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1 كَمُشَتْ, aor. كَمُشَ, inf. n. كَمَاشَةٌ, She (a woman) was, or became, small in the breast. (TA.) b2: كَمُشَتِ الخُصْيَةُ, inf. n. كُمُوشَةٌ, [The testicle, or the scrotum,] was, or became, short, and cleaving to the inner skin. (TA.) See also 5.

A2: كَمُشَ, inf. n. كَمَاشَةٌ, He (a man) was, or became, quick; (K;) as also ↓ تكمّش (S, K, TA) and ↓ انكمش; (K, TA;) and ↓ اكمش, in relation to pace and to work: (IKtt:) or quick and sharp or vigorous or effective: (S:) or determined or resolute, and sharp or vigorous or effective, (A, TA,) and quick, in his affairs: (TA:) or courageous. (Sb, ISd.) You say, فِى سَعْيِهِ ↓ انكمش and ↓ تكمّش [He was quick, &c., in his walking, or running, or working]. (A.) And الفَرَسُ فِى سَيْرِهِ ↓ انكمش [The horse was quick, &c., in his going, or pace.] (A.) And ↓ انكمش فِى أَمْرِهِ He hastened, or was sharp or vigorous or effective, in his affair. (As.) And ↓ انكمش فِى الحَاجَةِ He was quick and vigorous in executing the needful affair; syn. اجْتَمَعَ فِيهَا. (TA.) b2: And كَمُشَ He determined, resolved, or decided, upon an affair; as also كَمِشَ, [aor. كَمَشَ] inf. n. كَمَشٌ. (TA.) 2 كمّش ذَيْلَهُ, (A, TA,) inf. n. تَكْمِيشٌ, (TA,) He contracted, or tucked up, his skirt. (A, TA.) A2: كمّشهُ, (inf. n. as above, S, K,) He hastened him; made him quick; (S, A, K;) [and so app. ↓ اكمشهُ: see شَمَّرَ.] b2: And كمّش, (K,) or كمّش الإِبِلَ, inf. n. as above, (TA,) He (a man singing to camels to urge or excite them) was vigorous in driving [so that he made the camels quick]. (K, TA.) 4 اكمش: see 1.

A2: اكمشهُ: see 2.

A3: اكمش بِالنَّاقَةِ He bound all the teats of the camel with the صِرَار, q. v. (S, K.) 5 تكمّش It (skin) contracted, or shrank, (A, K,) and became drawn together; (K;) and so ↓ انكمش, said of a garment, or piece of cloth, after washing; (K, art. قلص;) and of an udder. (TA.) See also 1.

A2: See again 1, in two places.7 انكمش: see 5.

A2: See also 1, in five places.

كَمْشٌ Short and small; applied to an udder: and [the fem.] with ة, applied to a testicle, or a scrotum, (خُصْيَة) short, and cleaving to the inner skin. (TA.) b2: Applied to a horse, Small in the veretrum; as also ↓ كَمِيشٌ: (S, K:) or short therein: [contr. of سَابِغٌ:] pl. [of mult.]

كِمَاشٌ and [of pauc.) أَكْمَاشٌ: (A 'Obeyd:) or, applied to a beast of carriage, short and small therein: ('Eyn:) but when applied to a female, having a small udder; as also ↓ كَمِيشٌ, (K,) or كَمِيشَةٌ, so applied, ('Eyn,) and كَمْشَةٌ, applied to a she-camel, (Ks, S,) and ↓ كَمُوشٌ, thus applied: (TA:) or كَمِيشَةٌ [so in the K accord. to the TA, but in some copies of the K ↓ كَمِشَةٌ,] and كَمُوشٌ have this signification when applied to a ewe or she-goat: (K:) or the former of these two epithets, (As,) or each of them, (K,) thus applied, signifies short in the teat, (As, K,) so as to be milked only with the ends of three fingers, or with the thumb and forefinger: (As:) and كَمْشَةٌ, applied to a woman, having a small breast. (TA.) A2: Also, and ↓ كَمِيشٌ, applied to a man, (S, A, K,) Quick: (A, K:) or quick and sharp or vigorous or effective: (S:) or determined or resolute, and sharp or vigorous or effective, (A, TA,) and quick in his affairs: (TA:) and ↓ كَمِشٌ [app. applied to a man, being the part. n. of كَمِشَ, q. v.] is syn. with كَمْشٌ: (TA:) or ↓ كَمِيشٌ signifies courageous. (Sb, ISd.) كَمِشٌ: fem. with ة: see above, in two places.

كَمُوشٌ: see above, in three places.

كَمِيشٌ: fem. with ة: see above, passim. b2: رَجُلٌ كَمِيشُ الإِزَارِ [lit.] A man having his ازار [or waist-wrapper] tucked up; (K, TA;) [meaning,] vigorous, laborious, or sedulous, in his affair. (TA.)
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