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1 كَفَّ التَّوْبَ He sewed the edge, or border, of the garment, or piece of cloth, the second time, (S, K,) after the [slight] sewing termed المَلُّ, (S,) or الشَّلُّ. (K.) b2: [He felled (a seam or garment).] b3: كَفَّ عَنْهُ, aor. كَفُّ

, He refrained, or forbore, from it, as forbidden; abstained, or desisted, from it; left, relinquished, or forsook it: (Msb:) [as also ↓ انكفّ]. b4: كَفَّ عَنْهُ He refrained, desisted, forbore, abstained, or held, from it. (K, &c.) b5: كَفَّهُ عَنْهُ He made him to refrain, forbear, or abstain, from it; averted him, turned him away or back, from it; (K;) prevented, hindered, held, withheld, or restrained, him from it. (Mgh, Msb, TA.) b6: [كَفَّ بَيْنَهُمَا He interposed as a restrainer between them two: a phrase of frequent occurrence]. b7: كَفَّ مِنَ الشَّعَرِ (M, K, art. قصر) He shortened the hair. (M, ibid.) 3 كَافُّوا عَدُوَّهُمْ i. q.

حَاجَزُوهُمْ, which see. b2: مُكَافَّةٌ signifies i. q. مُحَاجَزَةٌ, because it is a preventing, or an abstaining, from fighting. (Mgh.) 7 إِنْكَفَ3َ see 1.

كَفٌّ [generally The hand: sometimes, app., the palm only:] accord. to Az, the palm with the fingers. (Msb.) b2: [Hence, A cake of the length and thickness of the hand: thus in the present day. See عُجَّالٌ.] b3: كَفٌّ A handful; what one takes with the hand, or grasps; syn. قُبْضَةٌ. (S, art. قبض.) b4: [ضَرَبَهُ كَفًّا He struck him a slap with the hand.] b5: [كَفٌّ often signifies The paw of a beast.] b6: الكَفُّ الجَذْمَآءُ The star α of Cetus. b7: الكَفُّ الخَضِيبُ The

β of Cassiopeia.


: see كِفَّةٌ.

كُفَّةٌ The selvage, i. e. border, or side, of a garment or piece of cloth, (S, Msb,) that has no هُدْب [or end of unwoven threads]: (S, voce طُرَّةٌ:) or what surrounds the skirt of a shirt: or whatever is oblong; as the حَاشِيَة of a garment or piece of cloth, and of sand: and the edge of a thing. (K.) كِفَّةٌ The bezel, or collet, i. e. the part in which the stone is set, of a signet-ring. (TA in art. ركب.) See كُرْسِىٌّ. b2: See also طَرْقٌ. b3: كِفَّةٌ A scale of a balance: (MA:) vulg. ↓ كَفَّةٌ. (K.) كَفَافٌ The like of a thing. (S, K.) b2: Food, or sustenance, that renders one independent of others: (S, K:) or sufficient for one's want, not exceeding nor falling short. (Msb.) كِفَافٌ The circuit, rim, or surrounding edge, of a thing. (S, K.) كِفَافَةٌ [app. a subst., not an inf. n.,] The act, or art, of sewing in the manner termed كَفٌّ; (TA;) contr. of شِلَاشَةٌ. (TA in art. شل.) نَاقَةٌ كَافَّةٌ An old and weak she-camel. (AO, TA in art. سدم.) b2: [مَا كَافَّةٌ The restrictive مَا, which is annexed to أَنَّ إِنَّ, &c.: so called because it restrains the particle to which it is adjoined from exercising any government.] b3: كَافَّةً

Wholly. (Bd and Jel in ii. 204.) حَرْفُ مُكَافَأَةٍ

A particle denoting compensation, or the complement of a condition; like حَرْفُ جَزَآءٍ.
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