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1 لَغَدَ, (aor.

لَغَدَ, T, L, K, inf. n. لَغْدٌ, T, L,) He made camels to turn back to the right way, or road: (S, L, K:) or he made camels to keep to the road, or, to the right way. (T, L.) b2: لَغَدَهُ, inf. n. لَغْدٌ, He hit, or hurt, his لُغْدُود. (IKtt.) لُغْدٌ and ↓ لُغْدُودٌ and ↓ لِغْدِيدٌ A certain portion of flesh in the حَلْق [or fauces]: or what resembles redundant portions of flesh within the ear [more fully described below]: or the flesh which surrounds the furthest part of the mouth, towards the حَلْق [or fauces]: (K:) pl. (of لغد, S) أَلْغَادٌ; and (of لغدود, S, and لغديد, TA) لَغَادِيدُ: (S, K:) or the الغاد are portions of flesh by the لَهَاة; also called لَغَانِينُ [and لغاديد]: (A'Obeyd, L:) or the ↓ لغاديد are what resemble redundant portions of flesh within the two ears, inside the mouth; also called the نَغَانِغ, and the لَغَانِين: (Zj, in his Khalk el-Insán:) [see الفُنَدْبَةُ:] or the portions of flesh that are between the حَنَك [here app. signifying the soft palate] and the side of the neck; as also the الغاد: (S:) or outer part of the لغانين, which is a name given to the flesh between the نَكَفَتَانِ and the tongue, internally: (AZ, L:) or the لغد is in the place of the نكفتان, at the root of the neck; also called ↓ لغدود and ↓ لغديد: (TA:) or the interior of the نَصِيل [or part between the neck and head, beneath the jaw-bone,] between the حَنَك [here app. meaning as explained above] and the side of the neck; as also ↓ لغديد, and ↓ لغدودانِ, (JK,) for this description applies to two parts [corresponding each to the other, on the right and left]: (L:) [in the present day it is applied, with apparent correctness, to the gill, or gills, or flesh beneath the lower jaw, of a man or woman, whether in the middle or on either side, and more especially when large:] or the place where ends, at its lower part, the lobe of the ear; (AZ, L, K;) and also called the نَكَفَة: (AZ, L:) or the الغاد and ↓ لغاديد are the roots of the two jaw-bones. (L.) b2: عِلْجٌ ضَخْمُ اللَّغَادِيدِ, and الأَلْغَادِ, [A sturdy, and big, or coarse, man, large in the gills]. (A.) b3: سَبَّنِى

حَتَّى أَحْمَى لُغْدَهُ [He reviled me until he heated his gills; i. e.,] until he became hot (اِحْتَمَى) by reason of anger. (A.) لُغْدُودٌ and لِغْدِيدٌ: see لُغْدٌ throughout.

جَآءَ مُتَلَغِّدًا He came in a state of rage. (S, K. *)
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