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1 قَنَصَهُ, (S, M, A, K,) aor. قَنِصَ, (M, A, K,) inf. n. قَنْصٌ (S, M,) and قَنَصٌ; (M;) and ↓ اقتنصهُ; and ↓ تقنّصهُ; (S, M, A, K;) He took, captured, or caught, it; made it his prey; snared, insnared, or entrapped, it; hunted, or chased, it; or sought to take, capture, or catch, it; syns. صَادَهُ, (S, M, A, K,) and اِصْطَادَهُ, (S, K,) and تَصَيَّدَهُ; (S;) namely, a wild animal, or a number of wild animals. (M, A.) [Hence] you say, هُوَ يَقْنِصُ الفُرْسَانَ, and ↓ يَقْتَنِصُهُمْ, (tropical:) He captures the horsemen. (TA.) 5 تَقَنَّصَ see 1.8 إِقْتَنَصَ see 1, in two places. b2: As being likened to “ the taking ” of the object of the chase, الاِقْتِنَاصُ signifies (tropical:) The taking anything quickly. (Kull.) b3: [And hence, (assumed tropical:) The apprehending quickly.]

قَنَصٌ [originally an inf. n.] What is taken, captured, caught, insnared, entrapped, hunted, or chased, of wild animals or the like; as also ↓ قَنِيصٌ. (S, M, A, K.) قَنِيصٌ: see قَنَصٌ: A2: and قَانِصٌ, in two places.

قَنَّاصٌ: see قَانِصٌ.

قَانِصٌ One who takes, captures, catches, insnares, entraps, hunts, or chases, wild animals or the like; as also ↓ قَنِيصٌ (S, M, A, K) and ↓ قَنَّاصٌ: (S, M, K:) or ↓ قَنِيصٌ signifies persons who do so, collectively; and is [a quasi-pl. n.] similar to كَلِيبٌ and مَعِيزٌ and حَمِيرٌ: (IJ, TA:) the pl. of قَانِصٌ is قُنَّاصٌ: (A, TA:) and ↓ قَانِصَةٌ signifies the same as the pl.: and also low, vile; or mean, persons. (TA. [See also طُمْرُورٌ, in an explanation of which the sing. قَانِصٌ is app. used in like manner.]) You say, جَآءَ القَنِيصُ بِالْقَنِيصِ The sportsman came with the game taken. (A.) And it is said in a trad., فَتُخْرِجُ النَّارُ عَلَيْهِمْ قَوَانِصَ (assumed tropical:) [And the fire of hell shall send forth against them snatchers]; meaning, it shall snatch them in pieces like as the beast or bird of prey snatches its prey: the sing. is ↓ قَانِصَةٌ: (K, TA:) or, as some say, the meaning is, sparks like the قَوَانِص of birds, i. e., their حَوَاصِل. (TA.) See what follows.

قَانِصَةٌ: see قَانِصٌ, in two places. b2: Also, sing. of قَوَانِصٌ, which signifies [The intestines, or bowels, of a bird, into which the food passes from the stomach;] in a bird, what the مَصَارِين are in other creatures: (S, K:) or the pl. [or sing. (K, art. جرأ,)] signifies i. q. جِرِّئَةٌ: (L, TA:) or the قَانِصَة is, in a bird, like the حَوْصَلَة [or lower part of the belly] in a man: (M, TA:) or [the stomach, or triple stomach, or the crop, or craw, of a bird;] in a bird, like the كَرِش [in other creatures]: (TA:) [see الجِرِّئَهٌ:] or a thing like a little burrow in the belly of a bird: (T, A, L:) [in the present day it is applied to the gizzard, or true stomach, which is perhaps meant by the last of the preceding explanations; and is also pronounced قَوْنِصَة:] or the pl., in relation to a bird, signifies i. q. حَوَاصِل [pl. of حَوْصَلَة]: (TA:) the word is also written with س; but is better with ص. (TA.)
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