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1 لَاطَ بِهِ, aor. يَلُوطُ, inf. n. لَوْطٌ; (Msb, TA;) and aor. يَلِيطُ, inf. n. لَيْطٌ; (TA;) It (a thing, Msb, or anything, TA) clave, stuck, or adhered, to it. (Msb, TA.) You say, لَاطَ الشَّىْءُ بِقَلْبِى, aor. يَلُوطُ and يَلِيطُ, (Ks, S, K,) inf. n. لَوْطٌ and لَيْطٌ, (K,) and لِيَاطٌ, (TA,) (assumed tropical:) The thing was rendered an object of love, and made to cleave, to my heart: (Ks, * S, * K, TA:) it clave to my heart; (TA;) as also بقلبى ↓ التاط. (K, TA.) And هٰذَا الأَمْرُ لَا يَلِيطُ بِصَفَرِى, (TA,) and ↓ لَا يَلْتَاطُ بِصَفَرِى, (S, TA,) (assumed tropical:) This thing, or affair, does not cleave to my heart. (S, TA.) And ↓ لَا يَلْتَاطُ بِصَفَرِى (tropical:) I do not love him, or it. (TA.) and it is said in a trad., بِثَلَاثٍ ↓ مَنْ أَحَبَّ الذُّنْيَا الْتَاطَ شُغْلٍ لَا يَنْقَضِى وَأَمَلٍ لَا يُدْرَكُ وَحِرْصٍ لَا يَنْقَطِعُ (assumed tropical:) [He who loves the present world cleaves to three things; occupation that will not end, and hope that will not be attained, and inordinate desire that will not cease]. (TA.) b2: لَاطَ فِى الأَمْرِ, inf. n. لَاطٌ, (Sgh, K,) accord. to Lth., and if correct, like قَالٌ in the sense of قَوْلٌ, (Sgh,) (assumed tropical:) He was importunate in, or with respect to, the affair: (Lth, Sgh, K:) because he who is so usually cleaves, or adheres. (TA.) b3: لَاطَ بِحَقِّهِ (assumed tropical:) He went away with, or took away, his right, or due. (TA.) b4: لَاطَهُ, inf. n. لَوْطٌ, He stuck it; made it to cleave, stick, or adhere; as also ↓ الاطهُ, inf. n. إِلَاطَةٌ; and ليّطهُ. (TA.) b5: [See also لَاطَ in art. ليط.] b6: لَاطَ الحَوْضَ, (K,) or لَاطَ الحَوْضَ بِالطِّينِ, (S,) and لَاطَ بِالحَوْضِ, (K,) accord. to Lh, but not known to ISd on any other authority, and deemed by him extr., (TA,) inf. n. لَوْطٌ, (S,) He plastered the watering-trough, (S, K, TA,) and repaired it, and made it smooth, (TA,) with mud, or clay. (S, K, TA.) b7: It is said in a trad., كَانَتْ بَنُو إِسْرَائِيلَ يَشْرَبُونَ فِى

التِّيهِ مَا لَاطُوا, meaning [The children of Israel used to drink, in the desert,] what they collected, in the watering-troughs, from the wells. (TA.) A2: لَاطَ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. يَلُوطُ, (Msb, TA,) inf. n. لَوَاطٌ, (TA,) or لَوَاطَةٌ with ة; (Msb;) and ↓ لاوط, (S, K,) [inf. n., app., لِوَاطٌ and لِيَاطٌ, for it is said in the TA that لِيَاطٌ is syn. with لِوَاطٌ;] and ↓ تلوّط; (K;) He committed the act of the people of لُوط [or Lot]; he did that which is excessively foul, like as the people of لوط did. (Msb.) 2 لوّطهُ بِالطِّيبِ He smeared him, or it, much with perfume. (TA.) 3 لَاْوَطَ see 1, last sentence.4 أَلْوَطَ see 1.5 تَلَوَّطَ see 1, last sentence.8 التاط: see 1, in four places.

A2: التاطهُ: see 10. b2: الناط حَوْصَهُ He plastered with mud, or clay, for himself, his watering-trough. (K.) 10 استلاطوهُ They made him to cleave, stick, or adhere, to themselves; they attached him to, or connected him with, themselves. (S.) b2: استلاطهُ He claimed him as a son, he not being his; as also ↓ التاطهُ. (K.) b3: استلاط دَمَهُ He had a right, or just title or claim, to his blood; syn. استوجبهُ, (S, * TA,) and استحقّهُ. (TA.) b4: استلاطوا They committed sins for which he who should punish them would be excusable, because they deserved punishment; as also اِسْتَحَقُّوا, and أَوْجَبُوا, and أَعْذَرُوا. (IAar.) لَوْطٌ A thing cleaving, sticking, or adhering: an inf. n. used as an epithet. (K.) b2: [Hence the saying,] إِنِّى لَأَجِدُ لَهُ فِى قَلْبِى لَوْطًا (assumed tropical:) Verily I feel for him, in my heart, a love cleaving thereto; as also لَيْطًا; (S, TA;) and ↓ لَوْطَةً; and ↓ لُوطَةً. (Lh, Kr.) لَوطَةٌ and لُوطَةٌ: see لَوْطٌ.

لُوطِىٌّ One who is addicted to the crime of the people of Lot; as also ↓ لَوَّاطٌ: both used in this sense in the present day; but perhaps postclassical.]

لُوطِيَّةٌ [The crime of the people of Lot]: a subst. from لَاطَ in the last of the sense explained above: occurring in a trad. (TA.) لِيَاطٌ [originally لِوَاطٌ] Quick lime, or the like; syn. كِلْسٌ: and gypsum: (K:) because water-ing-troughs, &c. are plastered therewith. (TA.) b2: And, (as being likened thereto, TA,) (tropical:) Human ordure; or thin human ordure; syn. سَلْحٌ. (K.) لَوَّاطٌ: see لُوطِىٌّ.]

هُوَ أَلْوَطُ بِقَلْبِى, (S,) and أَلْوَطُ alone, (A'Obeyd,) (assumed tropical:) He is more, or most, closely cleaving to my heart; (A'Obeyd, S; *) as also أَلْيَطُ. (S.)
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