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1 كَفَحَهُ, (S, K,) inf. n. كَفْحٌ; (S;) and ↓ كَافَحَهُ, inf. n. مُكَافَحَةٌ and كِفَاحٌ; (K;) [the latter form of the verb the more common;] He faced him; confronted him; encountered him; met him face to face: (S, K, TA:) or he met him, or encountered him, face to face, suddenly, or unexpectedly. (T, M.) [You say] لَقِيتُهُ

↓ كِفَاحًا, (S,) and ↓ مُكَافَحَةً, and كَفْحًا, (TA.) I met him face to face. (TA.) [And] كَلَّمَهُ اللّٰهُ

↓ كِفَاحًا God spoke to him face to face, without anything intervening between them. (TA from a trad.) b2: كَفَحَهَا, (K,) aor. كَفَحَ; (S;) and ↓ كَافَحَهَا, inf. n. as above; (K;) He kissed her suddenly, unexpectedly, or unawares: (K:) or he met her face to face, or encountered her, with a kiss: (S:) or he kissed her with full ability, and completely, without snatching the kiss: (T:) or he made his skin to meet, and come in contact with hers. (A 'Obeyd.) b3: ↓ كَافَحُوا (in war) signifies They contended together with swords face to face: (L:) or ↓ كَافَحُوهُمْ, they encountered them in war face to face, having before their faces neither shield nor anything else. (As, S.) b4: Also عَنْهُ ↓ كافح He contended for him, and defended him. (L.) b5: السَّمُومَ ↓ كَافَحْتُ (tropical:) [I faced, or encountered, the hot wind called سَمُوم]. (A.) b6: بِمَا سَآءَهُ ↓ كافحهُ (tropical:) [He encountered him with that which displeased or vexed him]. (A.) b7: ↓ كافحهُ, inf. n. مُكَافَحَةٌ, (tropical:) He refelled him by an argument, a plea, a proof, or an evidence: as though the argument &c. were likened to a sword, or other weapon. (MF.) A2: كَفَحَ لِجَامَ الدَّابَّةِ, (inf. n. كَفْحٌ, TA,) He drew, or pulled, the bridle and bit of the beast of carriage; as also ↓ أَكْفَحَهُ: (K:) or, as in the T and M, كَفَحَ الدَّابَّةَ بِالِلّجَامِ he pulled the beast of carriage by the bridle and bit. (TA.) [See also 4.]3 كَاْفَحَ See 1, throughout. b2: فُلَانٌ يُكَافِحُ الأُمُورَ (tropical:) Such a one superintends, manages, or conducts, affairs himself, or in his own person. (S, A.) 4 اكفح الدَّابَّةَ, inf. n. إِكْفَاحٌ, He put the bit to the mouth of the beast of carriage, striking the mouth with it, in order that the beast might take it into its mouth. (T, S.) b2: See also 1.5 تَكَفَّحَتِ السَّمَائِمُ (tropical:) The hot winds called سمائم met, or encountered, one another. (L.) 6 تَكَافَحُوا [They faced, confronted, or encountered, one another; or met face to face]. (A.) b2: تَكَافَحَتِ الكِبَاشُ [The rams butted one another.] (A.) b3: تَكَافَحَتِ الأَمْوَاجُ (tropical:) The waves met and dashed together.] (A.) أَصَابَهُ مِنَ السَّمُوم لَفْحٌ وَمِنَ الحَرُورِ كَفْحٌ (tropical:) [A burning gust of the hot day-wind smote him, and a blast of the hot night-wind meeting him in the face]. (A.) كَفِيحٌ A husband: (K:) so called because he beholds his wife face to face. (TA.) b2: A bedfellow, syn. ضَجِيعٌ, (A, K,) of a woman. (TA.) b3: A guest coming suddenly, or unexpectedly. (K, TA.) A2: Like; or equal; syn. كُفْءٌ, (S, K,) and نَدِيدٌ. (TA.) مُكَافِحٌ (tropical:) One who superintends, manages, or conducts, affairs himself, or in his own person. (TA.) See 3.
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