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1 قَهَرَهُ. (aor.

قَهَرَ, A, K,) inf. n. قَهْرٌ, He overcame, conquered, subdued, subjected, subjugated, overbore, overpowered, mastered, or prevailed or predominated over, him, or it; he was, or became, superior in power or force, to him, or it. (S, A, Msb, K, TA.) b2: [He abased him. (See 4.) b3: He oppressed him. So in the Kur., xciii. 9, فَأَمَّا اليَتِيمَ فَلَا تَقْهَرُ [Therefore, happen what may, the orphan thou shalt not oppress; i. e., as explained in the Expos. of the Jel., by taking his property, or otherwise.] b4: He forced, compelled, or constrained, him. (??) in the following ex.] قَهَرَهُ عَلَى

الأَمْرِ [He forced, compelled, or constrained, him to do the thing]. (S, K, art. قسر.) b5: [He coerced him.] b6: He took him [by force;] against his will, or approval; and so أَخَذَهُ قَهْرًا. (A, TA.) A2: قُهِرَ اللَّحْمُ (tropical:) The flesh-meat became, (S,) or began to be, (A, TA,) affected, or acted upon, (lit. taken,) by the fire, so that its juice flowed. (S, A, TA.) 4 اقهر He became in a state in which to be overcome, conquered, subdued, subjected, subjugated, overborne, overpowered, mastered, or prevailed over: (Msb:) his case became that of one overcome, &c. (S, TA.) b2: His companions became overcome, conquered, subdued, &c., (K, TA,) and abased. (TA.) A2: اقهرهُ He found him to be overcome, conquered, subdued, overpowered, mastered, or prevailed over. (S, Msb, K.) 7 انقهر [quasi-pass. of قَهَرَهُ; He was, or became, overcome, &c.]. (TA in art. ضغط.) قُهْرًا وَبُهْرًا, with damm to each, [a form of imprecation, meaning, May he, or they, be overcome and subdued]. (TA.) فُلَانٌ قُهْرَةٌ للِنَّاسِ Such a one is a person to be overcome, conquered, subdued, &c., by everyone. (A.) b2: أَخَذْتُ قُلَانًا قُهْرَةً I took such a one by constraint, or compulsion. (S.) قُهَرَةٌ A woman abounding in evil, injustice, or corruptness; very evil or bad, unjust, or corrupt: (K, TA:) pl. قُهَرَاتٌ. (TA.) قَهَّارٌ: see قَاهِرٌ.

قَاهرٌ One who overcomes, conquers, subdues, &c.: and ↓ قَهَّارٌ signifies the same in an intensive sense. (Msb.) b2: القَاهِرُ (TA) and ↓ القَهَّارُ (K, TA) epithets applied to God, (K, TA,) meaning, The Subduer of his creatures by his sovereign authority and power, and the Disposer of them as He pleaseth, with and against their will: (TA:) or the former, the Overcomer, or Subduer, of all created beings. (IAth, TA.) b3: [القَاهِرُ The planet Mars.] b4: جِبَالٌ قَوَاهِرُ (tropical:) Lofty mountains. (A.) أَقْهَرُ [More, and most, subduing, &c.: and, abasing]. (K voce أَخْنَعُ, q. v.)
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