (TA:) a verb of the same class as قَرَّدْتُ in the phrase قَرَّدْتُ البَعِيرَ (S, K,) meaning “ I plucked off the ticks from the camel. ” (S.) عَوْدٌ يُقَلَّجُ An aged camel whose teeth are cleansed (S, K) and cured of their yellowness [&c.] (S, A, K) is a prov.; (S, A;) applied to the aged that is disciplined and trained; (Meyd, A; *) or to one advanced in age with whom is done what is done with youths, or who does what do young men. (Ham p. 820.) 4 اقلح أَسْنَانَهُ, said of time, It rendered his teeth yellow [&c.: see 1]. (A.) 5 المَرْأَةُ إِذَا غَابَ زَوْجُهَا تَقَلَّحَتْ i. e. (assumed tropical:) [The woman when her husband is absent] becomes dirty in her clothes; does not pay frequent attention to the cleansing of her person and her clothes: a saying in a trad., which some relate otherwise, saying تفلّحت, with ف: (TA in this art.:) but El-Khattábee holds the former to be the right, and to be from the yellowness that comes upon the teeth. (TA in art. فلح.) A2: And تقلّح البِلَادَ He applied himself to the earning, or gaining, of sustenance, or wealth, in the towns, or districts, in the case of drought, or barrenness of the earth. (K.) قَلْحٌ An ass [app. a wild ass] advanced in age: (K:) and so قَلْخٌ. (Lth and K in art. قلخ.) [See art. قلخ for two other significations mentioned in this art. (one of them inexactly) by Golius and Freytag.]

قِلْحٌ A dirty garment. (K.) قَلَحٌ (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K) and ↓ قُلَاحٌ, (Msb, K,) the former being the inf. n. of قَلِحَ, and the latter a simple subst., (Msb,) Yellowness in, or of, the teeth: (S, A, K:) or alteration of the teeth by yellowness or خُضْرَة [here meaning, as expl. before, a dark, or an ashy, dust-colour]. (Mgh, * Msb.) [See also 1.]

قَلِحٌ: see أَقْلَحُ. b2: Also Clad with, or wearing, a dirty garment, which is termed قِلْحٌ. (Sh, TA.) قُلَاحٌ: see قَلَحٌ.

أَقْلَحُ (S, A, Mgh, L, Msb) and ↓ قَلِحٌ, (A,) applied to a man, (S, A, L, Msb,) and to other than man, (L,) Having, in his teeth, what is termed قَلَح [expl. above as a yellowness, &c.]: (S, A, Mgh, L, Msb:) fem. of the former قَلْحَآءُ: and pl. قُلْحٌ. (Msb.) b2: And الأَقْلَحُ signifies The جُعَل [or species of black beetle called cantharus]; (A, K, TA;) because of the filthiness of its mouth: (A, TA:) an epithet in which the quality of a subst. is predominant. (TA.) مُقَلَّحٌ (tropical:) Experienced, or expert, in affairs; whose qualities have been tried, or proved; (A, TA;) and rendered tractable, or submissive: applied to a man. (TA.)
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