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1 كَدِرَ, aor. كَدَرَ; and كَدُرَ, aor. كَدُرَ; (S, A, Msb, K, &c.;) and كَدَرَ; (Sgh, K;) but this last is said in the L to be allowable only as signifying “ he poured out ” water; (TA;) inf. n. كَدَرٌ, (S, A, Msb, K,) of the first, (S, Msb,) or second, (TA,) and كُدُورَةٌ, (S, A, Msb, K,) of the second, (S, Msb,) and كَدَارَةٌ, (K,) also of the second, (TA,) and كُدُورٌ, and كُدْرَةٌ, (K,) or the last is a simple subst.; (TA;) and ↓ تكدّر; (S, Msb, K;) and ↓ اكدرّ, inf. n. إِكْدِرَارٌ; (K;) and ↓ انكدر; (Bd lxxxi. 2;) It (water, S, Msb, &c.) was, or became, turbid, thick, or muddy; contr. of صَفَا; (S, A, K;) it ceased to be clear: (Msb:) or كُدْرَةٌ relates to colour, (K,) specially; (TA;) and كُدُورَةٌ, to water, (K,) and to life, العَيْش; in the K, العَيْن, but this is a mistake; (TA;) and كَدَرٌ, to all of these. (K.) b2: كَدِرَ, aor. كَدَرَ, (Lh, Msb,) inf. n. كَدَرٌ (S, Msb) [and كُدْرَةٌ, (see above,)] It (the complexion of a man, Lh) and he (a horse, &c., Msb) was, or became, of the colour termed كُدْرَةٌ [i. e. dusky, dingy, or inclining to black and dust-colour]. (Lh, S, Msb.) b3: كَدِرَ عَيْشُ فُلَانٍ, (S, A,) [inf. n. كَدَرٌ and كُدُورَةٌ; (see above;)] and ↓ تكدّر, (A,) (tropical:) [The life of such a one became troublesome, or perturbed, or attended with trouble:] and مَعِيشَتُهُ ↓ تكدّرت [signifies the same; or his means of living became attended with trouble]. (S.) b4: خُذْ مَا صَفَا وَدَعْ مَا كَدِرَ, and كَدُرَ, and كَدَرَ, (tropical:) [Take thou what is free from trouble, and leave what is attended with trouble.] (IAar, L, Msb.) b5: كَدِرَ عَلَىَّ فُؤَادُهُ (tropical:) [His heart, or mind, became perturbed by displeasure against me]. (A, TA.) b6: [and in like manner you say] مَذْهَبُهُ فى الْمَسْأَلَةِ ↓ تكدّر [(tropical:) His opinion respecting the question became confounded, or perplexed]. (Mgh.) A2: كَدَرَ, (K,) aor. كَدُرَ, inf. n. كَدْرٌ, (TA,) He poured out, or forth water. (K, TA.) Said in the L to be the only signification of this form of the verb. (TA.) [But see above.]2 كدّرهُ, inf. n. تَكْديرٌ, He rendered it (namely water, S, Msb) turbid, thick, or muddy. (S, Msb, K.) b2: [كدّر عَيْشَ فُلَانٍ (tropical:) He or it, troubled the life of such a one; rendered it troublesome, or perturbed; caused it to be attended with trouble.]

b3: [كدّر عَلَىَّ فُؤَادَ فُلَانٍ (tropical:) He, or it, caused the heart, or mind, of such a one to be perturbed by displeasure against me.] b4: كدّرت المَسْأَلَةُ عَلَيْهِ مَذْهَبَهُ [(tropical:) The question confounded, or perplexed, his opinion]. (TA.) b5: صَفَا أَمْرِى فَكَدَّرَهُ فُلَانٌ (tropical:) [My affair, or case, was free from trouble, and such a one caused it to be attended with trouble]. (A.) b6: كدّر نِعْمَةً [(tropical:) He sullied a favour]. (ElAashà, quoted in the S, art. نشد.) 5 تَكَدَّرَ see 1, in four places.6 تكادرت العَيْنُ فى الشَّىْءِ (tropical:) The eye continued looking at the thing. (S, A.) 7 إِنْكَدَرَ see 1.

