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1 كَلَّ It (the sight) was, or became, dim, dull, or hebetated. (K.) b2: He (a camel) was, or became, fatigued, tired, or wearied. (MA.) b3: كَلَّتِ الأَيْدِى

The hands, or arms, became weak; syn. ضعفت [i. e. ضَعَُفَتْ]. (Ham, 296.) [كَلَّ عَنْ فِعْلٍ He was fatigued, or weak, and so disabled, or incapacitated, from doing a thing; like أَعْيَا عَنْهُ, and ضَعَُفَ عَنْهُ: see نُخِبَ and عَرِسَ.]

b4: كَلَّتْ أَسْنَانُهُ, (K, art. ضرس,) inf. n. كَلَالٌ, (S, in that art.,) His teeth were set on edge, (TK, in that art.,) by eating, or drinking, what was acid, or sour. (S, K, in that art.) b5: كَلَّ It (a sword, &c.) was blunt, and would not cut. (K, &c.) b6: كُلَّتُهُنَّ for كُلُّهُنَّ: see Bd xxxi., last verse.2 كَلَّلَ He adorned a thing with gems or jewels.4 أَكَلَّ أَسْنَانَهُ [It set his teeth on edge]; said of acid, or sour, food or drink. (Ibn-'Abbád, in TA, art. ضرس.) See 1.

كَلٌّ A burden; syn. ثِقْلٌ: (S, Mgh, Msb, K:) a person, or persons, whom one has to support: syn. عَيَّلٌ, (K,) and عِيَالٌ: (S, Mgh, Msb, K:) applied to one and to more. (Msb.) See an ex. voce ذِمَّةٌ (last sentence but two).

كُلٌّ when preceded by a negative and followed by an exception, means Any one; as in the Kur, xxxviii. 13, إِنْ كُلٌّ إِلَّا كَذَّبَ الرُّسُلَ There was not any one but accused the apostles of lying. See also another ex. voce لَمَّا. b2: See بَعْض. b3: هُوَ العَالِمُ كُلُّ العَالِمِ [lit. He is the possessor of knowledge, the entirety of the possessor of knowledge,] means that he is one who has attained to the utmost degree of the quality thus attributed to him. (Sb, K, TA.) b4: كُلَّمَا Whatever. b5: كُلَّمَا Whenever; as often as; every time that; in proportion as. b6: كُلَّمَنْ Whoever.

كِلَّةٌ [musquito-curtain]: see أَبُو دِثَارٍ and بَعَضَ.

كُلِّىٌّ Relating to all or the whole; universal; total: and often meaning relating to the generality; general; contr. of جُزْئِىٌّ. b2: And, as a subst., A universal; that which comprises all جُزْئِيَّات, or particulars: pl. كُلِّيَّاتٌ. b3: كُلِّيَّةٌ The quality of relating to all or the whole; relation to all or the whole; universality; totality: and often meaning the quality of relating to the generality; generality. b4: الكُلِّيَّاتُ الخَمْسُ, in logic, The Five Predicables: namely, الجِنْسُ Genus, النَّوْعُ Species, الفَصْلُ Difference, الخَلصَّةُ Property, and العَرَضُ Accident.

كَلِيلٌ Weak, or faint, lightning [app. likened to a blunt sword]. (TA in art. عمل.) b2: كَلِيلُ الظُّفْرِ: see ظُفْرٌ. b3: لِسَانٌ كَلِيلٌ A dull tongue; lacking sharpness. (S. *) وَرِثَ رَجُلًا كَلَالَةً

, and عَنْ كَلَالَةٍ, He was heir of a man who left neither parent nor offspring (IbrD.) الإِكْلِيلُ The 17th Mansion of the Moon; (Kzw;) the head of Scorpio. (Aboo-l-Heythem, quoted in the TA, voce رَقِيبٌ.) b2: الإِكْلِيلُ Three bright stars in [or rather before] the head of Scorpio, [namely g, h, and q,] disposed in a row, transversely. b3: The border of flesh round the nail: (K:) in the TA, art. شظف, إِكْلِيلُ الظُّفُرِ.

مُكَلَّلٌ Adorned with gems or jewels. (L, art. نجد; a common meaning.)
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