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1 لَاذَ بِهِ, aor. يَلُوذُ, (S, A, L, Msb,) inf. n. لَوْذٌ (S, L, K) and لِيَاذٌ (S, A, L, K) and لِوَاذٌ (L, Msb, K) and لَوَاذٌ and لُوَاذٌ, (Msb, K,) He had recourse to it, (a mountain [&c.], Msb,) or him, for refuge or protection or preservation; (S, A, L, Msb;) as also به ↓ لاوذ, inf. n. لِوَاذٌ; (A;) and به ↓ الاذ; (Msb;) sought, or took, refuge in it, or him; (S, L;) and joined himself to him; and sought, desired, implored, or called for, aid, or succour, of him: (L:) he protected, concealed, defended, or fortified himself by it, (L, K,) or him; (L;) as also به ↓ لاوذ, (L,) inf. n. مُلَاوَذَةٌ (L, K) and لِوَاذٌ; (L;) and ↓ الاذ. (L.) b2: لَاذَ بِهِ, (L,) inf. n. as above, in the commencement of the art., (K,) It encompassed, or surrounded, it; (L, K; *) as also ↓ الاذ, (L,) inf. n. إِلَاذَةٌ. (L, K.) You say, لَاذَ الطَّرِيقُ بِالدَّارِ, and ↓ الاذ, The road encompassed, or surrounded, the house: (L:) or, reached, or extended, to the house: (Msb:) and لَاذَتِ الدَّارُ بِالطَّرِيقِ The house encompassed, or surrounded, the road. (L.) See also 3. b3: لَاذَ بِالقَوْمِ and بِهِم ↓ الاذ, He laboured, or strove, to overcome the people in any way; expl. by the words هى المداورة من حيث ماكان. (T, L.) [Perhaps المداورة is a mistake for المُدَارَاة; see 3: the same phrases being explained in the M by دَاَراهُمْ: but there is a near resemblance between the significations of المداورة and المداراة.]3 لاوذ القَوْمُ, (S, L,) inf. n. مُلَاوَذَةٌ and لِوَاذٌ, (S, L, K,) with which تَلْوَاذٌ is syn., (K,) The people had recourse, one to another, for refuge or protection or preservation; sought, or took, refuge, one in another; protected, concealed, defended, or fortified, themselves, one by another. (S, L, K. *) Agreeably with this explanation, (as some say, L,) لِوَاذًا is used in the Kur, xxiv. 63: were it from لَاذَ, it would be لِيَاذًا. (S, L.) b2: See 1. b3: لاوذ بِهِمْ, inf. n. مُلَاوَذَةٌ, He went round about them, or encompassed them. (Msb.) See also 1. b4: لاوذهُ, (M, L,) inf. n. مُلَاوَذَةٌ (K) and لِوَاذٌ, (M, L, K,) He circumvented, or deluded, him; (M, L, K; *) syn. رَاوَغَهُ (M, L) inf. n. مُرَاوَغَةٌ. (K.) b5: لاوذهُمْ (M, L) and بِهِمْ ↓ لَاذَ, and ↓ الاذ, (M,) He wheedled, beguiled, or deluded, them; syn. دَارَاهُمْ. (M, L.) لاوذ He eluded, and shunned, or avoided, thee: syn. رَاغَ عَنْكَ, and حَادَ Agreeably with this explanation, or as signifying مراوغة, some render لِوَاذًا in the Kur, xxiv. 63. (Ibn-Is-Seed, TA.) b6: لاوذهُ, (TK,) inf. n. مُلَاوَذَةٌ (K) and لِوَاذٌ, (L, K,) He acted contrarily to, or differently from, or adversely to, him; was, or became contrary to, or different from, or adverse to, him; (L, * K, * TK;) syn. خَالَفَهُ, (TK,) inf. n. خِلَافٌ. (L, K.) Agreeably with this explanation, Zj renders لِوَاذًا in the Kur, xxiv. 63; saying that the meaning which he thus assigns to it is shown to be the true one by the words immediately following. (L.) 4 أَلْوَذَ see 1: b2: and 3. b3: الاذ بِهِ غَيْرَهُ [He caused another to have recourse to him or it for refuge or protection or preservation; to seek, or take, refuge in him or it; to protect, conceal, defend, or fortify, himself by him or it: or he protected, concealed, defended, or fortified, another by means of him or it]. (A.) b4: الاذت النَّاقَةُ الظِّلَّ بِخُفِّهَا (tropical:) [The she-camel covered, or concealed, the shade with her foot]; meaning that the time of noonday-heat was come. (A.) لَوْذٌ The side of a mountain; and its circuit: pl. ألْوَاذٌ. (S, A, L, K.) b2: A side, or lateral part or tract, of a country or region: (A:) and of a thing; (TA;) as also ↓ لَوْذَانٌ: (K:) pl. as above. (A.) b3: A place of bending of a valley: pl. as above. (L, K.) b4: هُوَ بِلَوْذِ كَذَا, and كَذَا ↓ بِلَوْذَانِ, He, or it, is in the side of, or part adjacent to, such a place or thing. (L.) b5: هُوَ لَوْذَهُ He is near to him or it. (L.) لَوْذَانٌ: see لَوْذٌ.

لَوْذَانِيَّةٌ, (as in some copies of the K,) or لَوَذَانِيَّةٌ, (as in others and in the TA,) Circumvention; delusion; syn. مُرَاوَغَةٌ. (K.) See 3.

مَلَاذٌ and ↓ مِلْوَذَةٌ [the latter thus in the K and accord. to the TA; but in the TT, مَلْوَذَة; and in the L, without the first vowel-sign;] A place to which one has recourse for refuge, protection, preservation, or concealment; a place of refuge; a refuge; (TA;) a fortress; a fortified place; a castle. (L, K.) مَِلْوَذَةٌ: see مَلَاذٌ.

خَيْرٌ مُلَاوِذٌ (tropical:) Little good: (S:) or good that comes not save after severe toil or labour: occurring in a verse of El-Katámee: you say, خَيْرُ بَنِى فُلَانٍ مُلَاوِذٌ The good of the sons of such a one comes not save after severe toil or trouble to procure it. (ISk, T, L.) تَلْوَاذٌ: see 3.
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