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1 كَرَثَهُ, aor. كَرُثَ (and كَرِثَ, TA, as from the K, inf. n. كَرْثٌ; TA) and ↓ اكرثهُ; It (grief, S, and an affair, TA) pressed severely upon him; oppressed him; afflicted him; distressed him; vexed him: (S, K, TA:) [as also قَرَثَهُ]. As rejects the first form, although Ru-beh uses the expression. [You say,] كَرَثَنِى الأَمْرُ The thing grieved and oppressed me: (As, in TA [but see above:] or pained me. (AA, Skr. p. 20.) b2: كَرَثَهُ الأَمْرُ The affair moved him. (A) 4 أَكْرَثَ see 1.7 انكرث It (a rope) broke. (K.) 8 اكترث He was oppressed, afflicted, distressed, or vexed. (Lth.) b2: مَا أَكْتَرِثُ لَهُ (in some copies of the S, بِهِ, which is more common, MF) I care not for him, or it: (S, K:) or I am not moved by, and do not care for, mind, heed, or regard, him, or it: (A:) or, as some say, I turn not my face towards him, or it: like

أَلْتَفِتُ. (TA.) The affirmative phrase أَكْتَرِثُ لَهُ is a deviation from ordinary usage. (Nh.) كَرَاثٌ [coll. gen. n.] A certain kind of large trees, (K,) growing on the mountains. (AHn.) [F mentions his having seen them on the mountains of Et-Táïf.]

A2: And see كُرَّاثٌ.

كَرِيثٌ: see كَارِثٌ. b2: إِنَّهُ لَكَرِيثُ الأَمْرِ [Verily he is in oppressive, afflicting, or distressing, circumstances; or timid, and retiring]: said when one is timid, or cowardly, and draws back, or desists [from an affair]. (K.) And فُلَانٌ كَرِيثٌ عَنِ الأَمْرِ Such a one is a recoiler, or shrinker, from the affair. (A in art. ربث.) A2: كَرِيثٌ is also syn. with ↓ مَكْرُوثٌ [Oppressed, afflicted, distressed, or vexed: and app. attended with difficulty: see رَبِيثٌ] (T in art. ربث:) or كَرِيثٌ and ↓ مَكْرُوثٌ both signify pained. (AA, Skr, p. 20.) بُسْرٌ كَريثَآءُ, and كَرَاثَآءُ, [in the copies of the K, both words are written without tenween; if rightly introduced here they would be with tenween,] (like قَرِيثَآءُ and قَرَاثَآءُ, TA,) Good, or sweet, dates, (K.) full-grown, and ripening. (TA.) The leading lexicologists [except the author of the K] agree in mentioning كريثاء [only] in art. كرث; like قريثاء in قرث: and the author of the K mentions both again in chapter ث. Ibn-Esh-Sheybánee says, قريثاء and كريثاء signify a kind of date (تَمْر): and some say, a kind of full-grown, ripening date (بُسْر), of a black colour, the skin of which quickly falls off: accord. to the Fs, a well-known kind of full-grown, green date; and said to be the best, or sweetest, kind of date in the full-grown, green state (TA.) كَرَّاثٌ: see كُرَّاثٌ.

كُرَّاثٌ (S, Msb, K) and ↓ كَرَّاثٌ (Kr, K) and ↓ كَرَاثٌ (Aboo-'Alee El Kálee) [each a coll. gen. n.,] A certain herb, or leguminous plant, (S, Msb, K,) well-known, of foul odour, (Msb, TA,) and of disagreeable juice; (TA;) [the common leek; or allium porrum of Linn; or leeks:] كُرَّاثَةٌ is a more particular term; (Msb;) [i. e. it is the n. un. of كَرَّاثٌ, signifying a single leek.]

أَمْرٌ كَارِثٌ, and ↓ كَرِيثٌ, An affair that presses severely upon one; that oppresses, afflicts, distresses, or vexes. (K.) b2: كَرَثَتْهُ الكَوَارِثُ Affairs pressed heavily upon him; or oppressed him. (A.) الكُرْبُ الكَوَارِثُ [Oppressive sorrows, or anxieties.] (S.) (See Har. p. 245) مَكْرُوثٌ: see كَرِيثٌ.
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