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R. Q. 1 كَتْكَتَ

: see طَحْطَحَ.

كُتْكُتٌ The coarse part of silk, and of tow, &c.


1 كَتَّتِ القِدْرُ, (S, K,) aor. كَتِّ, (TA,) inf. n. كَتِيتٌ, (K,) The cooking-pot boiled: (S, K:) or, made a sound in boiling: (K:) or, made a sound in boiling when the water in it was little; a lower sound than it makes when there is much water boiling in it; as though it said كَتْ كَتْ. (TA.) b2: Also, كَتَّتِ الجَرَّةُ الجَدِيدُ, (S,) aor. and inf. n. as above, The new jar made a sound (like كَتْ كَتْ, TA) when water was poured into it. (S.) b3: كَتَّ, aor. كَتِّ, inf. n. كَتٌّ (TA) and كَتِيتٌ, (K,) It (نَبِيذ, K, or another thing, TA,) made a sound in boiling: (K:) or began to boil, before it boiled vehemently. (TA.) A2: كَتَّ, aor. كَتِّ, (S,) inf. n. كَتِيتٌ, (S, K,) He (a بَكْر, or young camel,) uttered a cry, or a kind of braying, louder than that which is termed كَشِيشٌ: (S:) or began to utter the kind of braying termed هَدِيرٌ: (K:) As says, that when a male camel has attained the age when he makes the braying cry termed هدير, his first kind of braying is termed كشيش; and when it is a little louder, it is termed كتيت: Lth says, that he first makes the kind of braying termed كتيت; then, that termed كشيش; and then, that termed هَدِيرٌ: but Az observes, that the correct saying is that of As. (TA.) b2: كَتّ, aor. كَتِّ, (inf. n. كَتِيتٌ, S,) He (a camel, S, K, or, as in the L, a بَكْر, or young camel,) uttered a gentle cry, (S, L, K,) between that termed كشيش and that termed هدير. (TA.) b3: He (a calf) lowed. (Nh.) b4: كَتَّ, aor. كَتِّ, (inf. n. كَتِيتٌ, K,) [He (a man) made a sound like the gentle braying of a camel,] by reason of rage, or wrath: (S:) or he (a man) made a a sound in his chest like that made by a بَكْر, or young camel, by reason of vehement rage, or wrath. (K, TA.) b5: كَتَّ الكَلَامَ فِى أُذُنِهِ, aor. كَتُّ; and ↓ أَكَتَّهُ, and ↓ إِكْتَتَّهُ; He whispered the words in his ear. (K.) b6: كُتَّنِى

الحَدِيثَ, and ↓ أَكِتَّنِيهِ, Tell me the story as thou heardest it. (TA.) A3: كَتَّ, [aor. كَتِّ,] inf. n. كَتِيتٌ, (tropical:) He walked gently; at a gentle pace: or he walked with short steps, but quickly; as also ↓ كَتْكَتَ, inf. n. كَتْكَتَةٌ; and ↓ تَكَتْكَتَ. (K.) A4: كَتَّهُ, [aor. كَتُّ,] He angered him; provoked him to anger; syn. أَرْغَمَهُ. (TS, K.) b2: كَتَّهُ, [aor. كَتُّ,] He displeased him; grieved him; did to him what he disliked, or hated; did evil to him. (TS, K.) b3: فَعَلَ بِهِ مَا كَتَّهُ He did to him what displeased him, or grieved him. (TA.) A5: كَتَّ, aor. كَتُّ, inf. n. كَتٌّ, He numbered, counted, or computed, a people. Mostly used in negative phrases. (TA.) You say أَتَانَا بِجَيْشٍ

مَا يُكَتُّ He came to us with an army not to be numbered, or counted, (IAar, S,) or computed, or of which the number could not be conjectured, and of which the end could not be reached. (IAar, TA.) b2: لَا تَكُتُّهُ أَوْ تَكُتَّ النُّجُومَ, [in the CK, erroneously, لَا تَكُتُّهُ أَوْ لَا تَكُتُّ النُّجُومَ,] Thou canst not number it, [unless thou canst number the stars]. A proverb. (K.) 4 أَكْتَ3َ see 1.6 تكاتّو عَلَيْهِ They pressed together, or crowded together, upon it, with crying, or noise: from الكَتِيتُ. Occurring in a trad., as related and explained by Z; but the word commonly known is تكابّوا, with ب. (TA.) 8 اكتتّ, inf. n. إِكْتِتَاتٌ, He listened; syn. إِسْتَمَعَ. (K.) b2: اكتتّ الحَدِيثَ مِنِّى He heard the story from me like as I heard it. (TA.) See 1.

R. Q. 1 كَتْكَتَ, inf. n. كَتْكَتَةٌ, (in the K, كَتْكَتٌ, which is a mistake, TA,) It (a حُبَارَى, or bustard,) uttered its cry. (L, K, &c.) A2: كَتْكَتَ, inf. n. كَتْكَتَةٌ, (S, &c.,) He laughed gently, or lowly: (K:) كتكتة, in laughing, is less than قَهْقَهَةٌ: (S:) or like what is termed حَنِينٌ. (Th, El-Ahmar.) b2: كَتْكَتَ فِى ضَحِكِهِ He laughed vehemently, immoderately, or excessively; i. q. أَغْرَبَ, q. v. (A.) A3: See also 1.

R. Q. 2 تَكَتْكَتَ: see 1.

كَتٌّ A man or woman having little flesh: you say رَجُلٌ كَتٌّ and إِمْرَأَةٌ كَتٌّ. (TA.) كَتَّةٌ Green produce of land. (TS, K.) كُتَّةٌ The worst, or vilest, of camels, or similar property; syn. رُذَالُ المَالِ. (Fr, K.) b2: كَتَّةً a [gen?] proper name of A bad she-goat. (Fr, K.) كَتِيتٌ: see 1.

A2: (tropical:) A niggardly, stingy, man: (K:) as also كَتِيتُ اليَدَيْنِ: (TA:) from كَتِيتُ القِدْرِ: [see 1:] (IJ:) or a niggardly, stingy, man, of bad disposition, and rageful, or wrathful. (T.) كَتِيتَةٌ i. q. عَصِيدَةٌ [q. v.] (TS, K.) كُتْكُتُ and كُتْكُتَى, both imperfectly declinable, A certain game. (TS, K.) كَتْكَاتٌ (tropical:) One who walks gently; at a gentle pace: or who walks with short steps, but quickly. (TA.) A2: A man who talks much (K) and quickly. (TA.)
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