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3 لَازَّهُ i. q. ضَايَقَهُ. (TA, voce ذَاقَنَهُ.) لَزٌّ i. q. زُرْفِينٌ. (A, K.) In the CK, وَلَزَزٌ قَيْنٌ is a mistake for وَاللَّزُّ الزُّرْفِينُ.


1 لَزَّ الشَّىْءُ بِالشَّىْءِ, (TK,) [aor., app. لَزِّ,] or لَزَّهُ, aor. لَزُّ, (so in a copy of the Msb,) inf. n. لَزٌّ, (Msb, K,) The thing clave to the thing: (Msb, K, * TK:) it stuck, or adhered, to it. (TA.) See also 8. b2: [Hence,] لَزَزْتَ بِى يَا فُلَانُ (tropical:) [Thou hast importuned me, or wearied me by thine importunity, O such a one]. (A.) A2: لَزَّهُ, (S, K,) aor. لَزُّ, (S,) inf. n. لَزٌّ (S, K) and لَزَزٌ, (K, and so in a copy of the S,) or لَزَازٌ, (L, and so in a copy of the S,) He fastened it, or made it fast; or he bound it, or tied it; syn. شَدَّهُ: and he stuck it, or made it to adhere; (S, K;) as also ↓ الزّهُ, (K,) inf. n. إِلْزَازٌ. (TA.) [But it is afterwards said in the TA, that, accord. to the TS, أَلْزَزْتُ بِهِ in the sense of أَلْصَقْتُ بِهِ was disallowed by As.]) You say also, لَزَّهُ بِهِ, (TK,) inf. n. لَزٌّ, (K,) He made it to cleave to it; (K, * TK;) like the لِزَاز of a house or chamber. (Lth, TA.) and لُزَّا They (two camels) were tied together: and they (the two shanks of a camel) were straitly connected in the shackles. (TA.) b2: He fastened it, namely a door, with a لِزَاز, or bar; he barred it. (K, * TA.) b3: He thrust or pierced him [with a spear or the like]. (K, * TK.) b4: لَزَّهُ إِلَى كَذَا (tropical:) He necessitated him, or constrained him, to have recourse to, or to do, such a thing. (A, TA.) 2 لَزَّزَهُ He (God) caused him to be compact and strong in make. (S, K.) 3 لَا زَزْتُهُ, (inf. n. لِزَازٌ, TA,) I associated with him; became his companion. (S, * K, * TA.) 4 الزّهُ: see 1.8 التزّ بِهِ It became coupled with it, and stuck to it. (A.) See also 1.

رَجُلٌ كَزٌّ لَزٌّ A niggardly, tenacious, man: (AZ, TA:) or the latter epithet is an imitative sequent. (S, K.) b2: لَزُّ شَرٍّ: see لِزَازُ شَرٍّ.

لِزٌّ شَرٍّ: see لِزَازُ شَرٍّ.

لَزَزٌ: see لِزَازٌ.

A2: Straitness, difficulty, distress; or the like; syn. شِدَّةٌ. (TA.) b2: A state of crowding together of people in a narrow compass. (Msb.) b3: عَيْشٌ لَزَزٌ A strait, or difficult, life (Msb.) لِزَازٌ A piece of wood with which a door is fastened; the bar of a door; (A, * K, * TA;) as also ↓ لَزَزٌ. (K.) [Said in the S, where it is not explained, to be from لِزَازُ خَصْمٍ, q. v. infra.; but accord. to the A, it is proper, not tropical.]

A2: هُوَ لِزَازُ مَالٍ (tropical:) He is one who [by close and constant attention] takes good care of camels, or other property. (A, TA.) [Hence,] جَعَلْتُكَ لِزَازًا لِفُلَانٍ (tropical:) I have made or appointed thee [to be a manager of such a one;] not to suffer such a one to disobey or oppose. (A, * TA.) b2: هُوَ لِزَازُ خَصْمٍ (tropical:) [He is one who cleaves to an adversary in contention or litigation]. (S, A.) b3: إِنَّهُ لِزَازُ خُصُومَةٍ (tropical:) Verily he is pertinacious in contention or litigation; commissioned and able to manage it. (TA.) b4: فُلَانٌ لِزَازُ شَرٍّ, (TA,) and شَرٍّ ↓ لَزِيزُ, and شَرٍّ ↓ لِزُّ, (K,) and لَزُّ شَرٍّ, (TA,) (tropical:) Such a one is one who pertinaciously adheres to evil or mischief. (K, TA.) لَزُوزٌ an imitative sequent to عَجُوزٌ. (K.) لَزِيزُ شَرٍّ: see لِزَازٌ.

مِلَزٌّ, applied to a man, and in like manner, without ة, to a woman, (tropical:) Vehement, or pertinacious, in adhering. (TA.) b2: Vehement in contention or litigation; (S, K;) pertinacious in adhering to that which he desires, or seeks, to obtain. (S.) مُلَزَّزٌ, (S, K,) or مُلَزَّزُ الخَلْقِ, (A,) A man (A, TA) compact and strong in make; (S, * K, * TA;) having a well-knit frame. (A.)
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