A2: He, or it, darted down. (S, K.) It is said of a bird, (A,) or of a hawk, in this sense; (TK;) and of a star. (A.) So in the Kur lxxxi. 2, وَإِذَا النُّجُومُ انْكَدَرَتْ: (S, * Bd:) or this means, And when the stars dart down, and fall, one after another, upon the earth: (Jel:) or when the stars fall and become scattered. (El-Basáïr, K. *) b2: انكدر عليهم العَدُوُّ (tropical:) The enemy poured down upon them. (A.) And انكدر عَلَيْهِ القَوْمُ (tropical:) The people poured upon him: (K:) or poured down upon him: (TA:) or repaired towards him, scattering themselves upon him. (El-Basáïr.) b3: انكدر (tropical:) He hastened: (S, K:) or he hastened in some measure. (TA.) You say انكدر فِى سَيْرِهِ (tropical:) He hastened in his pace. (A.) And انكدر يَعْدُو (tropical:) He hastened in some measure, running; (TA;) accord. to A'Obeyd. (TA, voce اِنْصَلَتَ.) 9 إِكْدَرَّ see 1.

كَدْرٌ: see كَدِرٌ.

كَدَرٌ [a coll. gen. n., of which the n. of unity is كَدَرَةٌ] Handfuls of reaped corn: (O, TA:) see عَصْفٌ.

كَدِرٌ (S, A, Msb, K) and ↓ كَدْرٌ (S, K) and ↓ كَدِيرٌ and ↓ أَكْدَرُ (K) Turbid; thick; muddy: (S, A, Msb, K) applied to water. (S, A, Msb.) A2: عَيْشٌ كَدِرٌ, and ↓ أَكْدَرُ (tropical:) [Life that is attended with trouble]. (TA.) b2: هُوَ كَدِرُ الفُؤَادِ عَلَىَّ (tropical:) [He is perturbed in heart, or mind, by displeasure against me]. (A.) كُدْرَةٌ Duskiness, or dinginess, of colour; (S, * Msb;) a hue inclining to black and dust-colour. (TA.) See 1.

كَدَرَةٌ: see كَدَرٌ.

كُدْرِىٌّ (S, K) and ↓ كُدَارِىٌّ (IAar, TA) A species of the kind of bird called قَطًا, (S, K,) one of three species, whereof the two others are called جُونِىٌّ and غَطَاطٌ; (S;) the species called كدرى are of a dusty [or dusky] colour, (S, K,) short in the legs, (TA,) diversified, or speckled, or marked, with duskiness, or dinginess, and blackness, (رُقْش,) in the backs (S, K) and bellies, (S,) black in the inside of the wing, (TA,) yellow in the throats, (S, K,) having in the tail two feathers [in the L and TA ريشان, but the right reading is رِيشَتَانِ,] longer than the rest of the tail; (ISk, TA;) it is smaller than the جونى, (S,) and has a clear cry, calling out its own name [قَطَا قَطَا]: (ISd, TA:) it seems to be thus named, كدرى, in relation to the greater number of birds of the kind called قَطًا, which are كُدْر [in colour]; (S;) كدرى

being, as some assert, a rel. n. from طَيْرٌ كُدْرٌ, like دُبْسِىٌّ from طَيْرٌ دُبْسٌ: (TA:) the n. un. is كُدْرِيَّةٌ and كُدَارِيَّةٌ. (TA.) [See also غَطَاطٌ, and قَطًا; and De Sacy's Chrest. Arabe, 2nd ed., ii. 369.]

كَدِيرٌ: see كَدِرٌ.

كُدَارِىٌّ: see كُدْرِىٌّ.

كُدَايْرَآءُ, [dim. of كَدْرَآءُ, fem. of أَكْدَرٌ,] A certain kind of food, accord. to Kr, who does not describe its composition; (TA;) fresh milk in which dates (S, K) of the kind called بَرْبِىّ (K) are macerated: (S, K:) or milk in which dates are steeped and mashed with the hand: (TA:) women are fattened with it: (K:) so called because of the duskiness (كُدْرَة) of its colour. (Z, TA.) كُنْدُرٌ: see art. كندر.

أَكْدَرُ [Dusky, or dingy; of a hue inclining to black and dust-colour;] having كُدْرَة in its colour: (S, TA:) fem. كَدْرَآءُ: pl. كُدْرٌ: and dim. of اكدر, أُكَيْدِرُ. (Msb.) b2: بَنَاتُ أَكْدَرَ The wild asses: (S:) the same, (A,) or بَنَاتُ الأَكْدَرِ, (K,) certain wild asses: (A, K:) so called after a particular stallion (S, A, K) or theirs. (K.) b3: See also كَدِرٌ, in two places.
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