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1 قَورَ, aor. يَقْوَرُ, inf. n. قَوَرٌ, It (a thing) was, or became, wide: whence دَارٌ قَورَاءُ, q. v. (JK.) A2: قَارَهُ, (A, K,) aor. يَقُورُ, inf. n. قَوْرٌ; (TA;) and ↓ قوّرهُ, (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K,) inf. n. تَقْوِيرٌ; (Mgh, Msb;) and ↓ إِقْتَوَرَهُ; and ↓ اقتارهُ; (S, K;) [of all which the second is the most common;] He cut a round hole in the middle of it; (A, Mgh, Msb, K;) as one cuts a جَيْب [or the opening at the neck and bosom of a shirt], (TA,) and a melon: (Mgh, Msb:) [he hollowed it out; he scooped it out; he cut out a piece of it, generally meaning in a round form:] he cut it in a round form. (S.) You say الجَيْبَ ↓ قوّر [He cut out, or hollowed out, the opening at the neck and bosom of the shirt]. (TA.) And قُرْتُ البِطِّيخَةَ, and ↓ قَوَّرْتُهَا, [I cut a round hole in the melon]. (TA.) And قُرْتُ خُفَّ البَعِيرِ, and ↓ قَوَّرْتُهُ, and ↓ إِقْتَرْتُهُ, [I cut a round hollow in the foot of the camel]. (TA.) b2: قُرْتُهُ, and قُرْتُ عَيْنَهُ, I put out, or pulled out, [or scooped out,] his eye; syn. فَقَأْتُ عَيْنَهُ. (TA.) b3: قَارَ المَرْأَةَ He circumcised the woman. (L, K.) 2 قوّر He widened a house; made it wide. (A, * TA.) A2: See also 1, in four places.5 تقوّر It (a cloud) became dissundered, and separated into round portions. (TA, from a trad.) See also 7.7 انقار It (the side of a cloud) became as though a portion fell from it, by reason of much water pouring [from it]. (TA.) See also 5.8 إِقْتَوَرَهُ and اقتارهُ: see 1, in two places.

قَارٌ i. q. قِيرٌ [Tar: or pitch]. (S, K.) See مُقَوَّرٌ.

قَارَةٌ A small mountain separate from other mountains: (K:) or a small mountain upon another mountain: such [or a knoll of a mountain] seems to be meant by قَارَةُ جَبَلٍ:) (TA:) or the smallest of mountains: (A:) or a small, black, isolated mountain, resembling an أَكَمَةٌ: or a black أَكَمَة: (TA:) or i. q. أَكَمَةٌ [i. e. a hill, or mound, &c.]: (S:) or the smallest of mountains and the largest of آكَام; scattered, rough, and abounding with stones: (Lth:) or a small mountain, slender, compact, and lofty, not extending along the surface of the ground, as though it were a collection of stones, and [sometimes] great, and round: (ISh:) or a great rock, (K,) smaller than a mountain: (TA:) or a black rock: (K:) or a tract of ground containing black stones; (K, TA;) i. e., a حَرَّة: (TA:) pl. قَارٌ, (S, K,) [or rather this is a coll. gen. n.,] and قَارَاتٌ (K) and قُورٌ (Lth, S, A, K) and قِيرَانٌ. (Lth, K.) قُوَارَةٌ What is cut in a round form (مَا قُوِّرَ) from a garment or piece of cloth, &c.; (K;) as the قوارة of a shirt, (S, A, Msb,) and of a جَيْب [or the opening at the neck and bosom of a shirt], (TA, [but there written, by mistake, جنب,]) and of a melon: (S, A:) or particularly from a hide, or tanned hide; (Lh, K;) what is cut in a round form (مَا قُوِّرَ) from the middle of a hide, or tanned hide, for a target to shoot at, like the قوارة of a جَيْب. (JK.) b2: Also, What one cuts from the sides of a thing (K, TA) that is مُقَوَّر [or cut in a round form]. (TA.) b3: And, contr., A thing of which the sides have been cut. (K.) أَقْوَرُ: fem. قَوْرَآءُ: Wide in the inside; capacious.] دَارٌ قَوْرَآءُ A house that is wide (S, K, TA) in the inside. (TA.) مُقَوَّرٌ [Having a round hole cut in its middle: hollowed out; scooped out: cut in a round form. See 1.]

A2: A camel smeared with قَطِرَان [or tar]. (Sgh, K.) See قَارٌ.

مُقَوِّرٌ A youth who hollows out the cakes of bread, eating the middle parts and leaving the edges. (A, TA.)
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