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1 كَرُمَ

, inf. n. كَرَمٌ, It (a thing) was, or became, highly esteemed or prized or valued; excellent, precious, valuable, or rare: (Msb:) followed by عَلَيْهِ: see 1 in art. فجع. b2: كَرُمَتْ

أَرْضُهُ His land yielded increase of its seed-produce, (ISh, K,) and its soil became good, (ISh,) being manured; (ISh, K;) [or it was, or became, generous, or good; i. e., productive, or fertile]. b3: كَرُمْتُ عَلَيْهِ, (S, K, art. عز,) I exceeded him in generosity, or nobleness. (TK, voce عَزٌّ.) 2 كَرَّمَهُ عَلَىَّ [He honoured him above me]. (Kur, xvii. 64). b2: كَرَّمَهُ عَنْ كَذَا [He preserved him from such a thing]: see an ex. in a verse cited in art. عل (conj. 3): and see, here, 4 and 5. b3: كَرَّمَ He highly regarded a horse or the like. b4: See تَكْرِمَةٌ.4 أَكْرَمَهُ He treated him with honour, or courtesy. b2: أَكْرَمَ, and ↓ اِسْتَكْرَمَ, He found a generous horse (فَرَسًا كَرِيمًا). (TA in art. ربط.) See رَبَطَ. b3: أَكْرَمْتُ عَنْهُ عِرْضِى

I preserved myself from it. (S in art. عرض. See also 2.) 5 تَكَرَّمَ عَنْهُ

, and ↓ تَكَارَمَ, He shunned it; avoided it; kept, or removed, himself far from it; or preserved himself from it; (K;) for in stance, from foul speech. (TA in art. دقع.) b2: تَكَرَّمَ He affected, or constrained himself, to be generous. (S.) 6 تَكَاْرَمَ see 5.10 اِسْتَكْرَمَ الشَّىْءَ

: see 10 in art. فره. b2: See also 4.

إِبْنُ الكَرْمِ The قِطْف [i. e. grape, or bunch of grapes]. (T in art. بنى.) كَرَمٌ in a horse, &c., generous quality. See حَسَبٌ; and see كَرِيمٌ, and مَكْرُمَةٌ, and شَرِيفٌ.

ذُو الجَلَالِ وَالإِكْرَامِ (Kur, lv. 27) Possessed of majesty, or greatness, and bounty: (Jel:) or, of absolute independence and universal bounty. (Bd.) الكُرْكُمُ الصَّغِيرُ

: see العُرُوقُ الصُّفْرُ.

كَرِيمٌ Generous; liberal; honourable: noble; high-born; contr. of لَئِيمٌ. (K, &c.) b2: [A generous, a noble, a high-bred, a well-born, or an excellent, horse, &c.; of generous, high, or good, breed or quality.] b3: A thing highly esteemed or prized or valued; excellent, precious, valuable, or rare. (Msb.) b4: [أَرْضٌ كَرِيمَةٌ Productive land. See كَرُمَتْ أَرْضُهُ.] b5: بَعِيرٌ كَرِيمٌ عَلَى أَهْلِهِ [A camel held in high estimation by his owner]. (TA in art. دفع.) b6: [وَجْهُ اللّٰهِ الكَرِيمُ means The glorious face of God: see an ex. voce سُبْحَةٌ.] b7: كَراَئِمُ المَالِ (TA) or الأَمْوَالِ (Mgh, Msb) Such as are held in high estimation, precious, or excellent, of cattle or other possessions; (Mgh, Msb, TA;) the choice, or best, thereof. (Mgh, Msb.) حُبًّا وَكَرَامَةٌ

, see حُبٌّ. b2: لَا وَلَا كَرَامَةً

No; nor a jar-cover: i. e., No: (I will not give thee, or I will not do, what thou requirest,) nor anything else. See حُبٌّ; and see تَكْرِمَة. b3: كَراَمَةٌ, the kind of miracle so called: pl. كَرَامَاتٌ; like the term χαρίσματα as used by St. Paul in 1 Cor. xii. 9: it may be well rendered thaumaturgy: and صاَحِبُ كَراَمَاتٍ a thaumaturgus, or thaumaturgist: see مُعْجِزَهٌ, and قَرَاسَةٌ.

أَكْرَمُ in the sense of كَرِيمٌ, as in أَكْرَمُهُمْ أَبًا: see بَيَاضٌ.


, syn. with تَكْرِيمٌ; (Mgh;) subst. from كَرَّمْتُهُ; as also ↓ كَرَامَةٌ. (Msb.) مَكْرَمَةٌ A means. or cause, of attaining honour. (Mgh, Msb.) مَكْرُمٌ

: see أَلُوكٌ and يُسْرٌ.

مَكْرُمَةٌ A generous, or honourable, quality or action. (Msb, &c.) b2: عَلِىَ فِى المَكَارِمِ [He became eminent in generous, or honourable, actions or practices or qualities or dispositions]. (Msb in art. علو.) b3: مَكَارِمُ may often be rendered Excellencies.

أَرْضٌ مَكْرُمَةٌ and ↓ كَرَمٌ (tropical:) Generous, good, land: (K, TA:) [good and fertile land:] or dunged and tilled land. (TA.) And أَرْضٌ مَكْرُمَةٌ لِلنَّبَاثِ (tropical:) Land producing good herbage or plants. (S, TA. [In some copies of the S, good for herbage or plants.])
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