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1 لَهِىَ عَنْهُ, (S, Msb, K) and لَهَا عنه (Msb, K,) He became diverted from it, so as to forget it. (S, Msb, K.) b2: See an ex. voce استأثر: and see عَنْ. b3: لَهَتْ إِلَى حَدِيثِهِ, inf. n. لَهْوٌ and لُهُوٌّ, She (a woman) was, or became, cheered, or delighted, and pleased, with his discourse. (M, K.) And so لَهَوْتُ بِحَدِيثِهِ. (T in art. رنو.) 4 أَلْهَانِى الشَّىْءُ The thing diverted me; syn. شَغَلَنِى. (Msb.) b2: أَلْهَاهُ بَالغِنَآءِ [He diverted him by singing]. (S, art. سمد.) 5 تَلَهَّى بَالشَّىْءِ i. q. تَعَلَّلَ: (TA:) and أُولِعَ بِهِ. (Msb.) b2: And تَلِّهَى He diverted himself. (TA.) لَهْوٌ Diversion; pastime; sport; play: or especially, such as is vain, or frivolous; idle sport: (from various explanations:) what occupies a man so as to divert him from that which would render him sad or solicitous, &c.: (TA:) or relief of the mind by means which wisdom does not require: this [it is said] is the original signification: (Et-Tarasoosee, Msb:) a thing in which a man delights himself, and which occupies him so as to divert him, and then ceases. (KT.) It has a more general application than لَعِبٌ: for ex., the hearing of musical instruments or the like is لَهْوٌ, but not لَعْبٌ. (TA.) b2: آلَةُ لَهْوٍ [An instrument of diversion, meaning, of music]. (K voce رَبَابٌ.) لَهَاةٌ [The uvula;] the red piece of flesh that hangs down from the upper حَنَكِ. (Zj, in his Khalk el-Insán.) See also الأَسَالِقُ, and شِقْشِقةٌ. b2: اللَهُاة [generally expl. as meaning The uvula: or] what is between the end of the root of the tongue and the end of the قَلْب [thus in all the copies of the K that I have seen, an evident mistranscription for قَلْت, i. e. hollow] of the upper part of the mouth (K: [app. meaning the arches, or pillars, of the soft palate; agreeably with the next explanation here following:]) or the furthest part of the mouth: [see غُنّةٌ:] and, of the he-camel, the شِقْشِقَة [i. e. bursa faucium]. (JK.) See also a usage of the pl., لَهَواتٌ, in the last explanation of قَلْتٌ.

لُهْوَةٌ What is thrown, [i. e. the quantity of corn that is thrown,] (S, K,) by the grinder, with his hand, (S,) into the mouth of the mill or millstone. (S, K.) And The mouth [itself] of the mill or mill-stone. (IKtt, TA; and S voce اخُرٌّ.)
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