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1 لَطُفَ It (a thing) was small, or little; (S, Msb, K, KL;) and slender, thin, or fine: (K, KL:) and elegant, or graceful. (KL.) 2 لَطَّفَ It (a medicine) acted as an attenuant, and as an emollient. b2: لَطَّفَهُ, inf. n. تَلْطِيفٌ, [He made it slender]. (A, and K, art. حشر; &c.) 3 لَاطَفَ He caressed; treated with blandishment; soothed; coaxed; wheedled; cajoled: i. q. بَارَّهُ. (S, K.) b2: لَاطَفَهُ also signifies He spoke softly, gently, or blandly, to him. (TA.) He acted in a good manner with him: (KL:) manifested goodness towards him: (PS:) he acted towards him with goodness: and he did so, experiencing from him the same: (TK:) or rather, as syn. with بَارَّهُ, he behaved towards him with goodness and affection and gentleness, and regard for his circumstances; or did so, experiencing from him the same behaviour.4 أَلْطَفَهُ He gave him a gift or present. (TA.) b2: He showed him kindness, or goodness, and affection and gentleness, and regard for his circumstances, بِكَذَا [by such a thing, or such an action, &c.]. (S, K, TA.) Often occurring in the latter sense: but أَلْطَفَهَ بِكَذَا, expl. in the S and K by بَرَّهُ بِهِ, may mean He presented him with such a thing; like وَصَلَهُ بِهِ. b3: See أَخْلَطَهُ.5 تَلَطَّفَ لِلْأَمْرِ i. q. تَرَفَّقَ: (S:) see طَبَّ. b2: I. q.

تَكَلَّفَ اللُّطْفَ. (Bd xviii. 18.) b3: تَلَطَّفَ بِهِ i. q. تَرَفَّقَ. (Mgh in art. رفق.) لُطْفٌ Gentleness: graciousness; courtesy; civility: (S, &c.:) see رِفْقٌ: and delicacy of flavour, &c.

لَطَفٌ A gift, or present: pl. أَلْطَافٌ. (MA.) b2: See لَطَفةٌ.

لَطَفَةٌ A present; i. e. a thing sent to another in token of courtesy or honour; syn. هَدِيَّةٌ; (S, K;) as also ↓ لَطَفٌ, as stated by Z and others: pl. of the latter أَلْطَافٌ. (TA.) لَطِيفٌ Gentle, gracious, courteous, or benignant: and also subtle; knowing with respect to the subtilties, niceties, abstrusities, or obscurities, of things, affairs, or cases: in both of these senses often applied to a man. And Refined in manners, &c. b2: Obscure, recondite, or abstruse, language. (Kull.) b3: See Ham, p. 455. b4: Applied to a medicine, &c., Delicate: see سَوْسَنٌ.

لَطِيفَةٌ A nice, subtile, subtilely excogitated, quaint, facetious, or witty, saying, expression, or allusion; a witticism; a quaint conceit. b2: [A nicety of language;] any indication of subtile meaning, apparent to the understanding, but not to be expressed; as [matters of] the sciences of taste (عُلُوم الأَدْوَاق). (KT.) الإِلْطَافُ Self-pollution, by a woman: see جَلَدَ عُمَيْرَةَ in art. جلد.
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