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1 لَحَدَ (A) and ↓ الحد (L, K) (tropical:) He, or it, (as an arrow, A) declined, or deviated, from the right course: (A, L, K:) and also he, or it, inclined: you say لَحَدَ إِلَيْهِ, (A, L, K,) aor. لَحَدَ; (L;) and ↓ الحد (A;) and ↓ التحد; (S, L, K;) he, or it, inclined to him, or it. (A, L, K.) Some read, [in the Kur xvi. 105,] لِسَانُ الَّذِى

يَلْحَدُونَ إِلَيْهِ (tropical:) [The tongue of him unto whom they incline]. (S.) b2: فِى الدِّينِ ↓ الحد; (S, A, L, Msb;) and لَحَدَ فِيهِ, (S, L, Msb,) aor. لَحَدَ; (L;) (tropical:) He deviated, or swerved, from the right way, with respect to religion: (S, A, L:) he impugned religion. (Msb.) b3: فِى الحَرَمِ ↓ الحد (tropical:) He relinquished, or forsook, the right course, with respect to that which he was commanded to do, in the sacred Temple or territory of Mekkeh; (L, K;) and inclined to do wrong, wrongfully, unjustly, or injuriously: (L:) or he did wrong, wrongfully, unjustly, or injuriously, therein; (S, L, K;) and so opposed others: (Fr, L:) or he associated others with God, therein; expl. by أَشْرَكَ بِاللّٰهِ: so in the K and Basáïr; in the latter as on the authority of Zj: or he doubted respecting God, therein: so in the L and other lexicons, as on the authority of Zj: (TA:) or he hoarded up corn in expectation of its becoming dear, therein; (L, K;) a meaning taken from a trad of 'Omar; (L;) but this is merely a kind of wrong-doing: (TA:) or he desecrated it, and violated its sanctity. (Msb.) The origin of the phrase is in the text of the Kur [xx. 26,] وَمَنْ يُرِدْ فِيهِ بِإِلْحَادٍ بِظُلْمٍ, i.e. إِلْحَادًا بِظُلْمٍ, the ب being redundant. (S, L.) A2: لَحَدَ القَبْرَ, aor. لَحَدَ, (inf. n. لَحْدٌ; L,) and ↓ الحدهُ; (A, L, K;) and لَحَدَ لَهُ لَحْدًا; and له ↓ الحد; (S, Msb;) He made a لَحْد to the grave. (S, A, L, K.) b2: لَحَدَ الْمَيِّتَ, aor. لَحَدَ, inf. n. لَحْدٌ; and ↓ الحدهُ; and لَحَدَ لَهُ; and له ↓ الحد; He made a لَحْد for the corpse: or ↓ الحدهُ has this signification; (L;) and in like manner, لَحَدَ لَه لَحْدًا, and ↓ الحد, he dug a لَحْد for him: (A, Mgh, Msb:) and لَحَدَهُ, he buried him; (L, K;) or put him into a لحد; and so ↓ الحدهُ. (Mgh, Msb.) 3 لاحدهُ (assumed tropical:) He behaved towards him in a crooked, or perverse, manner, the latter doing the same. (K, * TA.) 4 الحد: see 1, throughout. b2: (assumed tropical:) He disputed; altercated; wrangled. (A' Obeyd, L, Msb, K.) b3: الحد بِهِ (assumed tropical:) He brought a reproach upon him, or held him in light estimation, or despised him, (أَزْرَى بِهِ,) and said of him what was false: (K:) or he held his clemency, or forbearance, or intellect, (حِلْم,) in light estimation; or despised it; as also أَلْهَدَ بِهِ. (L.) 8 التحد إِلَيْهِ (tropical:) He had recourse, or betook himself, to it, or him, for refuge, protection, concealment, covert, or lodging. (A.) لَحْدٌ (S, A, L, Msb, K) and ↓ لُحْدٌ (S, L, Msb, K) and ↓ لَحَدٌ (El-Basáïr) and ↓ مَلْحُودٌ, (A, L, K,) which last is an epithet wherein the quality of a subst. is predominant, (L,) A trench or an oblong excavation, in the side of a grave; a lateral hollow of a grave; (S, A, L, Msb, K;) which is the place of the corpse; what is called ضَرِيحٌ and ضَرِيحَةٌ is in the middle: (L:) pl. (of the first, Msb) لُحُودٌ and (of the second, Msb) أَلْحَادٌ. (L, Msb, K.) Accord. to some, لحد used in this sense is tropical; from لَحَدَ and أَلْحَدَ signifying “ he inclined, or declined. ” (MF.) [The reverse, however, is the case accord. to the A.] [See an ex. in a verse cited voce شَدِيدٌ.]

لُحْدٌ and لَحَدٌ: see لَحْدٌ.

لَاحِدٌ: see مَلْحُودٌ.

مُلْحِدٌ act. part. n. of 4, q. v.: (tropical:) One who deviates, or swerves, from the truth, and introduces into it that which does not belong to it: (ISk, L:) an impugner of religion: (Msb in art. رندق;) pl. مُلْحِدُونَ (Msb) [and مَلَاحِذَةٌ]. Some apply the appellation of المُلْحِدُونَ especially to the Bátinees (البَاطِنِيَّة), who assert that the Kur-án has an outward sense and an inward, the latter differing from the former, and known to them; by which doctrine they have perverted the law. (Msb.) مُلْحَدٌ: see مَلْحُودٌ.

مَلْحُودٌ (A, K) and ↓ مُلْحَدٌ, (S, A,) or مَلْحُودٌ لَهُ and لَهُ ↓ مُلْحَدٌ, (L,) and ↓ لَاحِدٌ, (K,) A grave having a لَحْد made to it. (S, A, L, K.) b2: See لَحْدٌ.

مُلْتَحَدٌ (tropical:) A place to which one has recourse for refuge, protection, concealment, covert, or lodging: a place of refuge; an asylum: (S, Msb, K:) so called because one turns aside to it. (S.)
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