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أ1 كَثَأَ, aor. كَثَاَ, (AZ, S, K,) inf. n. كَثْءٌ; (S;) (as also كَثَعَ; TA;) and ↓ كثّأ, inf. n. تَكْثِئَةٌ; (S, L, K;) It (the milk) rose above the water, and the latter became clear beneath it: (AZ, S, K;) it (the milk) became thick, or coagulated, and its oily matter floated upon its surface. (TA.) b2: كَثَأَتِ القِدْرُ, (S, K,) inf. n. كَثْءٌ, (S,) The pot frothed, or raised a scum, in boiling. (AZ, S, K.) b3: كَثَأَ القِدْرَ He skimmed the pot. (K.) A2: كَثَأَ, (K,) inf. n. كَثْءٌ; (TA;) and ↓ كثّأ, inf. n. تَكْثِئَةٌ; (K;) It (a plant, S, K, and the soft kind of hair called وَبَر, S) grew forth, or became dense and thick and long: (K:) it (standing corn, &c.) became thick and tangled. (TA.) b2: كَثَأَتِ اللِّحْيَةُ, and ↓ كثّأت, and ↓ كَنْثَأَت, (K,) or, accord. to some, كنتأت, (TA,) The beard became long and large (K.) 2 كثّأ, inf. n. تَكْثِىْءٌ, He ate what is called كَثْأَة, (K,) i. e. what is on the top of milk. (S, TA.) b2: And see 1 in three places. Q. Q. 1 see 1, last sentence.

كَثْءٌ A kind of أَقِط; what rises (from the milk) above the water, the latter becoming clear beneath it; or what becomes thick, or coagulated, its oily matter floating upon the surface, (يَكْثَأُ,) in the pot, and is poured out; the upper part whereof is gross, or thick. So says AHát; and he adds, What is termed مصرع [evidently, I think, a mistranscription for مُضَرِّعٌ,] is what becomes thick, or coagulated, and almost thoroughly cooked: عاقد is that of which the water has gone, and which is thoroughly cooked: كَرِيص is that which is cooked with نَهْق or حَمَصِيص: مَصْل is a kind of اقط cooked again: and ثَوْر is a great piece of it. (TA.) كَثْأَةٌ and كَثْأَةٌ (like كثعة, TA) Oily scum, or floating curd, of milk; or what floats above the water: (S, K, TA:) scum of a pot, after boiling. (TA.) b2: خُذْ كَثأةَ قِدْرِكَ Take the scum of thy pot. (S.) [See 2.]

A2: كَثْأَةٌ and كَثَاةٌ (K) The leek, syn. كُرَّاث: or, as some say, the wild carrot, syn. حِنْزَاب: (TA:) or the rocket, syn. جِرْجِير: (K:) or, accord. to AM, the seed of that plant: (TA:) or wild rocket, syn. جِرْجِير بَرِّىّ; (K;) not that which is cultivated in gardens. (TA.) Aboo-Málik says, that it is also called نَهْق. (TA.) [See also كَتْأَة.]

لِحْيَةٌ كَنْثَأَةٌ A long and large beard. (TA.) b2: كَنْثَأُ اللِّحْيَةِ Having a long and large beard. (TA.) كِنْثَأْوٌ i. q. كِنْتَأْوٌ, [q. v. in art. كتأ]. (K.)
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