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1 كَنَبَ, aor. كَنُبَ, inf. n. كُنُوبٌ; and ↓ اكنب; He, or it, was, or became, gross; thick, coarse; or rough: syn. غَلُظَ. (K.) See 4. b2: كَنَبَ He was, or became, possessed of plenty, or riches: syn. اِسْتَغْنَى. (K.) b3: كَنَبَهُ فِى جِرَابِهِ, aor. كَنِبَ, inf. n. كَنْبٌ, He stowed it, or deposited it, in his provision-bag. (K.) 4 أَكْنَبَتْ يَدُهُ; and ↓ كَنِبَتْ, aor. كَنَبَ, inf. n. كَنَبٌ; (K;) or the former verb only is used; not the latter; (As, S;) His hand was, or became, callous, or hard, (S,) or coarse, or rough, (K,) by reason of work. (S, K.) See 1. b2: اكنب لِسَانُهُ His tongue was impeded, or tied up. (K.) b3: اكنب عَلَيْهِ بَطْنُهُ His belly [meaning its contents] oppressed him, or gave him pain: syn. إِشْتَدَّ. (K.) كَنَبٌ Callousness, or hardness, of the hand, resulting from work: (S:) or coarseness, or roughness, of the foot, and of the hoof, and of the camel's foot, and of the hand: or of the hand only, resulting from work. (K.) A2: See كَنِبٌ.

كَنِبٌ, of the same measure as كَتِفٌ, (K,) or ↓ كَنَبٌ, (as in the copies of the S in my hands) A certain plant: (S, K:) or a certain tree: (Lth:) AHn says, It resembles the قَتَاد growing in our country, where, sometimes, sandals or shoes are sewed with its bark, and thereof are twisted ropes which endure moisture, day-dew, or rain: and in one place he says, I asked one of the Arabs of the desert respecting the كنب, and he shewed me a scattered, small, thorny plant, with white twigs or branches, abounding with thorns, having, at the extremities, بَرَاعِيم [or calyxes, or flowers, or flower-buds,] from each of which grew forth three thorns. (TA.) كِنَابٌ i. q. شِمْرَاخٌ [i. e. the fruit-stalk of the raceme of a palm tree]. (S, K.) كَنِيبٌ What is dry, of trees: or having its thorns broken. (K.) كُنْتُبٌ and كُنَاتِبٌ Short: (K:) or thick, or coarse, and short: (TA:) or hard and strong: (see كُنْتثُبٌ:) but the ث is augmentative, (TA,) [and therefore the proper art. is كنب].

كَانِبٌ Full to satiety; glutted with food. (K.) مُكْنَبٌ and مِكْنَبٌ: see next paragraph.

مُكْنِبٌ and ↓ مِكْنَبٌ A coarse, or rough, hoof; (IAar, K;) and the same words, and ↓ مُكْنَبٌ, the same as applied to a camel's foot. (IAar) مُكْنَئِبٌّ Thick, or coarse, and strong, and short. (K)
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